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The wind whipped roughly against the car, making it wobble a little on the road. Illian had a firm grip on the steering wheel, keeping the car steady on the road. He threw an accusing glance over his shoulder in my direction.

It's not me.” I complained. Illian had a strong look and his brown eyes stood against his blond hair.

Sure?” He questioned back with an unconvinced grin.

Just drive.” I ordered making a face at him. He turned away again, eyes on the road. If I could erase today... I would.

We were driving out of the woods, toward the larger road leading into the city. We were all starting a new school today and we would all stand out. So for all of us; this day was something we had to endure.

It's going to be okay.” I noticed Joshwin's sweet breath on my face as he leaned in to whisper in my ear. I felt a little tingle in the deep pit of my stomach. I turned my face to let him know, it really wasn't me this time - but I was caught breathless. To me his was absolute perfection. I let my eyes glide over Joshwin's flawless face. He had a strong jaw and almond shaped blue eyes. His chestnut hair waved untidily, in random lengths towards his shoulders. His olive skin was clear and rich in color. I found my mouth to speak. “I'm fine... I'm not doing it.” I promised, biting down my lip to hide the smile following my subtle blush.

I know.” Joshwin comforted privately in a soft low voice. His lips changed into a breathtaking smile. His teeth were straight, except the upper eyeteeth were slightly more prominent than the rest.

Joshwin had changed over the past week we'd been home. He had gone from the friend I loved and hung out with almost everyday, to the man destined for me. My soul mate. I'd spend several hours these past days just studying his face and watching it change before my very eyes. Well... He didn't exactly change to anyone else's eyes, it was just in mine.

I was stuck in the middle of the back seat of the car. Joshwin at my right and Serenity at my left. From the corner of my eye I could see Serenity give a dramatic eye roll while she put in a little snort for the theatrics of it. I launched an elbow at her side in return of her discrete drama. She grinned, flashing a perfect smile with a perfect set of teeth. She knew very well what was happening to me, she also knew she was powerless to stop it. Nature was kicking in. Violently in my case.

Serenity is my best friend. My partner in crime - as we always joked. I didn't go many places without her and it was the same for her too. When we left the comfort of our home we were by each others side, those were the rules.

Serenity was striking, excruciatingly beautiful. She was tall, six foot one and lean. Shaped with perfect curves and an elegance that made every human girl on the planet hate her. But even to us, she was stunning. Her long blond hair falls below the mid of her back, her skin is fair, perfectly flawlessness and her chocolate brown eyes - a strange controversy that completing her beauty. Unique blond eyelashes, long and thick edges around her eyes and she refuses to dye them or wear any kind of make up, not that she would ever need make up.

Serenity's turned her face to stare out the window, giving us the tiny amount of privacy available in the cab of a car.

The car wobbled again; as a gust of wind pushed against the side. Chrystan, who was next to Illian - now turned to face me. “It's NOT me.” I complained annoyed - again. This was getting really irritating.

It's not her.” Joshwin agreed, sending the notion toward his brother. Chrystan is Joshwin's two year older brother and Illian is Serenity's older brother. Illian and Chrystan were the same age. Almost twenty. I'm the only on in the car with no siblings and that isn't the only place. I'm an only child - with my kind that is very strange. We usually have many siblings. Just not me.

Our new school was further from home than the old one. Tragedy happened a little more than a week ago, our old school burned to the grown, so now we were destined to attend education in new and unknown territory. I was only happy we were all doing this together. The entire body of students were split four ways, and sent to four new, but different schools. Many of our former 'friends' were split, due to location of their home, I felt sorry for them. It had be horrible not knowing anyone. With the thought I sent a silent prayer to Earth; thanking her for letting all of us stay together. Yet again, we all lived in the same place.

We arrived at school and Illian parked far down the line of cars and away from what looked like the main building. It was a big square block, three stories high and done in red bricks. It was looked unnatural and horrible. I put my confining shoes on just before exiting the car. At home I never wore shoes - if I could avoid it. I figured if I went barefoot on my first day, it would attract too much needless and unwanted attention.

Illian and Chrystan were already out and the wind ripped at their clothes and pulled their hair. Joshwin opened his door the same time Serenity did and the warm fresh autumn wind jolted powerfully though the car, reminding me; I belonged with the wind.

