The Rain Poured down in the forest it burnt my skin as jake and i ran hand in hand to our meadow. Jake was slower than me( whilst in his human form) so we ran at a fit joggers pace. We were running for 6 minutes when we finally pushed our way through the forest growth into our meadow.
It had almost completely stopped raining in this part of town. I leaned against Jacobs warm shoulder as we started to walk towards the old cedar, the cedar where we were to be married under in less than 24 hours. I sighed. When i noticed Jake was now aware or something he was rigid in place and the hair on the back of his neck was standing up.

“jake whats wrong?”

i was getting worried when all of a sudden i wasn’t on the ground anymore
he had scooped me up bridal style and ran with me towards the massive cedar. Moments later it started to Poor down. He looked at me, smiled my favourite Jacob smile and then he winked at me, as if to say that’s what.
I tried to give him my best “whatever” look but he saw through me. He walked across the space in 3 short steps and lifted me off my feet in a huge Jacob hug...i was about to protest that i couldn’t breathe when he let go slightly and kissed me it started off sweet but then he pushed my mouth open letting me taste him, then our tongues begun to dance in perfect synchronization, when he pulled away.

“Why? why did he have to always be the responsible one? Always making sure that this was what i wanted seriously. Overprotective fool. “

He set me back on my feet and began to pull away when i stopped him i placed one hand on his now blazing hot cheek and showed him what i wanted.
I heard him moan in pleasure but then he hoisted me up wrapping my legs around his waist he removed my tank top and just admired me he played with the purple lacing on my bra when his lips found mine, he began kissing me ferociously and hungrily down my neck to my collarbone to my shoulders only to stop at the purple lace and silk he reached round my back and unhooked it to reveal my rounded crème mounds but something else caught his attention my perfect pink nipples which were now hard and erect for him he held one in his left hand as he took the other into his mouth, we moaned together. His tongue grazed over my nipple causing me to buck and grind deeper into him which made him moan again, everything was going so well when-
Ness? ness? I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in my bed lounging next to jake, one of my hands were resting on his cheek. He wore a Smug expression, why was he looking at me like th..?

F***! I had dreamt all that S***, F***. GOD S*** he saw everything oh my god!

“ Jake im so sorry i didn’t know you were watching”. Im so sorry”

I removed my hand from him cheek and looked at the floor

He was laughing??

“Jake shut up its not funny”

“ok what ever you say” he was trying not to laugh again

I was about to yell at him when Hell froze over

“ Alice she will be my wife soon shoaly a couple of hour—“ jake tried to explain

“YOU SHUT THE F*** UP AND GET OUT” alice pointed to jake

He got up and gave me a quick kiss on my forehead, i love you ill meet you at the alter. With that he jumped off my bed and ran towards the main house to get ready with the other guys.

“Now. Young lady i have only a certain amount of time to make you look Stunning so get into the shower now!” alice demanded

See when your a victim with alice you do as she says or you wont have any fingers she may be small but my god she is mighty, so with that i got up and trotted to the bathroom.

Let me know what you think, this will be like maybee 3-5 chapters long it will be the wedding and the wedding night and u guessed it when they first root :) now i did warn you all so i dont want any bad comments saying that there wasnt a warning because there was xx E

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Comment by Rose Patterson on January 26, 2010 at 9:55am
This is good. But its very similar to Edward & Bella's story...Try changing things a bit more.
Its just advice :) x
Comment by Verity Wilson on January 26, 2010 at 10:22am
awesome story im 14 but dnt worry i hd the "talk" wen i ws like 10 so i knw quite a lot bout s*x it was really good i cnt wait for the next part hope you write it quick


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