Further Discussion: The Adam Brody Comment/Reaction

I shouldn't be upset right? But i am. There's something to be said about a person that we don't even know on a personal level, that can bring about so much discussion and debate. That's how

a true fan usually feels when someone they admire and support are constantly being attacked in the media. And rightfully so, don't you think? After the tasteless comment/reaction from Adam Brody.

i really felt like i needed to say how i felt about all the negativity/flack Kristen's been getting for what?
Being herself? Honest? In the world we live in today aren't people normally
praised by others for speaking their minds? Apparently not if you're in the
public eye.

This must mean:

Fame+Media Attention+Having
outspoken/truthful/honest characteristics= Negative CRITICISM.

Somehow, things just don't add up.

If it's not what she wears, its the
way the way her hair is. If she's not smiling, it's because she's angry. If
it's not the things she says or the lack thereof sometimes its her awkwardness.
If its not her distaste for hounding paparazzi its her ungratefulness for the
fame and celebrity. Can a person just live and live the way they want without
being misquoted, misjudged, or misinterpreted? No, not for Kristen

I personally feel like the Adam
Brody comment was just the small tip of the iceberg. For someone that has
worked with her on the movie "In the Land of Women", its sad to see
an actor speak poorly of one another. Granted the comment made in the Diablo
interview doesn't exactly mention Kristen directly (from Adam's mouth), but it
is clear from his general reaction from her name shows an almost a distaste
blasé attitude
that is almost despicable.

My overall point is this, Adam does not garner even half as much
attention as Kristen, even in his OC days. He doesn't know what it is like to
be hounded and dissected by the media every day of his life. And for someone
who is supposedly an "actor" and doesn't even have enough compassion
to understand what another fellow actor is experiencing is deplorable. I pose
these questions: What has Adam Brody been in that has been significant in terms
of the Movie/TV world? Has he ever been a part of anything that has single handedly
almost impacted a whole generation or age group because of something he has
done whether its movie/tv related? The answer is undoubtedly, NO. The truth is,
Adam Brody is a washed up actor who can be remembered from his stint on the oh
so world famous show The OC. Does anyone really remember that? Mustn't i forgot
his role as Nicolai Wolf in Jennifer's Body? Sad he didn't get an Oscar for
that. When it really comes down to it, Adam Brody is an "actor" who
is trying to revive his fledgling career by garnering attention (as much as he
desperately can) for his upcoming (possibly Golden Globe award winning role) in
Scream 4. Is it worth it Adam? I guess we all shall see right? Because in the
end, coming from someone who hasn't won anything but probably a Teen Choice
award we should all take his comment lightly, if not as a joke -like he is.

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Comment by robswonkylegs on July 17, 2010 at 10:44am
What'd he say? If it's true he said some rude stuff about her, that's too bad because he's my #2 guy crush after Rob...
Comment by robswonkylegs on July 17, 2010 at 11:01am
Oh nevermind, I found it on google. From reading this post, I was worried I'd see him being completely rude and dissing her. But to me, his comment is just his opinion on the attention celebs get. He's not even 100% directing the comment towards Kristen, just his opinion on the subject in general. Everyone can think what they want on this, but to me I don't think it's a big deal.
Comment by Stephanie on July 17, 2010 at 11:02am
so because someone dislikes something they should just quit it? i hated doing homework in college, so im just going to quit going to college. almost everyone hates one aspect of their job. the comment may not be THAT bad, but like i said its just a small tip of the iceberg. i agree w/ you though, he's cute. but in my opinion, not talented.
Comment by robswonkylegs on July 17, 2010 at 11:16am
Well honestly I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, it's a matter of opinion. I have mixed feeling on the subject myself. As long as he's not specifically saying rude things about Kristen or calling her names, I don't think he's doing anything wrong. I'm sure many people disagree with him, and that's ok but I'm not sure why people are freaking out and attacking him about it when he's just expressing what he thinks about the subject. But I guess again, that's one of the prices of fame he has to deal with as well. His answers are going to be exaggerated and criticized like Kristen's are all the time.
Comment by taylor walton on July 17, 2010 at 10:51pm
You right,his comments are going to be exagerated but not as badly as kristens will.and people r sooo willing to jump on her for whatever she does!I hate it and truly just want to punch all of them in the face.all this bashing of kristen needs to stop.immediatly.


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