Fire Burning.- Book 5 of the Twilight series. Written by K. Kri

breaking dawn.

the end.

……or so it seemed……

Chapter One.
Emmett burst through the front door ahead of me, his guffaw ringing out carelessly through the silence as he went. I had a scowl on my face and was disappointed. After the first 11 months of being a vampire, Emmett had already beat me at arm wrestling!! I thought it was impossible. Then again, look at Renesmee! She was only a few months old, but the size of a seven year old! Edward was chuckling to himself, as was Carlisle. Rosalie of course thought it was great, since Emmett was her spouse. Obliviously, Jacob burst through the kitchen door with a plate in his hands, exclaiming, “Hi Nessie! Hey Bells!” It amazed me at how tall he was STILL growing! Jake asked, “What’s wrong with you?”
So, we had gone outside today after I challenged Emmett to an arm wrestling match. My hand had begun to fall closer and closer to the boulder we were using for the match. A low snarl had erupted from the very pit of my being. This distracted Emmett to an extent of hysteria. He laughed and laughed as we wrestled, but managed to win. I was so angry at him for having laughed at my attempts to frighten him, that I hissed. Emmett sighed, “ It was just for fun Bella. No harm intended…” Then, he added with a smile, “Yet.” Then I lunged for his throat. He jumped out of my path and laughed again.
So this brings us to where we are now. Me being ticked at him for being so unfair. Him being joyful at finally beating me. Everyone else laughing at us. My perfect bottom lip puffed out as a sign of annoyance and being stubborn. I scooped up Nessie(the nickname Jacob had created for Renesmee) and sat down on the couch. I sang to her to calm myself down, but I could tell Jasper was controlling my angry emotions. After a half hour of singing and rocking, she was sound asleep. The day had flown by.
I looked out the window, and noticed the sky was a light shade of orange and pink. I glanced at Edward, and he made the announcement. “Well, we’re going to go back to the cottage if you don’t mind.”
I stood and shifted my weight to the other leg, even though I didn’t need to. I was constantly being reminded to use human actions. “Goodnight everyone.” I said in my beautiful voice. Carlisle came to me and kissed Renesmee, then he kissed my forehead. “Goodnight Bella.” Both Carlisle and Esme simultaneously murmured.
We, as in Edward and I, sprinted through the glass door and across the meadow in a few seconds. Renesmee was on my left hip, resting easily. We walked inside the cottage, and I placed Nessie in her bed. Then Edward and I walked into the living room. We each took a seat on the white sofa.
I could see the anxiety in his eyes. The silence was unbearable. Then, he spoke softly, “I have something to tell you…” He trailed off. I stared at his perfect face, but he wouldn’t meet my gaze. “What is it?” I asked this quietly, but fiercely, to let him know I was serious.
He looked at me for a long time, then finally said, “We… well, Carlisle and I, believe that…” He broke off mid-sentence. After a moment of composure, he spoke again. “Renesmee is beginning to show signs of venom.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!
My perfect, half-vampire, half-human child may have venom flowing through her body? Even though I was frozen as a vampire, tremors rolled down my spine. “Excuse me?” I implied. “It sounded like you just said that-” Edward interrupted me with, “It’s the truth.” After a short pause, he continued. “She may not be able to see Charlie anymore… I don’t know what to do about Jacob… This may put some people in danger. We may be confronted again by the Volturi.” He shuddered.
Though still in shock, I understood what he was saying. We couldn’t let her be around any humans, anymore. I knew it would kill Charlie. It would probably tear him to pieces; we just couldn’t put him in that kind of danger.
I was silent for a sixty-fourth of a second. Eventually I said, “Is there another way?” I saw him pause to think and then state the obvious. “We could tell Charlie everything: tell him who we are… Tell him all about us… But in the end, we would either have to kill him, or make him one of us.
I started to speak when the wooden floors creaked under pressure. I whipped around, and there stood… Renesmee. She moved towards us, her perfect mouth in an O. Tears streaked her rosy cheeks, and she was trembling.
She walked up to me and sat down in my lap. Her hand automatically went up to my neck. In her thoughts, she pleaded, Please let me see Grandpa. Please. I won’t bite him. I wont hurt him. I won’t lose my control. Please. I let out a sigh and said, “ I guess that we can give her a chance.”


The next day, Jacob and Nessie went to visit Charlie. I was worried, but before they left, I added in a sarcastic tone, “Have fun!” Jake just rolled his eyes.
Edward, Alice and I were going hunting today. We decided to leave shortly after Jake and Renesmee. We ran through the forest, sniffing for the hint of an animal nearby. We listened for something to shift its weight. Something to take a step.
After all of the vampires had been here just a few weeks ago to defend Renesmee against the Volturi, the animals had all but disappeared. So we ended up halfway through Oregon when we found something pleasurable.
Six large elk were walking through a clearing in the woods. Alice, always cheerful, playfully called, “Dibs.” She made a violent, yet graceful kill, and Edward followed. The largest elk was running into the trees at top speed.
Of course Edward chased it through the forest. I didn’t like to see the animals suffer, so I made my kill quickly. On our way back through Oregon and into the trees near the Washington border line, the sun began to set. I guessed that it was near five o’clock. Renesmee should be home! I quickened my pace.
Suddenly, my phone buzzed. I quickly answered. Then, our troubles began
“Hello?” I asked.
“Bella…” It was Carlisle.
“What is it?” I sensed trouble.
“It’s Renesmee.”
“What about her? Is she alright?”
“Yes, she’s fine.”
“What is it then?”
“Well… She… She…”
I half-screamed, “What?!”
“She bit Charlie.” He said this flatly.
"No! Charlie!" I shrieked. However, my efforts were to no avail.
“He’s into his fourth hour.. There’s no way to save him.”
Edward and Alice had picked up the whole conversation. They were stiff at my side. I’d forgotten about Carlisle. “On our way.” I whispered hoarsely.”


