frankly, i'm getting tired of all this boo hoo-ing on rachelle's behalf and summit-bashing.

i think rachelle was acting selfishly and unprofessional. she put herself above everyone else when she decided it wasn't important for her to be there when she had committed to being there, whether for ten days or one. i know we all loved her as victoria, but any actor who behaves that way loses my respect as a professional. frankly, in my opinion she doesn't deserve our efforts to 'fight' on her behalf. summit made the right call; the only one they could make given the circumstances rachelle established.

i honestly don't know what people expect from summit, here. rachelle left them with no option. if she was unable to be there when she needed to be there, what could summit do about that? it honestly baffles me that people are putting so much effort into blaming and criticizing summit for what was rachelle's fault. it was her irresponsibility which led to her re-casting. the claims regarding their reasons for casting bdh don't even make sense. summit isn't stupid. they saw what happened when word got out about possibly re-casting taylor. they wouldn't have caused that uproar again if they had any other option.

someone please explain to me what option summit had. these claims that they are 'backpedaling' are unfounded. what are they backpedaling from? they gave a perfectly valid explanation: rachelle committed to being there, rachelle couldn't be there, summit had to replace her. so much money and effort go into making a film, and it requires full cooperation by everyone involved; most obviously: being able to show up for filming. if someone can tell me what summit should have done to better resolve this conflict, please do explain.

i think it's very sad that so-called 'fans' are so quick to tear to shreds the company who has worked very hard to stay loyal to the story and to the fans. it would have been very easy to do to twilight what hbo did to true blood, but they're working their a**** off to give us a product that we love.

in no way does any of this mean that i don't like rachelle. i think she's a talented, beautiful actress who brought something very special to victoria. i think that she made an unfortunate mistake, and it honestly saddens me that she won't be able to bring victoria to eclipse, both for our sake and for hers. i just do not see how it is fair that we are lashing summit with the guilt of her mistake.

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Comment by Foxx Talltrees on July 30, 2009 at 11:55am
Both parties could have handled the situation better. Although we say "It's only 10 days" that could throw the already planned shooting schedule off, which could cost millions of dollars. You can shoot an independent film (on a kamakazi schedule) in 10 days. Rachelle should have thought her desicion more clearly b4 accepting another job (it sucks but no one is irreplaceable) Summit could have worked something out if they valued her contribution to the series. With that said, I wish Rachelle the best of luck with her career. Hopefully this misstep will not tarnish her rep for future projects. (Hollywood being a small community & all)
Comment by Cali Twilighter on July 30, 2009 at 12:03pm
This is not a battle royal and I'm not going to get all scrappy with you. My comments were about you insinuating that Brianna was "stupid and naive" and you questioning her loyalty as a fan without knowing who she is. Believe me I don't miss a thing (I have to approve the same blogs over and over and over again, it’s like no one reads the blogs already posted) and I know all about the different scenarios that could be the reason for the recast. But we are not Summit, and we are not Rachelle we will NEVER, I repeat NEVER know what the real reasons were. Please remember shows like Access Hollywood, ET and the E! Channel are entertainment shows they are there to en-ter-tain us. They are essentially glamorized gossip programs.

And you are right your comments are covered under free speech, I have read your blogs and the comments and no one is making personal attacks on you. I called you out because Brianna is a member of Twifans and has been for a long time. She is also my friend and doesn't need to be talked down to by you or anyone else, no one on this site does.

No one is speaking for anyone else, I, me, Cali Twilighter feel that by you calling people names and talking down to them it undermines what this site is about. We here at Twifans love blogs that spark debate and different opinions, all we ask is be respectful when you’re discussing it.
Comment by Sonia Gutierrez on July 30, 2009 at 12:59pm
I agree with the blog published!
Comment by Stephanie Leigh on July 30, 2009 at 1:08pm
I think everyone has a valid point. I know it's hard not to get upset about the situation but it doesn't help in either case. I think we're going to have to wait to see how everything plays out. There isn't much else we can's out of our hands.
Comment by Melanie on July 30, 2009 at 1:32pm
Comment by Brianna on July 30, 2009 at 2:17pm
morgan, so many of your arguments are unfounded and clearly biased. you're articulating what you want to be true, not what is based in reality. honestly, i wouldn't know where to begin addressing your numerous miscalculations. frankly, your personal attacks were unnecessary and immature. if you look back at what you wrote a little later, maybe when your maturity has developed a little more, you'll be able to see that your issues with the conflict are purely emotionally driven. it looks like you are too blinded by what you're feeling to see what's black and what's white. i'm not going to spend any more time on you, because anyone whose opinion i respect can plainly see how your ignorance and naivete shine through your hostile words.

and anabel. i agree with you totally in that it sucks. major sucks. no one wants to see rachelle go, including me. i just think you need to consider how crucial ten days actually are. if you account for the fact that the cast spends 16 hours a day shooting, that's 160 hours of filming that rachelle is missing. beyond that, so so so so so much money is invested in making a film. you'd be shocked to find how much money it's costing the studio to shoot on location for a given day, let alone ten days. also, logistically, they have a limited amount of days to shoot at any given location. remember what happened with the meadow scene in twilight? if the studio starts sacrificing time at locations to accommodate everyone's schedules, we'll be watching the epic vampire fight in a parking lot. just, consider the logistics of it all, and the unfathomable amount of details summit needs to sort through to organize this movie before you assume that 10 days don't make a difference. and lastly, rehearsals are HUGE. it's crucial that the actors are able to work together and with the director in rehearsals, for obvious reasons. rachelle and everyone working with her would be at a huge disadvantage had she missed rehearsals.

and addressing the "now they can up and replace rob or kristen for taking on other projects" argument: rob and kristen have been working like maniacs, as we've all seen. as of yet, neither of their schedules have conflicted with the filming of any of the twilight movies. they've been responsible and held true to their commitments. kristen did adventureland last summer and managed to make it in time for shooting for new moon. use them as an example for the way rachelle and the rest of the cast should handle their commitments. to say "what if" is just simply not a valid argument. just because it could happen that kristen or rob's schedules conflict, doesn't mean it has, and therefore proves this argument unfounded. you can't use something that hasn't happened as an example supporting an argument that summit is hypocritical or that they're going to ruin the films by replacing all the actors. you're getting way ahead of yourselves, here.

again, let me reiterate that i love rachelle. i am very sad to see her go. i just think all of this hostility towards summit is unwarranted and makes the fans look unappreciative and fickle. it's not that summit can do no wrong, it's just that in this situation they haven't.
Comment by Brianna on July 30, 2009 at 2:25pm
and cali, thank you very much. i appreciate your taking the time to defend me. frankly i never expected this post to cause the uproar it did, but what can you do? since i didn't see anyone else voicing this side, i figured i would. anyway, thanks! personal attacks are just unnecessary and immature.


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