frankly, i'm getting tired of all this boo hoo-ing on rachelle's behalf and summit-bashing.

i think rachelle was acting selfishly and unprofessional. she put herself above everyone else when she decided it wasn't important for her to be there when she had committed to being there, whether for ten days or one. i know we all loved her as victoria, but any actor who behaves that way loses my respect as a professional. frankly, in my opinion she doesn't deserve our efforts to 'fight' on her behalf. summit made the right call; the only one they could make given the circumstances rachelle established.

i honestly don't know what people expect from summit, here. rachelle left them with no option. if she was unable to be there when she needed to be there, what could summit do about that? it honestly baffles me that people are putting so much effort into blaming and criticizing summit for what was rachelle's fault. it was her irresponsibility which led to her re-casting. the claims regarding their reasons for casting bdh don't even make sense. summit isn't stupid. they saw what happened when word got out about possibly re-casting taylor. they wouldn't have caused that uproar again if they had any other option.

someone please explain to me what option summit had. these claims that they are 'backpedaling' are unfounded. what are they backpedaling from? they gave a perfectly valid explanation: rachelle committed to being there, rachelle couldn't be there, summit had to replace her. so much money and effort go into making a film, and it requires full cooperation by everyone involved; most obviously: being able to show up for filming. if someone can tell me what summit should have done to better resolve this conflict, please do explain.

i think it's very sad that so-called 'fans' are so quick to tear to shreds the company who has worked very hard to stay loyal to the story and to the fans. it would have been very easy to do to twilight what hbo did to true blood, but they're working their a**** off to give us a product that we love.

in no way does any of this mean that i don't like rachelle. i think she's a talented, beautiful actress who brought something very special to victoria. i think that she made an unfortunate mistake, and it honestly saddens me that she won't be able to bring victoria to eclipse, both for our sake and for hers. i just do not see how it is fair that we are lashing summit with the guilt of her mistake.

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Comment by Cali Twilighter on July 30, 2009 at 10:14am
Why does everyone keep saying 10 days? It's 10 shooting days, that's not including prep time, rehearsals and travel (Barney’s is shooting in Rome). She knew when Eclipse was to start shooting and still decided to take another job. It WAS selfish and unprofessional of Rachelle to take a part she new would interfere with Eclipse.

The cast was given a certain allotted time for a different project between NM and Eclipse. If it was such a short shoot time why wasn't Barneys pushed up? You know why, because it's an ensemble cast you have to shoot around when everyone could be there. So is Eclipse, so why ask other people to wait on you?

The rest of the cast followed the terms of their contract and if she couldn't than she needed to be replaced. If you know anything about filming a movie or TV show pushing a schedule back even a day cost the studio a lot of money. Now times that by the at least two or three weeks that Rachelle would have cost them.

Like I said before it’s a they said, she said situation. Was Rachelle given the option to drop out of Barney’s? Or was she just simply re-cast. I love Rachelle and would have loved to see her as Victoria in Eclipse, but please stop bashing Bryce Howard. She has worked hard to get out of her dad’s shadow, and is very much holding her own in the industry.

And please ladies stop trying to get boycotts together! We are all going to go to see the movie, most of us multiple times. When we first saw the clips from Comic Con there was praise for Chris Wetiz and prayer’s that he would direct BD. Now bashing? All parties involved did what they had to do. It’s a bummer she’s not going to be in Eclipse, but lets move on. Aren’t there any new pics of Rob we can discuss?
Comment by Gretch on July 30, 2009 at 10:23am
It wasn't just Rachelle's scheduling...the director also did some rearranging of the shoot schedule...which is why it was only recently that there popped up the overlap.

She's in one isolated scene. It looks as though no negotiations were really put in place. And Summit, in less than a week's time, was able to find and negotiate a whole other actress rather switch up the ten days in question.

I really do understand the business...and that it is a business...but to put the hammer down...or save money...or whatever the reasons honestly only hurting the fans. I genuinely wanted to see Rachelle finish out Victoria's role. And yes, it's upsetting to me that that won't be happening.

Summit's response was...well...insulting in truth. I've no doubt they're up to their armpits in backlash...but I'm not sure how that hadn't expected that. Rachelle goes above and beyond to promote the franchise and to give props to fans.

