Fan story from her encounter with Rob & Kristen at the Chateau Marmont Feb ,24

 R /K were spotted at several Oscar pre parties and they eventually went to Chateau Marmont to have dinner. Fan claudiaciuffo was there and tweeting from that night.

Translation Provided by @vonch:

Friday, February 24, would be a day like any other if a friend does not call me saying they had a dinner reservation at the Chateau. On Oscar weekend, so I thought, will be a boil. Got ready and went. Said and done, the traffic in front of the hotel was crazy and took about 15 minutes just to leave the car at the valet. I was rolling one of the pre-Oscar party in the bungalow, and even for those who had reservations at the restaurant, like us, access was difficult. But the name on the list, we finally arrive at our table. After a wonderful dinner, we decided to watch the movement, taking ‘blood’ (nickname given to red wine, in honor of my favorite vampires of Twilight and Vampire Diaries).

The meeting …

What was a HUGE coincidence when enjoying my ‘blood merlot’, my friend nudged me under the table. When I look almost die to see Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson getting into the restaurant, holding hands, accompanied by a friend. She heads down, he much higher cap and jacket, a tipão. As Edward, always protecting his beloved Bella. I was speechless, although you want to scream (I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m a journalist, I am 39 years old and work in entertainment, these are my brakes, but the will is always crazy, OF COURSE). That scene was so perfect and romantic as the actors star in the Twilight saga, I stopped for a few seconds. To my utter joy (and near-hysteria) they sat four tables away from us. I, who had his back, immediately moved from place to stay in front of the couple.

So they sat down, a blonde girlfriend, who was already in the restaurant, was to greet them. Between Kristen and Robert sat for half an hour and talked animatedly with the beautiful actress. While K took Coca-Cola, R savored a delicious beer Stella Artois. The best part is that we were being served by the same waiter, who only realized who was given when I called his attention by saying that it was super fan of the actors. The friendly and efficient young man was not a fan of vampire movies … Too bad for him, but nobody’s perfect, is not it?

All I wanted was to take a picture, but it did not and had to content myself with recording everything in memory. I saw the time the blonde Kristen got up and followed the girl and said goodbye with a big hug. Right now, she sat next to Robert, the two chatted and exchanged glances the rest of the night. They seemed very excited and thrilled. I have not seen kissing, which is not surprising, after all the actors have always been very careful with your personal life. What is rare in Hollywood, but it is necessary. The exhibition is already very large due to the work they do, the least we can do is keep your privacy as much as you can.

The trio left the restaurant shortly before one of us (almost 2 am) and left as quietly as entered. I went to the bathroom a few minutes after the actors had left his desk. Almost fell off the step when I saw them in the lobby. She beautiful, checkered shirt, long pants and a black shoe breathtaking, talking to his friend, while Robert was on the phone asking for the car. Again, at that moment, for a few seconds I thought I was actually watching a movie in the beautiful scenes of Bella and Edward, but to my delight I realized that art can imitate life, but the couple is still the cutest real world than what appears on screen.

I left the Chateau RADIANT to meet them. I’m more a fan of the duo. In fact, when I first saw the Comic Con panel in San Diego promoting the ‘Breaking Dawn’ had already fallen in love with them: It was Kristen and Robert, the actors, which made me enjoy the Bella and Edward, and not vice versa.

The Chateau is always packed with celebrities and they were the most famous people with whom I ran there, no doubt, but what really amazes me in bed is its simplicity and discretion. Young, wealthy, famous, with the name written on the walk of fame, they had everything to freak out, but no. After yesterday, more than ever, say, Kristen and Robert are people like us, dining at the Chateau, offers life, dating and chat with friends. Next time, I hope to be part of this talk of life.

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Comment by Robertfanxxxx on February 28, 2012 at 12:46am
Simply WOW I have goosbumps Robsten are just a down to Earth couple that don't flash Their Wealth They just want to enjoy There Life Together and I adore Them Intill the end of Time and I agree with the fan that shared ths with us it's Kristen and Robert that make me enjoy Bella and Edward to!! I am also so glad that you covered Them while They were having dinner!! Robsten we have Your Back!! We love you!! I wish Robsten a long, healthy and happy life and successful career. I will love you Robsten forever and always!! Xxxxxxxxxx


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