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Berlin Report (slightly repetitive, sorry)

I have been lucky enough to meet Robert on a few occasions, so my trip to Berlin was because I was REALLY keen to see the movie. Watching from the red carpet would be fun, but a screening was my main objective. And to see a little of Berlin and also to have fun.

I had to get up at 4am for a 7am flight. Arrived in Berlin and first stop was the Dali exhibition, which is definitely worth a visit. On our way back, we chanced upon Robert and the cast/directors going into the press conference. There were LOTS of fans, but they were all very respectful and patient. Robert seemed to be happy and chilled and signed for AGES. We watched from the barrier, he is a delight to look at obviously, and this was an added bonus.

About 1pm we got in the line for return tickets, and at 2.30pm, the line was moved inside. We obtained tickets about 6.30pm, and the screening was due to start at 7.30pm.

The tickets were 12 euros, and we were on the Parkett level (same as the VIPS). I feel very very lucky.

Inside the theatre was a screening of the live feed, so we were kept busy whilst we waited for the screening to start.

Robert and the cast/directors arrived and were placed on the best row, in the middle of the movie theatre (Row 17 approximately). BEFORE the film, TLitBD (The Lady in the Black Dress) announced their names, and they all stood up where they were seated, and were applauded. I got a VERY blurry pic, which I will, of course, post.

My camera is hopeless, but I refuse to chuck it because Robert has used it.


Then when the movie started, the main cast left.

His parents and family were sitting away from him, to my left (looking at the screen) and ten rows forward. My friend sat directly behind them, one row away. I was directly behind RP and CR but about 8 rows back.

His family all stayed for the screening, but the cast left. It was dark but I could tell Robert and Christina went. Not sure about Holliday or Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan.

Dean and another chap are listed in the credits as Security to Mr Pattinson (or similar) and Tom Sturridge is in the credits under Special Thanks, with a whole bunch of other people.

At the end of the movie, there was a lot of applause. Then, TLitBD came on again and announced them, and they all came on stage and that is when the mini interview happened.

Amongst other things, she says:

“Robert, where is your hair?”

He says:

“I left it at home. What does that mean? What am I talking about, Jesus? I have been hiding too long. Sometimes I forget I have a microphone in front of my face”

(or similar)

Then when they filed off stage, it was all over. There was no after party. The party was the night before (16 February, according to a lady we chatted to). I guess he had dinner with his family last night.

The Film

I have NOT put spoiler tags in so …. PLEASE …….. do not read if you do NOT want to know……..

I expected the movie to be VERY serious and VERY dark. But I thought the film had many sweet, quirky, funny moments which I loved. This was unexpected and I enjoyed it a lot.

Christina Ricci was luminous, and breathtaking, in my opinion. . I also loved Colm Meaney. Robert was great, maybe a little inconsistent, in that in two or three instances, his facial expressions seemed too forced and a little odd but mostly it was more subtle than I expected.

[spoiler] I don’t know much about direction. The weird sex scene between Georges and Madeline cut her head/face out, because the camera was panned in so close, but I think that was an effective device to convey the nature of the scene (i.e. NOT a tender scene, but a brutal one).

From my postings on here you may remember I was worried about over acting. But he was mostly GREAT with a few small blips where his facial expressions seemed too fake, it is hard to explain. It was all so much better than I expected, all more subtle and understated and natural. Andhe was effortlessly handsome of course. You really “GOT” why they ALL fell for him (but I am probably biased too).

I haven’t emphasized enough that there were some REALLY lovely quirky comedic moments and at those – Robert was EXCELLENT!

There were plenty of gentle laughs, I found myself grinning ALOT!

The tender scenes and gently funny scenes were great. And you have seen angry Georges in the clips, where Robert is also great.

You also really feel that Georges loves Clotilde. Those scenes were quite tender (as well as steamy). No over acting there, it was just very real and natural.

I loved the score and the atmospheric pace of the movie, very slow and sensuous.

I was a little confused with political stuff. I need to read the novel!

Fave parts: (Robert’s jawline and eyelashes??)


Near the beginning Madeline dictates his “newspaper column” to him; all he has to do is transcribe it. There is barely any effort at all on his part. Then he says:

“I like being a journalist” (or very similar)

And just says it in such a way, that it is funny. The audience all laughed out loud at that


My fave moment was when Georges has had a steamy day in the love nest, first with Virginie and then Clotilde.

He is reclining in the bed, sated, and Clotilde says:

“Madeline will wonder where you are”

and he looks panicked and LEAPS out of bed – it is funny and steamy.

He is naked but you see nothing. You really want the camera to pan right at that point.

I really do think the audience enjoyed it. They laughed a lot. There were a few moments of gentle comedy, and people laughed. Out loud.

I did not hear chatter afterwards, sorry, but there were LOTS of men there, easily as many men as women.

There were no bovine moments and the main things I remember are:

Subtle, sensuous, funny, steamy, with some dark and uncomfortable moments . . . . . and Rob was mostly great and effortlessly handsome.

(thank you to Milouette for this précis, which I have slightly added to)

I am happy to be able to share, I realise I am very fortunate, and would love to answer more questions, if you have them.

I have posted pics on twitter.


I have a bad memory, so some details may be slightly inaccurate. But I am seeing the movie again on Monday and Thursday, so more deets to follow.



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Comment by Donette Barker on February 20, 2012 at 7:32am

Thank you!  Very informative and well written (an added bonus!)


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