Fans Report of Kristen's journey in Paris


Lauren I went to the Balenciaga Runaway to see Kristen. Before that Kristen made her appearance, we saw Clémence Poésy, Charlotte Gainsbourg etc… After, her BG arrived and went to see for the security. Shortly after, Kristen get out of the car. Paparazzis were so crazy! I felt so bad for Kristen who was not really at ease either. She posed really fast for some photos and she went inside but I had the time to see how beautiful she was (as always) and her leather pants (between I loved them!). 20minutes later, she came out. Paparazzis were again crazy! They almost shoved her! She climbed in her car really fast. Once she was settled in the car, she looked toward me so I said to her “YOU ROCK KRISTEN!”et she had a big smile :D 
 - Marisa : The first March I went to La Tour de Cristal where the Balenciaga Runaway took place, there were ton of paparazzi, blogger and also a lot of people were wearing bright yellow (it seems to be the new trend x). When I arrived, she had just gone in so I had to wait and once the runaway finished, we could see Kristen behind the windows. She was posing, leaning on the wall, for the photographs. I loved watch her pose ;). Then she came out and she found herself in front of so many photographs. 

♦ Appearance of Kristen in front of her hotel, Thursday, March 7. hotel le meurice, PARIS. (afternoon)


Marisa I went to do some shopping and to another runaway with Lauren but she had to leave. With my friend Sarah, we left Starbuck and we went in front of Kristen’s hotel. 30 minutes later, Kristen’s car was coming! We were about thirty persons waiting for her, Kristen stopped by us but I was behind so I sneaked and said to her “Hey Kristen you’re back!!!” with a big smile, she nodded with a big smile too and she said “Yes!!! And I remember you” I swear I thought that my heart didn’t heart anymore. She also recognized my two other friends. I couldn’t believe it! Then she took some photos and I managed to put myself closer to her unfortunately we don’t see much on the video. I asked her if I can take a photo with her and she agrees. Just before, she said no to a guy. I think she choose people because she didn’t say to everybody (Staff’s note: Some people say that Kristen prefers to go to the fans she already knows.) A man who works for the hotel tried to stop me but I told him “She told me yes!” so I took a photo with her and I said to her “Oh my God Kristen, did you see they showed the Twilight kissing scene at the Oscar. Did you see that?” and Kristen answered me “Yeah I saw that! It was sooooooo weird” after some photos she went to enter in the hotel.
• Video of Kristen's arrival at her hotel :

♦ Appearance of Kristen in front of her hotel : Friday, March 2 (Morning), Hotel le meurice Paris


Laura : Kristen left her hotel by the back door, she was in hurry. She just took a photo with a fan, she said she didn’t have the time but once she came back, she will take photos with others fans, then she greeted us with her hand and climbed in her car.

 ♦ Appearance of Kristen leaving her hotel : Friday, March 2 (evening), hotel le Meurice PARIS (No pictures will be published because there are only pictures of paparazi, we did not find photos of fans, thank you for your understanding.)
Lauren : The evening, we were at Kristen’s hotel and the car began to « move ». We understood immediately that Kristen will come out of her hotel. Indeed around 11 p.m she came out. She was BEAUTIFUL. She had a bun, her leather jacket, lipstick and all. She was really cute. She smiled at us and she went to speak at fans who were waiting and she climbed in her car. But I could see she had her BlackBerry in her pocket of her jeans. I was really glad to see her again even if it was really quick. She was so beautiful that now one of her photos is my profile pic on Twitter :)!!

♦ Kriten's appearance in front of her hotel in company with Robert Pattinson : Saturday, March 3 


Maryon : Kristen in Paris as a Staff member of the Stew Family, I couldn’t pass the opportunity! I packed my bag quickly and I found some supports for autographs if the luck is with me… Departure at the dawn for Paris, I took the subway and I joined my friends at Le Meurice hotel for a long waiting. We saw P.Diddy who is a great friend to paparazzis, Jessica Alba, Thierry Ardisson and also Olivia Palermo (I didn’t know her before). Some time later, rumors about the arrival of Rob are more and more pressing. At the beginning of the evening, it moved around the hotel and I knew someone will come out. Paparazzi & cie are here, fans are here too to bother the “work” of paparazzi and protect Rob and Kristen. Suddenly the door opened and everything rushed! We saw JB who escorts Rob then Kristen, fans are really respectful and say nothing. We saw then quickly, they were amazing much more than on screen! I’m glad that I saw them even if I know it should not be easy for them. The car left and it followed by paparazzi who were only there to make money unlike what I heard, fans didn’t follow them at last not those who respect Kristen and Rob and their work.

♦ Kriten's appearance in front of her hotel in company with Robert Pattinson :: Monday, March 5, hotel le Meurice PARIS. 
Marisa: Leaving work which is near the Champs Elysées, I went to the hotel: there were some fans and 10minutes later, the car which hadn’t moved all day, moved as if Kristen and Rob would leave but in fact the driver told us it was a diversion, it couldn’t stop to apologize. Kristen and Rob were leaving the hotel by a hidden door. I learnt the same day that when Kristen and Rob went out on Saturday, the driver had given information for money! He had let paparazzi climb in the car and he received money! Before Rob and Kristen leave their hotel, paparazzi were already close and the driver said all to them! It’s really disgusting! And Kristen had a forced smile then she was really angry! If her gaze could kill… She threw her jacket in the car, but it was as if she knew that there were some compromises like I smile, you have your photos and you leave me alone! After this night paparazzi left them alone. This world is really weird :s..........................................................................................................

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