EXCLUSIVE: Twilightish Interviews Chaske Spencer


twilightish.com interviewed Chaske Spencer ( aka Sam uley )


Twilightish: How does it feel to see the end of the 'Twilight Saga'? Are you happy to move on now? Or do you wish for more movies?
Chaske: I love the Twilight Team and would be happy to continue, but of course looking forward to future opportunities. 
Twilightish: As the leader of the pack, what will you miss the most about your wolf family? 
Chaske: Well we are all friends so we pretty much stay in touch even when we are not shooting...
Twilightish: Do you think you'll miss Emily (Tinsel Korey) as your on screen mate?
Chaske: I am sure we will work together again, Tinsel is awesome! 
Twilightish: How much of yourself do you put into the character of Sam?
Chaske: I draw from myself for almost every character I play but I love playing characters like Sam, I think he is a pretty great guy and leader. 
Twilightish: Likewise, have any of Sam's attributes crept in your real life? 
Chaske: Maybe the idea of being a role model to some extent but I leave the character on set for the most part. 
Twilightish: Of all the character's you've played, where does Sam rank? 
Chaske: Certainly he is the most well know, that's for sure. 
Twilightish: How do you look back on Twilight? If you had to do it all over again, would you do it or pass?
Chaske: CRAZY QUESTION!!! Of course I'd do it again, it has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
Twilightish: What will you miss the most (or the least) about the Saga? 
Chaske: I don't really view it that way, I just sort of deal with stuff moment to moment, nothing to miss if you operate that way.
Twilightish: Do you have a favorite moment from any of the 5 films? Either on camera or off camera?
Chaske: Being followed into the mens room by a fan was pretty memorable.
Twilightish: What was your favorite scene to film in Breaking Dawn? 
Chaske: Mums the word on all things Breaking Dawn! You will have to let me know your favorite scene.
Twilightish: Now that the Saga is almost over, are you REALLY Team Jacob? Or do you harbor Team Edward tendencies?
Twilightish: Not that Sam had a lot of costumes to choose from but: If you could or did take one prop or costume piece of Sam's, what would it (or what was it) and why?
Chaske: Well I sort of ended up with most of my wardrobe, since we were shirtless in most of the films.
Twilightish: Do you have other projects on the horizon?
Chaske: Yes! I just finished a film called 'Shouting Secrets', I am shooting 'Winter in the Blood' this summer and hopefully 'The Block' and '6:45' in the fall. 
Twilightish: Is there something, either a movie project or perhaps live theater that you are dying to do?
Chaske: I am really committed to getting my company's projects off the ground, 'The Block' and '6:45', they are great roles for me and really cool films. 
Twilightish: Is there anyone you are really hoping to work with?
Chaske: I've been really lucky so far, practically beginning my career working with Spielberg! I feel like I learn something from everyone I work with... BRING IT ON! 

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