I looked at the massive building, feeling this was going to be my doom. The wind lifted my raven black hair and made it flow wild in the wind. I pulled in a deep breath through my nose and closed my eyes, centering. “My beloved wind, please relax”. I chanted the words in my head and only for me. Slowly the violent gusts faded and were replaced with a gently breeze that caressed my exposed arms. “Now... That was me.” I stated arrogant as payback for their insulting lack in trust in me. I pulled my book bag to my shoulder and started walking toward the entrance.

Elvirina.” Chrystan grumbled behind me. “You shouldn't do that.” I ignored him, I knew I wasn't supposed too, but no one knew it was me, well besides my friends and Joshwin, that is. Chrystan was always being so correct and following all the rules, it was really annoying some times.

Nice. I heard Joshwin praise in my head the same time he chuckled out loud. About a month ago Joshwin and I had discovered his affinity. He could speak directly into my mind... if he wanted too. It's not like I can hear his every thought, just the ones he wants me to hear. It's really practically some times, like if you have toilet paper stuck in your shoe. I smiled slightly, detecting butteries in my stomach again. I knew it was happening – My transformation, but I was still shy and reserved, plus a little confused about what to do with all these new feelings I had for him. Being young definitely wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

We walked through the main entrance, in an non-smart and a too noticeable cluster; informing who we were. Several set of eyes followed us surreptitiously and in the hall it was even worse. I was next to Serenity and the boys followed behind us. I mainly kept my eyes on my feet, making absolutely sure I didn't obtain eye contact with anyone. Like all other new students - we were to report to the main office and then go to the auditorium.

I looked to Serenity as we walked the long hall lined with student lockers. A tiny coy smile painted her lips, while she elegantly moved in long strides. I noticed boys in the hall drop their jaw and stare stupefied at her. In my heart I knew Serenity enjoyed every second of it. She whipped her hair behind her shoulder, making a pimpled faced boy drop his books. The guys behind us chuckled, they too found it amusing the way human boys reacted to us... well to Serenity that is. I wasn't the ugly duckling, but I wasn't much compared to her. She sent me a perfect smug smile and flaunted the fact she was beautiful. I knew she wore that skirt for a reason - they are called legs.

The main office was cluttered with students, all supposed to report here. I knew a few of them and said hellos, so did Serenity and the boys. These were all students from our old school, they were used to us and no one really stared anymore. We'd stopped being the center of attention after a while, things eventually evened out. Now it was happening all over again and at a much bigger school. Home schooling had a certain appeal right about now.

We moved through the crowd to get to the reception desk to check in. A woman - with glasses hanging far down her nose - looked up from the lists she was constantly flipping through and checking. Her eyes widened slightly, before she controlled her expression.

You are?” She smiled overly polite with lipstick smeared on her teeth.

Illian took it upon himself to speak for all of us. “Chrystan, Joshwin, Elvirina, Serenity and I'm Illian.” He gestured slightly toward us when he mentioned each of our names. The woman looked confused and flipped frantically through the lists of students names. I was sure she had forgotten our names as soon as Illian had spoken them. They weren't your standard Jessica's or Jack's, ours were Thumánn and somewhat unique.

Here let me help you.” Illian said conveniently. The woman surrendered the papers with no further questions and Illian quickly checked the boxes with our names.

We made it back though the crowd and Joshwin generally held the door, I was the last to pass him. He inconspicuously let his fingers trace my arm when I passed. In the past days - when ever he touched me, an inexplicable pleasurable sensation jolted though me and I completely lost my trail of thoughts or where I was going. This was at rather great amusement to Joshwin's brother Chrystan. Then again Chrystan would never understand, he had no soul mate. He would merely end up loving some one. Joshwin was my chosen soul mate and I was in the midst of my transformation into womanhood. I just wished it didn't have to happen so publicly.

We entered the massive auditorium, it was humming with students talking and laughing. The mood was slightly elevated, but I suspected it was due to the one hundred forty seven new students arriving on the same day. That would cause a stir anywhere.

We followed Chrystan to an empty row of burgundy colored soft padded chairs. We sat down and I focused to listen what people around were talking about. I simply wanted to know; if were already the center of attention. I sharpened my senses and listened hard. All the guys had definitely been noticed, also Serenity... and her legs. I few girls nearby had spotted Illian and Chrystan at the far end and were gushing over their hotness. I mentally rolled my eyes. I was in between Serenity and Joshwin. I listened harder and locked eyes with the girl – who was just sitting down next to Joshwin – I accessed her thoughts, violating her privacy.

