Chapter 8: The Chase

A shiver ran down Hermione's spine as she watched the two males; one was white and had blonde hair and wore jeans with a bottle green parka coat, the other was black with black dreadlocks, he wore what Hermione could only describe as period clothing, he had a coat that was a dark shade of beige and jeans and the woman was a stunner. She had flaming red hair and chalk white skin with a hint of freckles on her nose, she wore a sheep's skin shawl covering a bright green t-shirt and she wore a pair of jeans that were a darker shade than the other two.
There was only two things the three had in common, and that was the fact that they were bare footed and they all had blood red eyes.

The Cullens walked to meet them, Bella huddled closer to Hermione who met Edward's hand when she placed her arm around the girl's waist.

They're nomadic, they drink human blood, keep your scent at bay and you should be safe. He whispered in her head, Hermione tapped his hand once.

I'm more worried about Bella, and what do you mean by 'should'? You've all trained me well.

Yes but I have a feeling that it won't be enough, so I'm going to ask this of you once and once only. If she does give chase, push yourself to your limits and beyond do not let her catch you. Hermione tapped his hand again to tell him she understood.
The three stopped about five paces away from where the Cullens now stood. Hermione gazed into each head and recoiled out of two.

“I think this belongs to you.” the black vampire greeted, holding up the baseball, he threw it at Carlisle who was, as per usual, calm and collective.

“Thank you.”

“I am Laurent, and this is Victoria and James.” he nodded in the direction of the other two vampires.

“I'm Carlisle. This is my family.”

“Hello.” Laurent grinned at Hermione who merely stared.

“I'm afraid your hunting activities have cause something of a mess for us.”

“Our apologies we didn't realised the territory had been claimed.”
Hermione could feel Edward tapping on Hermione's hand, his thoughts filled with worry for her and Bella; were they going to know if Bella was human, was Hermione herself going to do anything stupid? All these things kept going in a vicious circle in Edward's (and Hermione's) head.

“Yes well we maintain a permanent residence nearby.” Carlisle explained. Laurent looked from Victoria to James as he answered.

“Really?” there was laughter in his voice. He was either taunting the Cullens or he didn't understand was it was that the Cullens had built for themselves.

“Well we won't be a problem anymore, we were just passing through.”

“The humans were tracking us, but we led them east. You should be safe.” Victoria had a slight hiss to her voice that nearly made Hermione shiver.


Now buzz off! Edward's tapping stopped and Hermione could've sworn there was a hint of a smile on his face from her comment. Hermione kept her hopes up that they were actually going to leave. But things never go the way she wanted, otherwise there would be no point of living.

“So could you use three more player?” All eyes, including Bella's and Hermione's, turned to Carlisle, who just stared.

“Oh come on, just one game?” Carlisle gave in.

“Sure why not. A few of us were leaving anyway. You can take their place. We'll bat first.” he threw the ball and Victoria caught it.

“I'm the one with the wicked curve ball.” she said slyly.

“Oh I think we can handle that.” Jasper challenged getting everyone fired up.
They all turned to walk away, James, Bella and Edward last. Hermione had huddled herself under Alice's arm, her scent only blowing a little just to give her the human effect. Her blood ran cold when a gust of wind swept past her and Bella and straight into the path of the three newcomers.
James breathed in.

“You brought a couple of snacks?” Bella was shoved into Hermione and then behind Esme. The Cullen family stood in a defensive semi-circle around the two girls, Hermione pulled Bella behind her.


“The girls are with us. I think it best if you leave.” Carlisle hissed sending the hairs on the back of Hermione's neck on end. Laurent was the only one to understand the threat that they were under.

“I can see the game is over, we'll go now. James.” he backed away slowly calling James and Victoria back with him.

“Get them out of here.” Edward pulled Bella and Hermione over to Emmett's Jeep and shoved them both into it.

“Okay I've got it!” shouted Bella when he tried to buckle her in.

“What so now he's coming after us?”

