NewWestminster Filming, Looks like mike above

This is taken from Christine K's Aka Newsgirl - See here
I arrived on set around 7:30 and they were still setting up. They had to wait for darkness before they could start production. The scene was at the movie theatre. Kristen and Jacob are there and some of Jacobs friends. There were about twenty five back-ground performers.
The set was bustling with action and movement. Everyone had a job to do and everyone was doing their job.
I was trying to do my job and Ron was doing his job. His job is to intimidate.
I really believe he is over stepping his bounds of head of security. I have never in my life have I been on the receiving end of a vendeta by such a dis likable human being. Ugh.
There were about twenty fans watching from the sidewalk by 9pm. There was one great dad who took his 12 year old daughter to the set in Surrey last night and returned to the New West set again tonight. I wonder how they found out where the set was going to be tonight.
Which brings me to this topic. I firmly believe that all fans should have the opportunity to watch a film being made. They can see first hand all the hard work that goes into making a film and why it does take so long.
Making a movie is hard work and involves hundreds of people. I am a fan of movie making. I respect the people who make movies and admire actors who find good luck making the right movies for them. Making movies is magic. My interest in movie making is the story.
If I find a public movie location and I know there are fans that would like to see how the movie is being made, I will share this location. I do not have any hidden agenda to try to meet the actors or get pictures with the actors or autographs. I don't want to bother the actors when they are working or at play. I am annoyed by people who call themselves fans and will never tell anyone else the location for the sole purpose of reducing the number of people watching so they may take exclusive photos or raise their chance of autograph or personal photo seeking. I especially dislike it when people know of a location and then tease other fans by posting on their twitter, "I am at a secret location". (and I ain't tellin you so nanabooboo to you). That is so childish and selfish. There had never been this kind of attention given to any movie in Vancouver. There are global fans that are so curious to see the sets or the stars. Why be selfish and hold onto information and then tease fans with your luck of being there. I am all for sharing but I do ask that people are responsibile for behaving on set.
Mind your manners, don't use a flash, don't call out to the actors and remember they are all working.

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Comment by Alison Genet on May 1, 2009 at 12:37am
Haha I was just getting ready to post this. I love how Ron is also mentioned in this blog. See girls that are set stalking. Don't let him bully you. Public property is public property. I have no idea how he sleeps with himself at night.

Comment by Cat Velazquez on May 1, 2009 at 7:02am
Awesome! It's so exciting to see pics from the set! The pics from @vanityallie are aso pretty sweet, from the same night of filming.
Comment by MR Hale xx on May 1, 2009 at 4:22pm
i know rite its great to see pics from the set xx


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