OMG he's gorgeous... OMG OMG! What do I do...? Should I ask him something?... I like his hair... wonder what he would do if I touched it. Oh man, maybe I could ask him what time it is...”

I leaned over Joshwin toward the girl, with thin spiky hair. “You wouldn't happen to have the time, would you?” I asked and threw in an innocently smile. Joshwin watched me in wonder.

Sure.” She answered a little fluttered and turned her wrist to look at a silver watch. “Eight fifteen.” She answered. “Why can't I have hair like that... If she didn't sound so nice I would cut it off in her sleep.” I shuddered and tuned her out.

Next to me I was electrically aware my shoulder was touching Joshwin's. He smiled breathtakingly at me... again and I needed to focus even to breathe. I was unsure; was he as much aware I was changing, as I was?

You're not reading her mind, are you?” Joshwin broke though my mind, his words hadn't comprised his smile.

I nodded my head a tiny bit. Sheepish.

Shame on you... you're not jealous? He whispered in my mind. I looked at Joshwin's perfectly still lips as he spoke mentally. I shrugged my shoulders lightly in response. He apparently knew very well - I hadn't asked about the time because I desperately needed to know. His voice turned smooth as silk as he spoke again. “You know there's no reason to be... I belong to you. His confident eyes pierced mine as he arched a brow. I bit my lip again to hide an exaggerating smile that was about to push its way through. I pulled my feet up and hugged my legs to my chest. I knew no Thumánn soul mate would ever stray and least of all for a human girl, but all these new feelings roaring inside me - were strange and I didn't have the faintest idea what to do... with any of them.

A woman stepped to the speaker mount. “Hello. I am Mrs Quellan and I am your Headmistress.” She paused. The speakers mount looked like a piece of toy from where we sat. “As you all know; we have quite a few new students here today and I would like for you all to be welcoming and helpful. Now I would like to call all names of the new students and you just indicate with a hand and a yes when your name is called.” She started calling names beginning with those who's last names started with an A. She worked sternly through the list. Why on Earth was she making a new head count, we'd just been crossed off a list in the main office.

Smith... Chrystan?” Headmistress Quellan sounded unsure as she read the name.

Yes.” Chrystan indicated with a hand.

Smith... Elvirina?” Sounded from the speaker mount, I was about to answer, when Joshwin ran the tips of his fingers down the length of my arm. My head snapped in his direction and delirious pleasure rang in my veins. His fingers were soft and captivating against my skin and it tingled down my arm. I completely forgot to answer.

Smith... Elvirina?” This time louder.

Don't do that.” I heard Serenity scold and she smacked Joshwin gently on the shoulder.

Yes.” I blurted while trying to recover. Illian and Chrystan cringed in laughter muffled by hands covering their mouths. Again - I was their entertainment.

Shut up, guys.” Serenity hissed at them.

Smith... Illian?” The headmistress insecurity leaked from her voice again. The taste of our strange names threw her off.

Yes.” Illian indicated from the far end, stifling a chuckle with a cough.

Smith... Josh..win?” She looked up baffled, struggling with our given names and question the fake last names.

Yes.” Joshwin answered and raised a perfect hand.

Smith... Serenity.” Headmistress called.

Yes.” Serenity chimed in a high tone.

Is this a joke?” Headmistress questioned publicly into the auditorium. It was obvious she found the names and the Smith ridicules. We had chosen to register under the last name Smith as a quiet protest against the schools urgency - that we were unable to register without a last name. Smith seemed appropriate when Thumánn's didn't carry last names.

No.” Serenity answered friendly, but firm.

Are you siblings?” The headmistress asked again from the speakers mount. She looked directly towards us. Five faces sitting beside each other, all different from rest of the entire student body. All of them beautiful, well except for mine.

No.” Serenity answered solemnly in a one word reply again.

Are you related?”

Not all of us.” She sounded bored when she answered this time. Serenity sometimes found people a little inane, this was one of the sometimes.

They're Thumánn.” A 'helpful' voice called from somewhere in the auditorium. It wasn't like we were a secret and every human on the planet knew we existed, but in this moment every head in the auditorium turned in our direction. They all stared. You could hear a feather drop to the floor. I tried to control my uncomfortable deep blush and keep my eyes forward and not show how deeply embarrassed I was.