“The woman, Victoria, she'll be coming after me, if she knows my scent she'll trace me back home. James will do the same thing with Bella.”

“Not if I have my way.” Edward growled as he got in the car. Hermione listened as Bella convinced Edward to take her home, he also agreed to let Hermione go home to pack a few things, he dropped her off and she ran into the house and straight up the stairs, so she didn't see the visitor until it was too late.

“Hermione?” Hermione turned to the sound of her name with a scream, the voice turned out to be Ron.

“What are you doing here?!” she shrieked, if she didn't get out of the house Victoria would find her. She made a decision, a hard one, but it had to be done.

“I'm here to see you, but you seem to be a bit preoccupied with something. What's up.”

“It's nothing I've just got to go away for a while.”


“Because I've got.... oh never mind you'd never understand anyway. Excuse me.” Hermione pushed past him and walked into the bathroom.

“Well I don't understand what I don't know so.....”

“I CAN'T! Don't you understand that? I can't tell you, Ron. You won't listen to me if I tell you anyway so....”

“So what you're saying is, you're leaving because of me?” he shouted, Hermione knew what she had to do.

“Yes, but you are not the only reason. I just need to get away from here!”

“Fine if that's how you feel go ahead and leave.” he slammed the bathroom door behind him and Hermione allowed herself two seconds to cry before pulling herself back to reality.
She grabbed her toothbrush and tooth paste, she was about to open the bathroom door, when a knock came on the front door. She froze at the top of the stairs to listen to Ron.

“Hello, can I help you miss....?”

“My name is Victoria. I met with the girl who lives here a few hours ago and was wondering if she's in?” Victoria's voice sounded so genuine but Hermione knew otherwise. She had to figure out a way to keep him safe.... that's it!
She tiptoed back into her bedroom, knowing Victoria would never be able to resist her blood.

“Stupid vampires!” she shouted throwing her fist at the mirror on the dressing table, grazing herself enough to get Victoria's attention. She heard sharp hiss and Ron's yell of “bloody hell!” before Hermione threw herself out of the window.
She flew into the trees, glancing back in time to see Victoria leave the house and come after her.

Bella's going to Phoenix so that's where you'll find me. Don't worry I promise I'll explain I'm so sorry for what I've said, I love you so much.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, they carried her deep into the Cullens hunting grounds, she was the prey running from the predatory vampires behind her. This was what both she and Alice had seen. She had a hunch it was a future decision at the time for Hermione herself to make.
She tripped and fell, she felt her ankle twist the wrong way, her head came into contact with a tree as she fell, she felt the blood seeping down her face....
She screamed when she felt something hit her in the ribs, braking at least two of them. But she had a good head start from Victoria, she had to keep the distance and lying there on the ground screaming wasn't going to help her one bit.

She heaved herself off the floor and ran further, ignoring the searing pain going through her ankle and her ribs. Her vision was swaying in more ways that one, but she kept to a familiar route to get to where she was going.....

She could see a Ballet Studio, Bella was in it, and James, he was looking up at her from the floor, he grabbed Bella's arm and sank his teeth into her flesh.....

“NO!” She stopped focused of the outside of the Ballet Studio and vanished.
A sharp pain flew through her arm as she arrived at her destination, she screamed.

“What are you?!” Victoria snarled before taking off into the shadows. Hermione felt a prickle work it's way up her arm, she looked down at it and gaped.
She'd been bitten.
Hermione's blood ran cold.

I don't want to be a vampire! She had to find Carlisle. She guessed that the vision of the Ballet Studio had been from Edward's point of view.
She stared wildly around her, looking for the Ballet Studio.

“Shit I'm in the wrong place!” she took off in the direction of town, her lungs now fit to burst. She could feel the pain in her arm spreading around her body like a wild fire, on and on she ran, all the while she ran, her mind was processing what was happening to her, or rather what should be happening to her.
She could remember Jasper telling her how a vampire was created and how long it took. How the venom spread like fire around the body for three days, going around every organ in the body and speeding it up until the heart can no longer take to pressure and finally everything comes to a stand still, yet the victim find themselves completely alive, yet they know that they should be dead.

