"Hating Twilight is so 2009," says Erika Christakis from Time Ideas

I agree Erika!  As a fan, I go through periods of shouting my love for Twilight from my rooftop to anyone that will listen, to quietly listening to bashing cause you can't win them all.  Why are we bashed for loving something, but people who love a band, tv show, or a video game aren't?  Time Ideas has a great article about the bashing of Twilight that I would like to share.

Hating Twilight is so 2009, and with the newest installment, Breaking Dawn, ruling the box office, the juggernaut hardly needs defenders. But the virulent seriousness of the haters is surprising. Many of the reviews have heaped disproportionate and moralizing scorn on an Oscar-winning director’s fantasy enactment of a young girl’s dreams and fears. Kristen Stewart and her co-stars have been excoriated for their “sullen” and “wooden” performances despite receiving respectable and sometimes highly favorable reviews in other movies in which they have starred.

The negative reactions fall in two camps: The dismissive camp simply mocks Twilight’s incorporation of silly, “moony” elements like undying love and the surprisingly authentic portrayal of wedding ritual, honeymoon jitters and the shock of unintended pregnancy; the topics are apparently too boring and unrelatable for most reviewers. The deluded camp, conversely, takes Twilight far too seriously, faulting it for leading young girls to mistake fantasy for reality in dangerous, disempowering ways.

It makes you wonder if some people missed the memo that hundreds of millions of females, like their male counterparts, enjoy their fantasy life straight-up weird, sexy, and implausible.

Read the full article and don't forget to read the spirited comments.

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Comment by rhiannon ratliff on December 7, 2011 at 9:57am

good article!!  and  you should  definitely   read the  comments  that  follow!!


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