Oh... Welcome.” The headmistress stammered. It took her a second to recover before she continued down the list. Heads slowly started to point forward again. Now it was just a waiting game till every one stopped staring and pointing fingers at us. We had been here before and it wouldn't be the last time either. That didn't mean it wasn't uncomfortable though.

Thumánn's - in some areas of the world - are more myth than fact. To our knowledge we're the only family living in this general area and we lived in a secluded area far out in the woods. That was enough to create an onslaught of gossip. Normally Thumánn's lived in one city with our own kind, minding our own business. I knew generally we didn't mix, we were the exception that established the rule.

Before you go to your classes the teachers staff and I have an announcement to make. To ensure all new students feel welcome here, we have created a buddy system. It's to make sure all new students have a chance to mingle with the students already present. You're assigned buddy will be published in your first class of the day. You all have a nice day and please continue to your classes.” Headmistress closed her speech and stepped off the speakers mount.

That was fun.” Illian groaned sarcastic as we gathered and walked toward the exit like everybody else.

At least now everybody knows.” I mumbled. It's not like we wanted to hide who we were. We are a proud people, we never hid and we were never ashamed – except for me.

Serenity and I had first period history and Joshwin had English. Those classes were held in the west wing. Illian and Chrystan both had math in the opposite wing - the east. We split up out side the auditorium headed in opposite directions.

Silent eyes followed us, as we walked down the hall. A few students spoke muted amongst each other as we passed, making it even more obvious; we were the topic of the day.

Serenity glided down the hall in her elegant fashion, causing a few hateful glares from girls - who only wished they looked like her and lust full eyes from guys realizing they wanted her, but would never have her.

Joshwin walked silently by my side. We all felt somewhat awkward after the small incident in the auditorium. I felt a tiny electric tingle underneath my skin, before I noticed the tall honey blond boy; who walked directly toward me with an empty gaze. His elbow grazed my upper arm when he passed. An electric spark flashed between us at the point of impact. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with soothing warm air. The electricity ran up my arm and tentacles from the spark reached toward my heart. I flipped my head to see who it was and I was shocked to lock eyes with the boy. He'd turned toward me as he kept walking further away. I kept staring into the blueish gray eyes looking back - just as stunned as I was.

What is it?” Joshwin grabbed my arm demanding my attention, worried. I reluctantly released the eyes and turned toward Joshwin.

I don't know.” I wondered low. Joshwin studied my face surreptitiously “I'm fine.” I muttered, while I tried to shake the encounter from my mind. I know he felt how stunned and baffled I was. Joshwin smiled uneasily and his grab changed to a caress instead of a demand.

Okay.” Joshwin answered unconvinced. My eyes followed him moisture his bottom lip and another desirable tingle moved on the pit of my stomach. “That's better.” His smile changed to the breathtaking one - I'd studied for a little more than a week now. “I'll see you after class.” He stroked his thumb against my arm and nodded lightly toward Serenity - who stood quietly and statuesque beside me.

What was that all about?” She questioned when Joshwin was out of hearing range.

I have no idea.” I admitted, still stunned. My eyes moved involuntary in the direction the tall honey blond boy had gone. He wasn't there.

Come on.” She ordered and walked through the door to our first class.

We sat down in the back and I tried to blend in with the wall. No such luck. Our teacher entered the class, closed the door, calling the class to order. “I'm Mr Brenner and I'm your history teacher.” He introduced monotone. I noticed him trying to keep his eyes off Serenity. She did nothing to help him, instead she sent him an alluringly innocent smile. They were going to get along fine... by the look of it. Mr Brenner droned on. “We will continue with the curriculum were we are so far and if any of you new kids have already been over the material, please let me know.” He threw a quick glance over the entire class, making sure everyone understood his message. The door opened again, while I was busy tracing the wooden pattern on the table top with my finger. “Ah... Mr Blake, so happy you could join us.”

Sure.” An unfamiliar and husky voice answered. I felt the electrical tingle again and that instant I knew exactly who the new person was. I looked up and watched the frame of the tall boy, sit down at the only available seat at front of the class. I started biting my thumb nail and stared at the back of his neck. My eyes bored into his sun touched complexion on his neck and I payed no attention to Mr Brenner.

What's happening?” Joshwin sounded too disturbed in my head as he asked about my state again. Okay... so our little arrangement wasn't perfect. I was unable to answer him back with words. He could only feel me, feel my emotions. So staring at the neck in the front of the class, I inhaled and tried to center as a measure of calm. Joshwin re-entered my mind again. “If you need me... I'll come get you.” I breathed deeper to calm further and let him know I wasn't in distress and no need for drastic measures necessary.