Why wasn't Hermione's body playing by the rules? She should be writhing in pain, yet she was still on her feet running for dear life towards the Ballet Studio. Her muscles tightened for a moment and cramp set it, she gritted her teeth and picked up the pace, it was then she realised what was actually happening to her.
Her body was rejecting the venom, her immune system and the Time Vortex were trying to push it out of her body, that was why she wasn't writing in pain.

She could see the Ballet Studio, she was going to make it!
Suddenly her body froze, she fell to the floor with a scream. Now she was writing in pain.
She screamed until her throat was hoarse tears were flowing down her face, her eyes darkened. This was it, she was going to become.....

“Stay with us, Porcelain!” she felt something cold on her arm.

“She should have succumbed by now, this is extraordinary.”

“Carlisle!” more than one voice hissed at him, as more pain shot straight up her arm. She screamed and tried to move but a strong pair of hands had her pinned.

“Easy, Porcelain, you'll be fine.”

“Damn! There's too much!”

“Huh? Too much? How can there be too much? I'm surprised there's any blood in there at all!”

“Somehow her body it creating more blood so much so the venom is being hidden, like she's rejecting it.”

“Here let me try.” More pain, more screaming, more tears.

“Please stop make the pain go away please it burns!” she screamed.

“No, Carlisle's right, there is way too much in there.”

“Let me try.” The pain was becoming easier, she felt like she was floating, she felt like....

“Don't you dare, you are strong, you can beat this. Come on, Porcelain, you're stronger than this, don't let it beat you!” the fourth person said before more pain.

“Please no, stop! It burns, please stop!”

“It will stop, Porcelain, just hold on a little longer, here someone else take her I'll go next.”
Hermione must have lost consciousness for the sixth round of pain and screams because someone was shouting for her to hold on, she clung to the sound of the voice as the seventh wave of pain hit her.

“Whoa easy there Alice, you'll take her whole arm off!”
Hermione heard this as she blacked out completely.


“So that was why she argued with me, why she called me stupid? To throw off the woman I let into the house? Oh god, she was right then, I am stupid!”

“No you're not, you weren't to know, she didn't tell you to keep you safe. I'm sorry for the condition she's in.”

“It's not your fault. Besides I've seen her look worse.”

Hermione kept hearing voices until she stirred and opened her eyes. She could see a few shapes around her. To her left she could see....

“Bella!” she gasped trying to sit up, only to be held down again by Carlisle.

“Easy, Porcelain, she's fine, just sleeping. Take it steady.” Hermione stared into Carlisle's golden eyes and frowned.

“What happened to me, Carlisle? I was screaming one minute and then the next minute there were people around me, and so much pain...”

“Ah, yes, that was us. You see when you screamed the first time, no one heard you, until Alice saw the decision you'd made to accept your fate. A fate that none of us would allow, the pain you felt was each of us extracting the venom from your blood, unfortunately there is still some in you blood stream, but with your body creating more blood faster than we could extract the venom, I'm afraid we couldn't locate it without killing you completely.” Hermione struggled to grasp this.

“So what you're saying is that, Victoria bit me, but you managed to suck the venom out, but not all of it?”

“Yes that about sums it up quite nicely.”

“What about Bella?”

“Edward did the same with her, and she's making wonderful progress. Anyway, I think there's a young man in the waiting room, who wants the see you, we'll leave you to talk with him.” Carlisle kissed Hermione's forehead, as did Edward, so gently that Hermione thought they hadn't touched her.

She gazed at Bella, diagnosing the girls injuries. From where she was lay she could see a broken leg and a lot of bruises, but that was all she could see from where she was lay.
Almost as if she knew she was being watched, Bella's eyes opened and she turned to face Hermione.

“Oh you are a sight for sore eyes!” she croaked. Hermione smiled.

“How are you feeling? Edward said you had to have all seven of them drain you.”