I do see why Summit would have entertained the idea of letting her a knee-jerk decision. But I'm very honestly surprised that they went through with it.

And I've lots of respect for Bryce...and it's a shame she's in the middle of this.
Comment by Emily on July 30, 2009 at 10:24am
I think Summit's response was a little excessive. But I do thinkn they are in the right. I mean, if Rachelle knew in June that she was going to be doing Barney's Version, which might interfere with NM's filming, it would have been professional to let Summit know as soon as possible. The fact that she told them last week, when NM is supposed to start filming very soon, in early August, was not very professional. I am sure they have certain scenes that need to be filmed at certain times and certain places. If that has all been pre-arranged and ready to go, of course, a 10 day delay in that can throw off the whole movie shooting. The fact is, no one knows which scenes they are shooting first, and if the 10 days that Rachelle is going to be gone are key scenes for her in the movie, then they would need to re-cast. I'm sure when they worked with other actors such as Cam, Kristen and Rob, it wasn't a week or two before shooting was to start. I'm sure if she had told Summit her plans in June when she accepted the role, they could have worked with her. It is not Summit's fault she waited until a couple of weeks before shooting to let them know she would be unavailable. I'm sure if Rob or Kristen's current movies go beyond schedule, Summit will accommodate them, since that is out of their control. Rachelle knew taking this movie would interfere with NM's shooting, yet failed to notify them in adequate time. Unprofessional actions in a professional world get you the boot, no matter what your job.

And I don't think casting Bryce was a political move. She has played roles similar to this and nailed them. I am excited to see her portrayal. I am quite certain I will not be disappointed.
Comment by Alison Genet on July 30, 2009 at 10:27am
I feel the ball is in Rachelle's court. She can give up the Barney's movie and the problem is solved. If she does not give it up to stay in Eclipse than actions speak louder than words. I would love for the movies to have continuity and flow but it seems that Rachelle can solve this whole problem. If this never happens...
We all know we will love the movies anyways. I have been a big fan of Bryce Howards back to the "Village" days and I think she will do a great job for us fans. It's not her fault that she was re-cast. So let's please welcome her to the twilight fandom with an open heart.
Comment by Becca L on July 30, 2009 at 10:27am
All I can say is WOW!!! Everyone who has bitched, moaned, complained, and raddled on and on are still going to go out and watch the movies when they come out. Everyone will go and see Remember Me even though it is coming out of Summits hands. Just get on with life and be happy that you still get to see the books in real life.
Comment by Cali Twilighter on July 30, 2009 at 10:29am
Really Belax2, personal attacks? Last I check there was a little thing called free speech. Did you even read her blog or just the title? Do you know Brianna, well I do she was one of the first to join the site and she is as "real" a fan of The Twilight Saga as anyone here. This site is also here for people to speak there mind about concerns as well as praise for Twilight free from persecution and ridicule. There are a lot of Twifans who feel the same way including myself who has spent thousands of dollars on movie tickets, merchandise and conventions not to mention the countless hours I have spent on this site blogging, approving blogs and in the chat. Should I leave the site too?
Comment by Melanie on July 30, 2009 at 10:54am
I 'm the same meaning as Trina Bucher and Cali Twilighter. Summit was first and comes first. Rob, Kristen, Jackson , Peter and I think other cast member had to shoot their sets after Eclipse and create it. Boycott isn't an option for me. And it harms the other actors and the fans. They work all really hard. Nobody knows exactly what is true. So I accept it and move on and I think Bryce will do a good job.Not too high poker, the shot could backfire. Because the boss is still the boss. Sorry, but you should always consider both perspectives and then everything looks very different.
Comment by Melanie on July 30, 2009 at 11:17am
Calm down please.Everyone has the right to represent his views. The film industry is a tough business. Without regard. It governs the superficiality as in most industries. Time is money.
Comment by Alison Genet on July 30, 2009 at 11:36am
Bellax2 please don't personalize attacks at any member. You can speak your mind as you wish but no bashing other members for their views please. NO name calling.
Comment by Melanie on July 30, 2009 at 11:49am
I would worry me in your place, why you react so violently. Everyone knows that film companies hard and market-oriented act. And now they sit up or further times in the head as Rachelle. Whether this is fair or not, they do not ask. This is the business.


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