Have the Twilight Girlfights Gotten Too Personal?

With all of the snarkyass crap being bitched about Rachelle Lefevre by her former studio employers, we weren't surprised lots of rumors were starting to leak out over why she was really given the boot. The latest? That onscreen nemesis Kristen Stewart had a helping hand in b****-slapping Rachelle out of the Twilight films.

If you remember back in early May, Ashley Greene dished to us how there was a slight divide in the girl groups on the set (before Nikki Reed was cast out of K.Stew's deep inner circle, that is).

So what gives? Did the passive-aggressive cattiness get personal? Deep Twi gives us the lowdown:

"I haven't heard anything like that."

Even though Kristen has lots of power over what goes down regarding Twilight filming, our insiders tell us there is no bad blood between Rachelle and any of the girls.

"Not everyone has to be great friends. [Rachelle] got along with everyone and was just closer to some than others—there were no on-set issues with her."

Sure doesn't sound like what Summit's officially b*******, now does it? Regardless, scratch girl scratching as the reason for Lefevre's departure. Happy to hear it, too, 'cause we think she's a supersweet gal. We feel for the babe!

Check out the video from one of the Twilight screenings down at Comic-Con. When Rach starts talking about how her character changes in the next few movies, you can tell she has no idea the firing is coming.

Oh, and while you're viewing the vid, we'd love to point out a few things. See how Nikki Reed is trying extra hard to show everyone she and Kristen are still cool? When a fan asks if the cast has any tabloid rumors to clear up, Ms. Reed takes control saying: "Kristen and I love each other, not in a weird way...no, not in a weird way...My foot is in my mouth."

Uh, awkward much?

You know Kris was sinking down at first because she just couldn't look her adoring fans in the eye and say she and Robert Pattinson were just friends. Way to swoop in, Nik, maybe that was a bestie gesture? Doubtful since she totally slammed Kristen's beau calling Rob feminine looking. Jeez, now that she's dating a billion bucks, you'd think the Rob burns would stop (can't blame her—we'd be bitter too if Rob and his swanky hair dissed us).

But side note, seriously, what's up with Kristen's fidgeting? Are her bod's actions telling us what her mouth just can't right now: "Summit, I've had enough!"

That's what we think.


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Comment by Kennedy Meriah Cullen on August 1, 2009 at 6:56am
kk i think that this whole thing with Rach has been totally blown out of papotion like come on people im sure it was nothing in the begining and now it has turned into this big battle , i think that they should bring her back but us being the fans have to put it out there in a respectfull and mature way not a childish fighting way like come on people i do have one thing to say to summit though

dont bite the hand that feeds you or in this case the hand that got you to where you are today or for Taylor Lautners benafit , the driving force behind the whole thing
Comment by Morgaine Chya on August 1, 2009 at 4:27pm
Wow...you think a study dumping a core Twilight star has been blown out of proportion?

I don't believe that someone has to state their opinion in any certain way to make it valid. If Summit is smart, they will pay attention to all of the opinions, pull it's head out of its ass, and bring back Rachelle.

When you say, "don't bite the hand that feeds you or in this case the hand that got you wehre you are today," you have it backwards. WE have got Summit to where it is today. WE are the hand that feeds them. Without the devoted Twilight fans Stephanie Meyers delivered to Summit on a golden platter, Summit would be scrounging around for another franchise to exploit.

We don't owe them jack s***. They owe us.

Finally, the attempted guilt-trip "or for Taylor Lautners benefit, the diving force behind the whole thing," falls flat. Standing up for Rachelle ensures that actors like Taylor, who give their all to their Twilight-film role, won't be unceremoniously dumped for the kid of the first rich daddy that comes along. You do realize that Ron Howard has a son, too, don't you?

TL is a devoted actor, that is clear, but he is not the driving force behind the whole thing. He is an actor making a movie, and without Twilght fans, he's playing to an empty house and his marketability immediately plummets.

In fact, if Twilight fans had not pitched a fit (and not politely, "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full," either) over Summit's plans to replace TL, TL'd be out of the Twilight series.
Comment by Morgaine Chya on August 1, 2009 at 4:29pm
I hate to think that Summit is now trying to cast the blame for it's own bonehead move in dumping Rachelle on KS, but it sure sounds like that is what is up.


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