The boy in the front slowly turned and looked directly at me. His face was unreadable, but his eyes burned into mine. His features were strong and clean. His skin was naturally sun touched and deep eyes full of wonder. The electrical tingle sizzled and I couldn't tear my eyes from him, I worked desperately to center myself, not to alarm Joshwin any further. I thought of black walls – that seemed innocent and boring enough - while my heart started pounding in my chest and my breath staggered. Serenity kicked my chair the same time the bell rang to dismiss our class. “What?” I questioned innocently. No need to raise further suspicion than I already had. Truthfully; I was completely drawn toward this boy... and he was human. I gathered my books in one swift move and followed behind Serenity. I deliberately walked to the opposite aisle of the one, that would bring me directly past the mysterious Blake - as the teacher had called him.

Oh... before you go. I forgot the buddy system.” Mr Brenner's voice tiredly called over the exiting students. “I need to see Elvirina Smith and Serenity Smith and also Nikki Talbot… and Caleb Blake.” He studied a piece of paper he held in his hand, making sure he was calling the right names.

When Mr Brenner called the name Blake I knew I was in trouble. I sent a silent prayer to Earth asking Caleb Blake NOT to be my 'buddy'. Serenity and I obediently placed ourselves in front of the teachers desk waiting for our destiny. Mr Brenner smiled worn at us, as a short girl with frizzy dark hair also reported to the desk. Nikki Talbot I guessed. She did a mental measure of us, it looked like she was a good foot shorter than Serenity. We had to look like giants compared to her. Serenity was the tallest of us; she was a solid six one. I was only five nine, but that still made me predominantly taller than the general girl crowd, but at home I was the short one.

Which one of you is Serenity?” Mr Brenner asked uninterested. Serenity put up a finger indicating she was the one in question. “Okay... you will partner with Nikki.” The frizzy Nikki looked terrified at Serenity, taking a serious hit to her self esteem. Serenity smiled warmly and held her hand out to the unfamiliar girl.

Nice to meet you.” Serenity said perfectly polite. Her eye had a tiny sparkle and I knew what she was doing.

Nice to meet you too.” Frizzy Nikki said more relaxed and shook Serenity's hand.

We'll get along just fine.” Serenity chimed in her persuasive tone. It worked like a charm and the terrified girl suddenly looked comfortable and at ease. Serenity had the ability to be... well persuasive and just now she persuaded Nikki not to be intimidated.

An electrical current running up my spine told me; who the person behind me was and he was close. I concentrated hard to breathe even and rhythmically - the same time I was thinking black walls in a pathetic attempt to center and control my self.

Mr Brenner turned his attention in another direction. “Mr Blake.” He looked at the person behind me. “You and Elvirina have been matched.” I wanted to turn around, but I was frozen. “I guess you can take it from here.” Mr Brenner said, snatching his bag from the desk and exited the room.

I'm Caleb.” I heard a warm husky voice welcome from behind me. My heart slammed against my ribcage and I closed my eyes for a second to control the electricity running through my body. I pulled in a deep breath to calm my heart... Big mistake. What I pulled in was his scent. It was strong and touched with something wild... and completely forbidden. Oh no.

Elvie?” Serenity said full of resentment and ill understanding. I knew I was being extremely rude, but I had no control, even though I searched frantic for it within my self. I slowly turned to face him.

Hello... I'm Elvirina.” I said in a cold tone that tasted awful in my mouth. I had never in my life been cold... or rude to anyone - on purpose at least. His smile fell a fraction when he met my icy and hard eyes. I was grasping at straws to hold on to myself when I stared into him. My body pulsated with the electricity controlling me. The smile vanished from his face and all of a sudden the gray in his eyes looked haunted.

Hmm.” He said and threw me a half smile, he abruptly turned and stalked out the class room. I felt like I'd been punched in my chest and let out a big gush of air. The capturing electricity slowly evaporated with Blake's exit.

What is with you today?” I heard Serenity complain behind me. I was already half way out the door, busy ignoring her question.

You can sit with us for lunch.” Nikki offered in a hopeful following behind Serenity.

Thank you, that's very kind of you, but we already have plans.” Serenity said sweetly. “Maybe some other day?” I looked at Serenity's innocent eyes as she turned down the lunch invitation.

