I'm totally exhausted. I was up until three watching Ghost Whisperer. :x It's my newest addiction. I'm up to season three so far! Which means that soon, I'll have no more episodes to watch. How sad.

In order to avoid my duties (that I created for myself), I started surfing the 'net. I'm going to start doing some more advertising for my project. I've been obsessively checking TST.com to see if they've uploaded the 'Belt It Out For Billy' video. They haven't. I keep refreshing the 'view my posts' page on the Twilight Lexicon forums to see if anybody's on. They really aren't... So I headed over to Twilight Guy. I just recently started frequenting his website. It's pretty rad, I know.

His 2009 video really teared my up, though. I've just been so pessimistic about this year. I'm supposed to get a job, move out, and go to college, but it feels like NOTHING will change for me. I feel defeated... But he inspired me. He really did. So today, I'm going to do the dishes. Right now. The second after I click the 'publish post' button, I'm going into the kitchen and doing the mountain of dishes that's waiting for me. Then I'm going to apply for some hospital positions. I know that means that they might call me back. *takes a breath* That's what I want. I'm also going to wash my dog, go do the laundry, and... Well, I'm not sure what else, but I need to get out of this depression.

I wish I was as strong as Bella. Even when she was in her catatonic state, she at least went through the motions. I've just been avoiding the real world. I suppose it has to stop now

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Comment by Lauren Cullen on January 3, 2009 at 7:23pm
OMG! Finally! Someone who is obsessed with Ghost Whisperer AND Twilight! I just got Melinda Gordon's necklace for christmas! It is SO cool. Twilight + Ghost Whisperer = Life.


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