Now that I'm in the, ahem, older generation, I'm finding that the view those who are young enough to be my grandchildren are really snobs!

You may wonder just what has precipitated my ire, and I'll be happy to tell you. LOL. Myself, and 3 other very good friends of mine - who just happen to be Twilight Saga fans, and over 40, are planning a Breaking Dawn weekend - midnight show and all. It was announced on a fan sight at we all belong too and a comment came back that it was "weird".

Excuse me, but I'm actually pretty pissed ( and not used as the Brits would ) about the Twilight Saga so called base.

These youngsters seem to be of the opinion that those of us who've reach the ( so called ) Golden Years should be dead and have absolutely not ability to think of anything but from where our next enema is coming from.

The fact that I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga, or that I'm a converted Robsten believer, "they" seem to think I don't know anything about anything let alone have the ability to be a fan.


Even though I may not be able to stay awake for: midnight showing ( most of the time ),

Or that it takes me a very long time to climb stairs;

I have grey hair;

Have become twice the woman I used to be;

Have a better life through chemistry - my doctor's belief;

Have grand children...

That I should not have kind of emotional response to the charms of Dr Cullen, or his beautiful on screen family

OR that I think Kristen Stewart is the best actress to come down the Pike in a great long time - maybe since Jody Foster, or that

I could possible think that Jacob is HOT, or

that Rob Pattinson is not without certain allure.

PLEEEEALLLLZZE. Just where did this younger generation come from?? Where they hatched or birthed? Just how did that happen??

Just remember Karma can be a "B--ch" and that you'll always get back 10 times what you put out.

I'm wondering if the individual who made the comment is older than 14. If not, then there's more wiggle room, but that Individual and their ilk need to grown up!

OK. Stepping off the soak box.

Thanks for listening.

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Comment by i'm_just_a_girl on July 18, 2011 at 9:57pm
Just be proud you're a twifan and have fun no matter what anyone (young or old) thinks. My co worker and myself are 20 yrs apart and we can go on and on about twilight. Actually thinking about have a breaking dawn party at work just for us twifans!
Comment by Ms. Emmett Cullen on July 19, 2011 at 1:55am
We are a 3 generation Twi-family so don't let a few ignorant kids get you down.  My daughter turned me on to the Twilights, then I introduced it to my Mom.  We attend the premier's together too.  One more thing we can enjoy.  Keep loving the 'kids' in the films.  Haters don't matter.
Comment by ImPriNtEd*By*JaKe! on July 19, 2011 at 5:15am
i get that all the time too and im 26... everyones like ohh isnt that for teens... you have a kid how do u have time.. or i get wow ur so weird!!!  i have to tell them that the majority of fans are over 20 and the fan base age is endless the twilight saga speaks to everyone of every age thats why its so popular! im going on my movie set location tour for another year and have finally decided not to care what ppl think... they dont know what there missing!!! good for u for speaking up theses teens need to know that its not all about them but they will learn that later down the road:) I wish my mom was a twihard that would be an amazing bonding experience!!! I bet ur excited for breaking dawn as much as i am im going to the midnight showing too!!
Comment by Granny Fairy on July 19, 2011 at 8:26am
Hey!  You're one of Us!!  There are so many "in the closet"!  Thank you for your support.  I got so angry when that, that...TWITT disrespected my friend that way, and Liz is just so sweet she just let it roll off - bad behavior needs to be treated that way.  Yes my "mature" friends and I are very excited about our inpending Road Trip.  I'll be 69 in August, Judy is 68, Liz and Sally are both in their 50's so this is a big deal for we "girls" **giggle**.  I'm going to send you a Friend Request and you can keep up with your Ole Granny Fairy ( aka Carol O'Brien Mobile Al but very NATIVE TEXAN ) and I can keep up with you.  Say, does your other half enjoy the Twilight Saga??  How old is your "kid"??  You hang in there and remember you have some Gray Panthers to back you!


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