Fan encounter with Robert Pattinson in Portugal


From Source: volturi guard 
 Well the day arrived, and Robert was the same between us yesterday in Bethlehem!He was scheduled to appear by 20:00 at the CCB, but ended up delaying for a good few minutes. The fans were beginning to despair a little, this is because many were from the morning waiting for him and the queue was already long. The more the minutes passed the 20h.00, and the expectation grew with the arrival of other cars there were screams and nerves were finally expecting it. And there were many such moments ... 
They were four cars in his motorcade as it passed maybe 20 minutes after 20h, and it was the last. In the first car were his parents, his mother and father were stylish as always and took pictures on arrival also to document the event.In the second and third car, was the director and writer of the film. Finally the 4th car there if the car has come forward to the red carpet and Robert left the car there very elegant.Soon began with smiles for fans and soon ready to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.
 In my case, I was at the end of the queue, that is right next to the road where Robert left the car, or was the first to have my autograph, he was very kind to me when he reached the place where I was .I took my "Bel Ami" with me, because I loved the movie and the book, and when I handed him the book for him to autograph, he looked at him, smiled and told me: "Oh Bel Ami!"I must say that when we hear his voice in interviews is completely different, he spoke in a very sweet and friendly and extremely low. 
And it is truly mesmerizing and smiles when he speaks directly to us. I only had time to answer, yes, that was the Bel Ami, told him "hello" and thanked her. Unfortunately the picture is no longer able to take with him


There he continued the red carpet very sympathetic to all the fans and always willing to sign autographs for everyone. As he was half way from the red carpet, the fans started screaming again for him at the beginning of the line and he returned again to give a few more autographs.

Possibly it took 30 minutes for autographs and photos with himand some interviews with Portuguese televisionwhen he joined the CCBand the fans had to enter the auditorium to see "Cosmopolis."

Once we settled everyone in the audience, after a few minutes he appears along with the film's director, producer and writer Paul White of the film. They made a brief presentation,where Robert said he would like to record our reactions to see and then they went to the other ante-Premiere of "Cosmopolis."

I can say it was an afternoon well spent and well worth knowing Robert liveAnd I think we have to give a gift to Paul White for the opportunity to bring forth to Portugal.

PSI think we should have been the best fans that Robert knew, because they all behaved in an exemplary manner, until the audience is not like those cases who did not even give to hear what Rob says."





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