Fan Site Fridays: Exclusive New Interview With BooBoo Stewart!

Q: Seth and Leah are pretty close in the Twilight Saga, did you and Julia do anything special to bond before filming since you’re (characters) brother and sister?

BooBoo: You know we didn’t really bond before filming. We actually didn’t have a chance to. When I got on set she was super nice and we rode with each other on the way to set actually. She’s a really, really cool person and she’s a really nice girl. And I’ve actually seen her since, she’s still exactly the same – really nice.

Q: In the movie and books, he (Seth) looks up to Jacob a lot as his mentor. You being one of the newer members of the wolf pack on the film, did you have any actor in real life on the set that you looked up to?

BooBoo: No, I think it’s amazing being involved with that caliber of actors. They’re just so amazing and everyone on set was extremely nice. From the moment I got there, they all introduced themselves to me and in-between the takes Kristen came over and introduced herself to me and she was really nice. Just really amazing people to work with and I had a great time.

Q: Have you at all seen any concept art or anything for your wolf CG form yet for the film?

BooBoo: Oooh, seen any concept or art for my wolf for the film? Not yet. (laughs) But I would love to, I mean that would be awesome.

Q: You talked briefly about bonding with Julia, and since you guys were kind of the new kids on the block in this film; did it take some time for you to bond with the rest of the cast? And how did that go for you?

Boo: Oh not at all. When I was doing my scene everyone was just so cool and you just felt at home when you got there. Everyone was just really nice. Kristen and Taylor were especially really nice to me and you know it was just really cool. Just being on set makes me feel happy and, like, you know – yeah going to do a movie and seeing it all come together, and get it on the big screen, and it just feels good.

Q: If you can’t talk about stunt work, I know that you and Taylor have martial arts experience/ background together and I was wondering if you guys ever just kind of hit the dojo together after shooting for fun?

BooBoo: Actually, not while we were shooting, but one time I was doing a … what was it… a photo shoot for a magazine called Kono Magazine and he was there and that’s when he got done doing the first Twilight; and we got to see each other and hang out and do some flips on the mat and stuff, so there we did.

Q: Can you tell us what the fans should expect from Seth?

BooBoo: Oooh, what fans should expect from Seth… I think exactly what you read in the book. I’m working really hard to play the role exactly how you guys are reading it in the book and I think you guys are going to enjoy it. I hope so. (laughs) If not, then that’s bad!

read the entire interview at the source Twilight Lexicon

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