Fansites Review Eclipse Soundtrack & predict where the songs will be used in the movie

A a very lucky few Twilight fan sites were given the opportunity to review the Eclipse Soundtrack before it’s released next week. Below is a song-by-song review of the ENTIRE soundtrack, including what scenes the
Twilight fans predict they will be in.

HERE WE GO!!! ( Also: there are some certain SPOILERS in there…)

1. Metric “Eclipse (All Yours)” – Very Catchy and lyrics that really mesh well with the presence of the movie. We believe this might be Bella’s theme for the movie. Placement might be found towards the end of
the movie after all the fight scenes, etc.

2. Muse “Neutron Star Collision ( Love is Forever)” – Heidi & Lauren have been a HUGE Muse fans before the Twilight Saga threw them into ultra popularity domestically here in the US. So naturally, we were
excited to see what they would bring the fans for this 3rd movie in the
series. The sound is very reminiscent of their latest album, futuristic
sounds with an 80’s pop feel to it with some Beethoven thrown in at the
end. We can’t really see the song fitting in any particular scene, so
it will probably be in the ending credits.

3. The Bravery “Ours” -This is a song that we can see fans rocking out to whether it be in their living room, seeing the band in concert or at a Twilight Convention. It’s tune is very energetic and could
possibly be in the graduation scene or the graduation party at the

4. Florence + The Machine “Heavy in your Arms”: LOVE LOVE LOVE! This song had us captivated from the very beginning and meshes well with the entire theme of ‘Eclipse’.Very edgy and has the undertones of Queen
meets Evanescence meets Gospel-esque dramatic vocals. This song wins the
award for “Most Likely to be on Repeat”.

5. Sia “My Love” – Initial reaction was that the beginning of the song sounded like background music that seamlessly moves with the movie. Fans might have seen it in a previous trailer or TV Spot. Could be
featured in a meadow scene or after the proposal. Very instrumental and
we feel it’s the Lykke Li “Possibility” of this Soundtrack.

6. Fan Farlo “Atlas” – Heavy drum beats meets ukulele. Not much to really describe about this song other than it was a catchy tune. We don’t have a particular scene that this would fit in.

7. The Black Keys “Chop and Change” – Our immediate thought was that this was what Muse’s song SHOULD have sounded like. Edgy beat that had a lead singer with a Bob Dylan like voice. Very short song compared to

8. The Dead Weather “Rolling in on a Burning Tire” – Definitely the theme song for the Newborns coming out of the water or Major Fight scene. Jack White reveals his geniusousness ( definitely NOT a word but
just go with it) once again and Alison’s voice is very haunting yet
appealing. Infectious beats with some of the oddest background sounds.

Read the rest of this review from Twilight Facebook team HERE!!!!

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Comment by michelle on June 1, 2010 at 11:18pm
I cant wait!!
Comment by Sparkle Farts♥ on June 2, 2010 at 1:20am
FLORENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Comment by ElarieJaymes on June 2, 2010 at 4:56am
Florence!!!! Going to be AMAZING. When's it available to download?


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