Fan of Charlie Bewley and want to know more?

Charlie Bewley is our Felix in New Moon. He has already started to get a fan base of girls from his charismatic pictures from Italy. Well if you want to know more...there is a new place to do that.

Some things you should know about Charlie from a recent interview....

1) We understand from a recent interview that you have read New Moon. Have you also read the other two, and what do you think of them?

Yeah, I read the audiobooks. Obviously I honed in on all the Volturi bits in order to build my character profile. So, I am looking forward to a more thorough read during the break in between films. I do understand the general plot of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but unfortunately I can’t sit down and read at the moment because of my insane schedule.

2) What was the audition process like for you?

In terms of time spent on researching backgrounds and story, I don’t think there’s been an audition I worked harder for than New Moon. I did a lot of work, but I understood the stakes of getting such a role.

The scene was the bell tower approach immediately post-Bella saving Edward. The first audition was simple, over very quickly and I was called back in days later.

Wyck Godfrey[the producer] and Chris Weisz were in attendance at the call back. Chris and I had a small chin-wag about how great England was so I felt grounded before I started. Diffusion of tension: Crucial. I brought myself into the character much more this time around. What came out was good: charm, control, threat. It felt good.

I was then hauled back in to read for Marcus a few days later, but truth be told I always wanted Demetri. FYI, Chris Heyerdahl is an excellent excellent choice for Marcus; his voice is captivating.

10 days later….

“Charlie, you booked Demetri”… cue delirium.

3) What was the make-up and costuming process like for you? Some of the actors have had difficulties with the contacts, did you? Did the costume help you find the character?

I loved wearing the contacts - bottled threat: straight into character. I knew my costume awhile back which allowed me plenty of time to think about my demeanor, but only when I put the wardrobe on and interacted with my surroundings and other characters did the idiosyncrasies of Demetri become apparent.

4) How did you and the other Volturi cast members build your character relationships?

Dan Cudmore and I met for coffee a couple of times to discuss life before shooting. Otherwise, I didn’t meet most of the cast until the day of shooting. Not ideal, however, I had formed opinions on each of the other Volturi members as well as Edward, Bella and Alice, so I interacted with each accordingly in scene.

It’s Felix who I am allowed most interaction with and as such, we spoke about our relationship in depth. In life, Dan and I are two very similar people; sportsmen, scrappers, Rollerbladers Anonymous members… but the way we come across is very different; perfect contrast for these two roles. We shared rides into set in the morning and got on supremely. Our alliance in life is very natural and this should translate well to the on-screen relationship between the two guards.

5) Did you approach Demetri’s character with a specific agenda in mind, as in to make him scary, yet appealing or simply frightening?

Demetri is a lethal killer with a pretense of charm. Actually, pretense is a little harsh - he genuinely is a Casanova of life, and this might be his biggest weapon.

Felix and Demetri both carry huge threats in our individual powers: Felix is the enforcer; Demetri is the cat to the mouse… thrill of the chase, yada. But it’s when you know you are the best, unrivaled for so long… complacent, almost arrogantly threatening becomes you; so couple that with centuries of acquired knowledge and experience… that’s a whole other level of danger.

6) Which member of the Volturi do you think the audience will find the most frightening?

Dakota. Jane. Both, in fact, are a little unnerving.

Read the rest of the interview here and if you are a fan? GO to Charlie Bewley Fans Live Journal

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