I am new to TwiFans and I am very excited to be apart of this fabulous community of Twilight Fans. I have gone through so many Fan Sites and was never fully "satisfied" :o) I am probably one of the newer fans to the beautifully chaotic world of Twilight FanDom.

Since being introduced to Stephenie Meyer's books a year ago, I have read the Twilight Saga three times, Midnight Sun twice and The Short 2nd Life of Bree Tanner. And now The Host. Prior to reading these amazing books I was never a reader.

ephanie Meyer has written such unbelievably enthralling and addicting books. Its like they are my own person "brand of heroin" Its as if she but some magic spell in her words, because I can't stop reading them.. each time I've read them, I learn more about the characters. I initially loved Bella and obviously Edward. A story of love that was unconditional and loyal drew me to them immediately. Bella loving Edward regardless of what he is or the fact that he was constantly trying to runaway from her.. boy.. that speaks to me so loudly. Ahhhh, but Edward, this insanely beautiful creature, takes my breath away. It isn't only his looks that makes love him, but his mind, it is so sexy that I fantasize about him in ways that I should be committed for. I could only dream for a man to look at me, the way Edward looks at Bella. Through his eyes, past all Bella's outer beauty, he sees the core of her.. and that is what he loves. It dreadful that a man like him has to be written in the existence.

But, now that I have read the saga several times and read the two books from Edward and Bree's perspective, I have realized that I love more then just Bella and Edward. After reading Eclipse the 2nd time, I really got attached to Charlie. He loves Bella so much, that he was willing to do whatever it takes to accept her love for Edward, as well as the Cullen Family.. despite that he knew in the back of his mind how different they all were.
I was so ecstatic that he didn't end up being a "terminal bachelor". I also grew very close to Carlisle because he is the perfect example of how a father should love his family. His compassion for life was so phenomenally written, that he should be a poster child for humanity, despite him being immortal. But, most of all, I really did a complete turnabout for Jasper. I loved how his character grew so much in Eclipse, that if his story wasn't told in the movie, even in its smallest measure I would have been sincerely devastated. In the beginning I sorta pictured him as an extra. I mean he was apart of the Cullen Family, but there was not much meat him, his character basically bored me. But now, I love, love Jasper!

I hope I make some good Twilight Friends, because although I have learned so much history of the story on my own, I know I can learn so much more.

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