fan encounter at SWATH fan event in Berlin

Well, let me start from the beginning.

I got up this morning at f****** 6 am, super pumped and excited, picked up my friend (@lotsofsunshine) by train and we both finally arrived at 10.30 am in Berlin. The event was right across from the train station and there were already quite a few people there. We all got numbers (which at the end didn´t matter at all because the freaking twimoms cut in line anyways)…I was No. 85 LOL

We stood in front of the Ritz Hotel for almost two hourse although they said that entry was supposed to be at 12. There was no one who could actually gives us any information about the event. Some said there would be a red carpet and we would stay at the sides fighting for attention and other´s said there would be f****** 600 people coming.

At the end, we were around 350 fans that were granted entrance to the hotel and I felt like f****** Tarzan in the big city with all the 5-star luxury they had in there. Of course, when they checked our bags I got into trouble for having brought pens was asked to leave my whole backpack at the checkroom. I was probably the only one who had to  and I was f****** livid.

When we got into the ballroom there was a small stage in the middle and then a fence around it in a weird circle, only interrupted by the photographer section. We stood to the left side with a view towards the stage. The event was supposed to start at 1.30 but since this was a typically unorganized German event they didn´t come until 1.50 pm. The host of this event was a catastrophe. She is a former kids show host who for this event didn´t have a microphone, so she had to scream her speech twice into several directions. LOL

Finally, Rupert came on stage, followed by Sam. But mayhem only started when Charlize and Kristen came on stage. The girls on the other side were horrible, constantly screaming “Kristen!” (which I think freaked her out) at a screeching level beyond any compare. It was my pleasure to say that she didn`t spend much time in that corner :)

It was surreal seeing Kristen, no words. Charlize looked huge and beautiful and Rupert and Sam were kind of treated like the third wheel. :(

So, after the paps got their fotos, Charlize came first into our corner while Rupert and Sam went the other way and Kristen of course changed into sneakers :D

Charlize was really beautiful, stunning, it made me actually speachless! When she was in front of us (I was in second row), she wanted to sign my picture but the girls in front of me asked for pictures so she turned to them and afterwards moved forward. I was of to a not so good start :(

Luckily, Rupert came over next and since everyone was pretty much ignoring him (which I think is sooo rude because he made the f****** movie), I was able to get my picture signed. On my picture, you could see all 4 actors and Rupert really looked at my picture for a moment and then said: “Wow, Sam is on there, too. Amazing” and then smiled at me. I might have swooned because he´s freaking hot. hehe.

AND THEN KRISTEN CAME OVER TO US!!! Of course, she had her bodyguard with her (John??) and did not take picture with the fans. She looked really overwhelmed with all the screaming. Yet, she was everything that I thought she would: Beautiful, sweet, cute as f*** and adorably shy. But what I really loved most is that she seeked out every person that she gave an autograph and said “Hi!” to them. It felt to me as if she needed that personal connection with the fans to not go crazy in this mayhem.I´ve never seen any celebrity do that and it kind of made you feel special.

AND THEN THE BIG MOMENT! She chose my picture to sign and started looking for me. The thing was that pictures blocked her view. So I kind of looked above the pictures while at the same time she looked underneath LOL When she couldn´t find me, I called out “Up here!” and she looked up, saw me and was like “Oh, there you are, hi!” and I smiled goofily back at her and said “Hi!”. Then she signed my picture, while I asked her how her foot was doing. She didn´t hear at first and started to move away, but then she realized I said something, moved back, looked me straight in the eye and said “Sorry?”. So I repeated my question which seemed to surprise her, but then she held up her thumbs and said “Oh, good.”



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