Hey Guys.
I know i haven't been on in months and for that I apologise! mwah! xx
I've been so busy.
Thought I'd return with a gift. I've started writing a fan-fic in Renesmee's point of view.
I've only just started it but I'd thought I'd give you a peek of the prologue so you can give feedback and advice.
i hope you all like it and i apologise that it isn't much..

Till Death Do Us Part

His amber eyes bore a whole right through my chest. I knew what I wanted. Didn’t I? I wasn’t going to back down. This was wrong and I knew it.
My heart accelerated as his cold fingers brushed against my ever so slightly warm skin and I hesitated before I slowly turned to face him. “This is right Renesmee, It has been from the beginning.” My eyes closed as he said my name. His cool fingers traced my spine and I shuddered with guilty pleasure. “You know you want this as much as I do”
“No” I managed to gasp as he caressed my lower back, I wasn’t going to succumb to his attempt to seduce me. I loved Jacob, My Jacob. We were made for each other and our imprint was supposed to be stronger than ever, strong enough for me to overlook this vampire that was trying in every possible way to part us. Wasn’t it?
I didn’t know anymore, I really didn’t know how I felt. I loved Jacob with all my heart more than anything else in the whole world, but there was this burning desire within me that told me that every part of me wanted William, every part of him right now. It’s how I felt every time I saw him and I didn’t know why.

“Okay Nessie, you can open your eyes now”
Alice’s voice cut through my thoughts. I took a deep breath and slowly prised open my eyes that were firmly shut to avoid revealing Alice’s handy-work. Unlike my mom; I loved having my make up done, Alice gave me regular manicures and pedicures and loved experimenting with my waist long chestnut hair that had a slight bronze tinge to it. She was simply the best Aunt any half human/ half vampire could’ve wished for. Occasionally we were able to encourage mom to join us but most of the time she’d just watch or was out with Dad or Jake.
I gasped. My delicate curls were hanging loosely around my face with a wreath of wild flowers woven into the locks, my lips were a light rose and my eyes had been lightly framed with mascara and liner and a subtle shimmer. At that moment, I began to tremble and my eyes began to water. Alice immediately started dabbing at my eyes with a tissue-obviously not wanting me to ruin her beautiful masterpiece.
Today I was to become 'Mrs Jacob Black'. I was overcome with happiness and pleasure but deep inside-I was riddled with guilt and betrayal.

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Comment by Becky on August 30, 2009 at 1:13pm
this is cool, keep it up


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