hApPy bIrThDay EdWaRd AnThOnY MaSeN CuLLEn!!!!!!

So everyone.............on this day 110 years ago, a MIRACLE to the fictional world was born!!!!

Edward Anthony Masen was born to Elizabeth Masen & Edward Masen Snr. In 1918 when he was jus 17, about 9 motnhs away from his 18th birthday, his hometown, Chicago was plagued with an epidemic of Spanish influenza where both his parents died. His mother's dying wishes to Carlisle, a doctor at the hospital in which they were housed was to DO WHATEVER HE CAN TO SAVE HIS LIFE. She knew that Carlisle was somthing beyond himself.


When she died and realized that Edward's fate was just as doomed as his parents, he decided to fulfil his dream of creating a companion for himself because he was quite lonely in his nature. And with that, he took Edward from the hospital and transformed him into a VAMPIRE. It was a very difficult thing to do and was almost impossible to stop the frenzy and confusion that tasting Edward's blood had done to him, but he managed to stop well enough for the venom to spread and begin the transfomation.


After about 3 days of excruciating pain, Edward awoken as a vampire and Car;isle explained what had happened to his parents and the nature of his new identity. Edward was furious but took a liking to Carlisle almost immediately. Edward felt a burn in his throat & Carlisle explained the reasons for the bloodlust and how he should be able to control it. Carlisle did not use traditional methods of feeding but hunted animals instead of humans not wanted to be a monster. Edward complied for a time but found that animal blood did not fully satiate this bloodlust.


Carlisle then found Esme and changed her after she tried to commit suicide after losing her first born by jumping off a cliff. Even in her human years, she took a liking to Carlisle and was not at all angry when she was changed. Carlisle found his soulmate in Esme and they quickly fell in love. After a few years together, Edward decided that this vegetarian lifestyle was not for him and ventured out in the world on his own. Esme & carlisle was devastated but let him go hoping that one day, the boy they saw as their son would return home. Edward took off in pursuit of human blood he craved to feel some sense of satisfaction. He preyed on human but only criminals, people who noone would miss. Carlisle explained the rules to him and he did not want to catch the eye of the Volturi by inconspicuous hunting. 


After a while, he realized that he was never fully satisfied. Although the human blood was much richer than that of the animal, he craved that love and companionship that he had with his family. He returned to them and they welcomed him like the prodigal son. After a while, Carlisle could sense that his son was lonely. He was saddened and wanted to help him. He found Rosalie Hale left for dead after being beaten & raped and decided that that was exactly what Edward needed.....a mate. Her changed her in hopes that He could help his son. However, Edward never saw Rosalie as anything more than his sister. Although she never saw Edward that way either, she was furious because no man had ever not been attracted to her.


After a few years, Rosalie found Emmett being attacked by a grizzly bear in the mountains. as the bear was about to finish him off, she wrestled the bear and took Emmett some hundreds of feet back to Carlisle, begging him to save him. Carlisle complied and Emmett became one of them, calling Rosalie his angel immediately after he awoke. After a while Alice & Jasper found the Cullens, already vampires and were welcomed into the family. All other pairs mated and head over heels in love, Carlisle & Esme wondered if there was any hope for their son. They tried to get him with another vampire from their extended family clan in Denali but Edward found no interest in the Denali girl, Tanya. He loved her but with a similar love that he had for his own family. 


Edward was sad and lonely. He had a gift of reading the thoughts of those around him and he would constatnly be bombarded by the unconditonal gestures of love radiating from his family members. Although he made no mention of it, they could tell. He stopped playing piano and keep to himself alot. It wasnt until the new girl in town, that he suddenly felt that his life had some sort of meaning. At first, he battled with the thirst as her blood sang for him. He fought with the monster inside of him that wanted to drain the frail human girl but it was slowly overpowering him. He tried to go away but felt incomplete again. It was then he realized that he must have this girl.......he must be with her.........he must LOVE her!!!! He described that love as a Lion falling in love with a Lamb!!! She was like heroine to him and he simply didn't have the strenght to resist her.


He knew it was dangerous to love her. He knew there were things tat he wouldn't be able to control. He knew that there were secrets about himself and his family that she may never accept. It killed him but he loved her too much. He had found his mate and he would do ANYTHING, ANYTHING to provide her with the safety, the love & the human life that she deserved!!!!!

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