Okay.” Nikki looked disappointed and to distract my self - from what just happened – I looked at Nikki's eyes, to see if I access read her mind. “Dammit, they would so be my meal ticket to popularity. I never catch a break, my glass is so half empty... all the time.

I'll see you later.” Serenity promised almost sickly sweet, but Nikki seemed to eat it raw.

See you.” She called after us as we walked away.

Joshwin caught up with us a few minutes later, he looked happy and very undisturbed. A major relief, along with surprising. I opened my newly assigned locker and put books into the empty space. Serenity leaned against the lockers following the students passing with her warm brown eyes.

You must have been bored out of your mind.” Joshwin intruded in my internal struggle.

What?... Why?” I questioned alarmed. I had been anything but bored.

I've gotten nothing from you the past half hour.” He leaned against the next door locker.

What?” I mumbled controlled. How could that be? I was all over the place. How could he not have felt that? Normally he was intently aware of my every emotion... especially in the last week or so (I knew he was paying more attention now). I stared at him blankly.

It was like a big black h***, like when you're in deep sleep without dreaming, but I knew you were in class - so I figured you were bored.” He shrugged.

You felt nothing?” I asked again while staring moronically at his gorgeous blue eyes.


People are watching.” Serenity musically chimed. I realized Joshwin's lips hadn't moved. I needed better control and to pay better attention.

Should I have felt something?” He asked out loud, concerned. The bell rang interrupting us.

Class.” I announced. I was eager to have a moment to my self, to go over my thoughts. I couldn't answer him. Not wanting to lie to him - I avoided answering all together.

Next class was math and the three of us were attending it together. Joshwin and I found seats next to each other, Serenity sat across the room from us.

I sat silently through the class not speaking a single word. How could Joshwin not have felt any of that... I was upset and frantic. I had felt an inexplicable wild and forbidden thing - I had no word for and the electricity that ran throughout me? Joshwin had felt it when I'd grazed Blake's arm in the hall, then why not when we were in the class room? The electricity had been ten times worse then? This just didn't make any sense. I felt my heart starting to race again when I thought of Blake and the thumbing electricity.

You're doing it again... What is that?” My eyes flashed to his lips making sure he hadn't spoken out loud, sometimes it was hard to tell.

I kept my eyes on his while I mouthed. “I don't know.” The words made no sound and attracted no attention from the other students in class.

Third class was environmental studies and flew past in the blink of an eye. The morning's insentient was almost forgotten and I was back to remembering how to breathe when Joshwin smiled at me. Social studies was before lunch. We met up with Chrystan and Illian in the Cafeteria. They were talking quietly and animated about the girls in their classes. Apparently several of them had taken a liking to the two of them and had been humming around them like wasps to sugar. Then again that really wasn't a surprise, I knew that Chrystan and Illian would wait patiently till the girls gave up and lost interest. Thumánn boys rarely repaid human girls more than polite interest in return. It was like that for all of us. With time the humans paid us no more attention than any other person. We just needed to wait.

I noticed Nikki from the corner of my eye, she was paying close attention to our every move. “You should go say hi to Nikki.” I suggested Serenity. She turned and looked toward Nikki.

I might just do that.” She answered and threw a piece of bread into her mouth. She whipped her long blond hair back and walked to Nikki's table. I looked toward Nikki and accidentally locked eyes with a red head sitting next to her. “I wonder why she gave Caleb Blake the cold shoulder... I guess you can do that when you look like that. She must be brain dead, beauty and intelligence don't go hand in hand. God just doesn't give with both hands. Wonder if it's true... do they have special powers... They probably don't, they just think there so much better than the rest of us.” I tuned her out... Ugh humans could be so hateful. I felt a sting in my heart thinking about how spiteful some of them were... It was just so useless.

Hey.” I turned toward my distraction; Joshwin's voice. “Don't listen to them.” His beautiful voice grasped my full attention.

I can't help it.” I admitted sheepishly. I knew better than to eavesdrop in on them. I had done it so many times, but it always made me sad. It was their spiteful behavior and condescending thoughts of each other, that always left me feeling below depressed.

The rest of the day was uneventful, I had biology after lunch and then English as my final class. I didn't see Blake again and I was happy finally be going home. After one day in my new surroundings and I longed for my home. Outside the wind had died down sometime during the day - without my help. I kicked off my shoes as soon as we climbed into the car and Illian drove to where none of us were outsiders. Home.

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