I actually didin't write these,i found them on another site and i was LMFAO so hard i thought i share w u guys!!!Enjoy and leave comments!!!!


Edward- Say it....Out loud.

Bella- COOKIES!!

Edward- Do you want one?

Bella- YES!!!


My stomach gurgled.

Edward- Need another human moment?

Bella- Yeah.

Edward- What do you want to eat?

Bella- COOKIES!!!

Edward- Your going to ask the most basic question.

Bella- What do you eat?

Edward- Cookies!!!

Bella- What kind?

Edward- My family...We're different from others of our kind....we only eat "Chips A-hoy". They keep us strong, but we're never fully satisfied. It wouldn't be like eating the cafiteria cookies. Those cookies are my own personal brand of heroine. I don't know how long I can resist.

Edward- What do you hear?

Bella- Dear by water...east....And humans..at a picnic...West.

Edward- Follow your instincts.

I ran west until I reach the humans. They were so dazzled by my beauty that they didn't notice me steeling their cookies. I ran away eating the cookies. After that I was still hungry. Edward was right, they weren't totaly satisfying.

Rosealie- Jasper's going to win the bet.

Bella- What bet?

Edward- IT's nothing Jasper and Emmet like to gamble.

Bella- WHAT BET!!??

Rosealie- Jasper have a bet on how many times you'll...slip up when you're a vampire.

Emmett- Thanks Rose.

Bella- Slip up...You mean....?

Rosalie- How many cafiteria cookies you'll eat.

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