Today is, as everyone here is most aware, Kristen Stewart's 21st birthday. 
   Most people my age get a wistful look in their eyes and wish to be 21 again.
   Not I. I have owned everything I've done. Every decision I've made. Every mistake I've lived. Every person I've loved, and those I've not cared for so much, are mine and no one else.
   Every time we make a decision it effects everyone around us. Each and every mistake we make effects everyone who loves us.  What ever happens to us, happens to those who love us too.  Never believe it doesn't.  At 21 it's hard to see that, but looking back, I can promise it does.
   Each decision is a cross roads of Life and should never be taken without some small consideration of the fall out of these decisions. We should always be willing to bare the brunt of any fall out. Carry the burdens that will come of them.
   There are decisions I made that were wrong, but they were mine and I've tried to accept what happened fully. When I cross over to that great “Unknown” I know I'll face my Creator with head upheld and accept what ever the decision will be.
   It is my sincerest wish that Kristen will have as few regrets of her life as I've had when she reaches, and hopefully surpasses my 69 years.
   I wish her as full a life as I've had. Hopefully, it's fuller as she has the resources to travel around the World many times and to help those less fortunate then herself. She's already expressed a desire to do the latter, and I hope she's able to carry this forward.
   I do envy her just starting out on this wondrous Life with so much style of her own and flare for being who she is. Please, continue to do so.
Don't let the Turkey's of Life get you down! Happy Birthday Kristen. You GO girl!

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