When we got home, it was quiet. Renesmee was trying to explain what had happened. “Repeat it one more time.” I asked her.
She started again, “Well.. We got to Charlie’s house and he was, of course, watching T.V. We went in and sat on the sofa. We talked and talked about silly little things. Laughing and joking all the while.
“After about 2 hours, the T.V. was still on. I asked him to please shut it off. Of course he said that he couldn’t- it was the NFL. Jacob said we should be getting home, but Charlie insisted on us staying for a little while longer.
“So we talked and laughed some more, the T.V. on the whole time. I finally begged him to shut it off. He said, ‘Fine.’ He looked around for the remote, and shrugged his shoulders. He simply got up to press the little button on the T.V.
“You know how old that thing is! The button was loose, and his finger got caught in the wiring! He pulled it free and… There was a cut on his finger; blood was going everywhere. I sprung at him. Jacob was yelling, ‘No, Nessie!’ I couldn’t hear him.. It was too hard to let go.
“Jake pulled me off of him, and Charlie was pale. He was yelling about being on fire, and Jacob panicked. He brought him home and Carlisle examined him. He said it was too late to save him.. I’m sorry Momma.. It was an accident! I swear!"


After about two days, Charlie began to come out of the transformation. His eyelids would flutter, but not open. His heart was struggling against the venom.
It began to hammer in his chest.. Faster and faster. It let out one beat, took a pause, let out two more, and stopped altogether.
Charlie opened his eyes, and stared at the ceiling in wonder. I could tell he would have as much control as I did. Well.. I thought so… Until Renesmee flitted past the doorway.
Charlie’s eyes suddenly turned a dark crimson color. He sat up quickly and lunged for the door. However, Edward was a sixteenth of a second faster.
He reached for Charlie’s arm, and held him with a firm grip. Emmett came to his aid, as Jasper was clearly trying to control the emotions in the room.
An uncontrollable snarl erupted from the pit of Charlie’s stomach, as he snapped at Edward’s face, trying to escape from the tight hold. We closed the door, and Carlisle took a cautious step forward.

“Do you notice anything different Charlie?” Carlisle asked conspicuously.
“Actually, yes. I have a raging fire burning in my throat.. I feel much faster than ever before.. Vision seems different from these eyes..”
“Well, Charlie. Welcome to the Cullen family. You have made a transformation from being human to becoming a vampire.
“No blood runs through your veins, no heart beats in your chest.”
“What?” Charlie seemed confused, “Vampires? There is no such creature. Well.. Now that I think of it, with Jacob being what he is, anything is possible.” I was still amazed at how his voice rang out so deeply and clearly in the silence. An audible sigh went through the room. Emmett chuckled.
“Well Charlie, we do exist, but must keep this existence a secret. For the next few years, you are unable to be closely associated with humans, due to your thirst.”
“Thirst? Ah. The burning is a craving. A craving for blood?”
“Oh.. I see. Well then, how do I ease this painful thirst?”
Carlisle smiled, “Bella? Would you like to take Charlie hunting?”


After I had taken Charlie hunting, (which he enjoyed tremendously) I came inside to tell Renesmee what was going on. “Renesmee, sweetie, Grandpa is a vampire now; like me and Daddy. Do you understand what that means?” I asked. “Does that mean me and Grandpa can’t spend any time together?” She was hesitant. I replied somberly, “I suppose not. You see, he is very thirsty, and he cannot control his thirst while he is around you.”
“Oh.” was her only reply.
Once again, I picked her up in my arms and kissed her on the cheek. “It’ll all be over soon.” I swayed for a minute, then set her back down. Charlie was taking over the empty room at the Cullen’s house. They had painted it a light shade of blue, and were furnishing it with the things from Edward’s old room. (I’m not sure if he was very happy about that.) Jasper had moved on from me and was constantly hovering over Charlie now. He was also quite in control now- Edward explained that having a newborn immediately exposed to human blood was uncontrollable.

Hey, Its K.
I hope that you enjoy this!
Tell me if i should keep writing;
It would most likely inspire! :D
Did you like it? Comments please!(:

-k. kri!(:

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Comment by Rosalice Edwasper Cullen on July 6, 2010 at 3:04pm
i thought it was really good and a lot of stuff happened very quickly which was good definitely keep writing!
Comment by Valeriya james on July 6, 2010 at 6:15pm
u should def fnish writing it
Comment by jaxthefan on July 6, 2010 at 7:22pm
AWESOME!!!! i didnt expect that charlie was going to become a vampire but omg this is great! keep writing :)
Comment by Charlie on July 7, 2010 at 3:43am
very good and perfect writeing,
please finids it :)
Comment by Jacquelyn Wilson on July 7, 2010 at 5:45am
it's Awesome Plz Keep Writing
Comment by Taylor Girl on July 7, 2010 at 6:03am
you are totally amazing....keep writing please
Comment by K. Kric on July 11, 2010 at 9:34am
thanks so much!
im working on chapter two as of right now, it should be done within the next week or so!
Comment by The Crazy and Lovable ones on July 31, 2010 at 11:51am
u should finish writing its amazing


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