Excerpts From Rob's EW Interview Talks BD Birth Scene, Vamp Bella, and PG13 Rating

Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with Robert Pattinson (AKA Edward Cullen) and he talks a little bit about Breaking Dawn.


Twilight-fans, take heart: Robert Pattinson is every bit as good-looking and thick-maned as he appears onscreen. But don’t confuse him with his brooding characters — the 24-year-old actor is surprisingly open, chatty, and quick to laugh. Pattinson talked with EW last week about his upcoming film Water for Elephants (in theaters April 22), in which he plays a traveling-circus veterinarian who falls for the show’s star attraction, played by Reese Witherspoon. He also discussed what his future might look like once he’s finished with Twilight. “You can never really predict what an audience wants or how to maintain a career,” he says, “other than doing what you think is cool.” But, Pattinson laughs, “Generally, what I think is cool is what everyone else hates.”


Filming for the final two installments of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will wrap next month, and there’s one thing Pattinson says he won’t miss — the contact lenses he’s had to wear to play Edward. “My God, I’ll be glad to see the last of those,” he says. “I actually want to get some kind of plastic explosive. I want to reanimate them into something so I can kill them. It’s so embarrassing for me — after so many years, it’s still a process every single morning. Everybody else has figured out how to do it, and then there’s two people holding me down because I can’t do it myself.”


USA Today has a small part of the EW interview: 


On a short break from shooting Breaking Dawn in Vancouver, he also offered up some Edward Cullen-style gossip. The main story line is "so far outside of the box," he says."It's really different from the other ones. There are some days on set just watching you go 'How is this going to be PG-13?'" he said with a laugh. "It's like totally ridiculous."


Haven't read Twilight's fourth novel? Read no further.


Pattinson confirms he and Stewart have filmed the birth scene, and with a laugh, says the shooting was "kind of hilarious."


He explains: "She has to have this pregnant suit on all the time, that was probably more annoying for her," he said. That's not the only change you'll see in Bella.


"I can't give too much away but there's some bits, especially towards the end of the movie, she's just like the polar opposite of any of the other (films)," he says. "I mean, she's a different person, which is cool. She looks completely different. She looks probably the most convincing vampire out of all of us."


Meaning what, exactly? "A lot of us look like we're just from Mars," said Pattinson. "She's kind of the smallest one, but she suits being a vampire."


Next up: Breaking Dawn's wedding shoot, scheduled for April. "That's a hard scene too," he told us. Not to mention the flood of paparazzi who will try to get a shot of Bella and Edward headed down the aisle. "It's been OK in Vancouver in terms of people showing up and trying to get stuff," says Rob. "I have a feeling the wedding is going to be the one with (paparazzi) parasailing in." Talk about a money shot.


And then Moviefone also has an excerpt of the interview where Rob talks about the PG-13 Rating.


It doesn't sound like kids-type fare, and as Robert Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly, "I just can't see how it's going to be PG-13 ... unless they cut everything out."


Pattinson explains, "There's some interesting and weird stuff going on -- really very, very, very strange. It's great. For a big, mainstream movie, it's the most obscure storyline and really outside the box. It's a horror movie." This is topped by other recent statements where Pattinson talked about the upcoming placenta scene: "Yeah, I've done it. I've chewed it, spat it out!"


But before you expect to see R-Patt's face bloodied, an umbilical cord hanging down from his teeth with a baby dangling on the end -- both screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and producer Wyck Godfrey have explained that the gore (as well as the sex) will be primarily off-screen, with Bella "looking through the haze."



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Comment by Robertfanxxxx on March 25, 2011 at 1:28am
So so so excited and i love that Rob hates contacts that man is to to to CUTE. Love you Robert forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxx
Comment by Jay Velazquez on March 25, 2011 at 4:23am
I really can't wait to see Kristen as a vampire, everyone in the cast is saying it really does suit her, I imagine they're really making her look like a supermodel as its describe in the book!
Comment by tet_d on March 25, 2011 at 5:29am
I only want Rob in that cover... sorry Reese, but he is so darn good looking (again) in that cover... *sigh*


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