Feeling Charitable...Here is how you can help

Cullen Boys Anonymous emailed us with this charity and asked if we wanted to participate and I said in Jacob's terms.....sure, sure!

Here is a letter CBA member Mallory wrote to explain & share the story of what is going on in Victoria AU:

Dear friends,

I am writing this today to explain the situation of the fires in Australia,
and the effect it has on the community, my friends, my family and my old

On the 7th of February 2009, Australia was shocked as we watched the news to
hear reports of towns burning down to nothing. After Marysville was burnt to
nothing, we thought the fires may have died down, but we were wrong. I
personally used to live in Kinglake/Flowerdale, and I thought that since
Marysville was pretty far away, that it wouldn't reach where I used to live.
Silly me.

The fires continue to burn, even the army is helping to put out the fires!
Some people stayed to fight, only to perish in the feeble attempt to stop
Mother Nature. The ones that did survive, however, lost friends and
relatives and their community as they knew it. I moved from Flowerdale early
last year, due to schooling and such, but I frequently visited my friends. I can
visit no more.

One of my friends died in this fire, I loved her so much & she will be
missed dearly. That is but one of the 181 people found so far, and there
are definitely more to be found.

It is a struggle in Victoria. Many people can't watch the news without
feeling greatly saddened and wanting to find a way to reach out and help the
people who have lost their homes, their families, and everything.

The easiest way to explain it is like this, fire is the eraser. The paper is the
land, and everything written on the paper is houses, people, everything
else. It's like an eraser has gone and rubbed out everything, you know it
was there, you can see the faint marks where you pressed too hard and there
is some lead left on the paper, but other than that, it's gone.

Australia is in crisis now. We are trying our hardest, but nothing will be
the same. This is our worst natural disaster to date. And to think, it only
started with a hot day.

People are now living in cars or on the street, due to these fires. It is
said that a possible 1 million animals died. That is very upsetting, as I
grew up with animals and they are a big part of my life.

We are doing our best to get these fires under control. It is not easy, but
little by little, I believe we will be able to build the towns back up to
their former glory, even though we know nothing will ever be the same.

The campaign established to assist the communities and the people affected
by the bushfires is the Australian Bushfire Appeal 2009. It was launched by
our premier John Brumby, the Red Cross & Australia's federal government.

The bushfires have affected us greatly. It is only my hope and prayer that
we will be safe, and to try our damnedest to build our lives back again.
With the support of others, I believe we can.

Thank you for reading this.
-Mallory Cassidy (malliee)

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