Favourite scene in new moon the movie (spoliers) and also help to my project :D

Hey guys I went to go see new a couple day to an I loved it I did find it bit fastto take in so I'm going to see it again maybe that was there cunning plan LOL

I'm doing a project for college and was just wondering if you guys could tell me the following things below

I just wondered what is your overAll view of the film

And what is you favourite scene

Mine is probably were bella is sitting in the chair with the months going by that broke my heart and thought it was a clever way for chris to do that even though her clothes didn't change haha

What scenes did you miss that wasn't put thr film but was in the book

And what did you think of rob kristen and taylor this time round

And did you like the end :) I personally would of liked it to of been answered but that's becuz I think it was kind of left on a note of will she won't she and we all now for Definite she will just a bit long till eclipse to wait for. Answer I think..

Thanks for your help

Love mrs Cullen xxxxx

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Comment by Amy May Cullen on November 21, 2009 at 8:00am
i love the aro sees alice vision of edward and vampire bella scene ^^
Comment by backupStew on November 21, 2009 at 8:48am
fav scene: Alice's vision of Bella as a vampire.
miss scene: probably all the things that alice and bella did when they were going to volterra. I dont remember any else part in particular that I was dying to see that wasnt on the movie
kristen: omg such a great actress, she really was on Bella's shoes and skin
rob: hot as always, I could feel his pain, omg the break up scene, his face when he smells and kisses for "the last time" Bella's forehead is so heartbreaking heart, and when he finds out about "bella's funeral" so sad :(
taylor: yeah those abs are great but his jacob is so much more than abs, I mean, he really did a great job
the end: love it, I was standing on the edge of my seat when he was in silence, and I scream when it finished. I think it was a great idea to keep us motivated or I dont know haha
Comment by Kennedy Meriah Cullen on November 21, 2009 at 9:12am
My favorite scene was probable where she goes to save him cuz i just love where she jumps right in his arms and he thinks they are dead, i dont know i just love the scene with all my heart, there really wasnt any scene that i missed so much that wasnt in the film i think they kept what should have been and didnt put in what didnt need to be . Rob this time around honest to god does enough pouting for three movies worth , Kristen did a fantastic job no complaints about it she did amazing and Taylor did awsome , im a Rob gurl myself but i think that Taylor really is the only person who could play jacob i dont know why i just think that he is the only reasonable choice and to finish off the ending ,OMFG i loved the ending but i cant wait for Eclipes now like when he says to her " marry me bella" and then the screne goes black we all thought maybe the machine messed up but then the credits start rolling and no-one could believe it
Comment by Mrs Cullen on November 21, 2009 at 12:57pm
thanks guys for your comments this really helps and yes Id say bella as a vampire perfection the way the sun just went over her face for a split second and we see her sparkle amazing

I'm kristen number one fan she was incredible and also rob was really looking ill inthis one really gaunt I felt so bad when he was onthe phone to Jacob!!!! The little brat even though I loved him but he flipped at mike that was intense mike was crying he's a great actor micheal welch!!

When eric is crying is hilariuos !!!

Wanted to see more of the wolves though an when harry dies ok I cried for Charlie !!!

Poor rachelle she wasn't even in it much and now she's been recast!!

Laurent as amazing and lovebthat they were showing clips don twilight u cud see how much the characters have grown and how the plot has grown!!!!

Keep commenting I really apreciate ure comments it's such a big help!!!

Love mrs Cullen xx
Comment by Danielle<3 on November 22, 2009 at 7:56am
I loved the film :D

My fav. scene: I loved the part where the months passed by and the camera was just circling around bella while the seasons changed. That was awesome how they did that in the film, it was soo sad :(

My missed scene: I wanted to see the bit where Alice and Charlie are having the conversation in the kitchen about Bella, it really showed us how bella was effected when they left and i just missed that bit from the book.

Kristen: she was amazing in this film, when she was screaming in the dream parts that was just wow, amazing actress. She has stepped up soo much from twilight :)

Rob: Obviously we all missed Rob in this film but i think he was really good in the scenes that we saw him in. I loved his face expressions when it came to the break up and he kissed Bella's head it really showed his pain.

Taylor: he really stepped up to the mark, how he has physically prepared for this role ;) loved the line, "what a marshmellow" :)

Umm the ending, i liked it but maybe it would have been better if it followed the ending of the book. Where they come back from the vote and he asks her in her bedroom and her gives the reply. Then ending with them meeting with Jacob in the woods and the whole Charlie yelling at Bella thing..
Comment by Mrs Cullen on November 22, 2009 at 11:47am
yeah my favourite scene two i really missed edward(rob lol) i felt like something was missing the whole way thru now uve sed that i get it i had a gap in my chest watching it now i get why!! goign to see it thursday so il try watch it again without the gap lol

i love thats line marshmellow it was hilariuos!!!!!

Comment by Kelly-Rose-Cullen on November 25, 2009 at 12:17pm
i misssed the scene at the end where bella thought that she was still dreaming that edward didnt leave her again and after they were by the voulturi where the waitetd in the hall and on the airplane


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