“I'm fine, a bit stiff and sore all over, I've got the headache from hell, and my arm feels ready to drop, but other than that I'm fine. What about you?” Bella was smiling.

“Pretty much the same, just that I have a broken leg to boot!” the two girls smiled at each other, before Edward came back in with Ron behind him.

“Oh thank god!” he breathed rushing over to Hermione's bedside.

“Hey.” she smiled weakly.

“I thought I'd lost you! And the next time you have a vampire on your tail, don't keep it a secret from me, I could've helped!”

“I'll try to remember that. I'm really sorry about what I said to you, it was wrong of me....”

“No, no I should've guessed something like that was going down, but when that woman flew up the stairs when you shouted at the mirror... why did you do that anyway?”

“To get her away from you, you twit! You were in danger with her stood there and it was me she was after.” she paused to lay back down on her pillow. “You're in uniform.”

“What? Oh yeah, after the argument I ignored what you'd said in my head, but I came back to Phoenix to do what you normally do, you know, bury myself in my work. But then Jasper turned up and when I refused to go with him, because I was really pissed off with you, he hissed and literally chased me out of UNIT.”

“Ha!” Hermione and Ron turned to face Edward, who was grinning like an idiot.

“It wasn't funny, your brother frightened the living hell out of me!”

“Your face was a picture though. Besides, Jasper told Alice that one way or another, he'd get you to Hermione, even if he had to knock you out. Fortunately for you he didn't have to do that.”

“I take it Alice saw that he wasn't going to co-operate?” Edward nodded, Hermione smiled and that smile turned into a grin, which turned into a laugh.

“Ha ha ha ha ha....ow! Oh don't make me laugh!” Edward grinned.

“Well your sense of humour is still there.” Hermione furrowed her brow.

“What do you mean 'still there'?”

“Well because we were unable to extract all the venom from your blood stream, we don't know how much of you is a vampire. So you'll have to watch yourself for a while, keep your anger to the bare minimum, if you can. If not, come and find one of us and we'll help you out.”

“So basically I'm a new born vampire?”

“Yes and no. Yes in the sense you're half a vampire, no in the sense you still have a heartbeat So you're half a new born. In a sense half a vampire.”

“Oh joy!” she said sarcastically, Ron laughed, then something beeped.

“Oops sorry. Weasley.” Ron answered his earpiece. Hermione listened to what was being said.

“Understood, sir.” he turned back to Hermione.

“I've got to babe. Are you going to be alright?”

“Yeah. Why do you have to go?”

“Well it would appear that one of our boys has been killed by some nut case.”


“Oh some woman. Anyway.... whoa!”

“Don't go!” Alice had come racing into the room to rest of the Cullen family behind her.

“Alice I've got to....”

“Ignore the orders, tell them Hermione needed a lift home and we weren't there. Alice is right. It's Victoria that has attacked that man. She'll kill you if you go back.” Jasper argued.

“Yeah and I'll kill her if she so much as touches him!” Hermione made to get up, but one look at Carlisle made her lie back down.

“Just stay here, she'll leave soon enough.”

“And if I get called back?”

“Ignore it.”

“I can’t...”

“I’m not supposed to ignore Jack but I do.”

“There’s a difference between UNIT and Torchwood, Hermione.”

“Yeah but not in authority, I still have to obey every command Jack sends my way, but if I don’t like it I won’t do it. Ron, please, I’m not in here just for my health, I’m in here in the first place because I was protecting you.” Ron looked at Hermione and sighed.

“Okay, I’ll stay, if only for the fact that you’ve all asked and I can’t be asked with more arguing.” He sat down, defeated and tired.

“You look exhausted.”

“Yeah I am but I’ll live. Tell you what, I’ll go home and get some clothes and come and stay here until you come out.... oh.” Emmett held up a small suitcase.

“We guessed that once you were here, you would want to stay. So I packed a few things for you.”

“Thanks.” He opened it up and picked out a couple of items and walked to the door.
“Don’t go anywhere.” He grinned at Hermione who pulled a face at him.
There was silence for a few minutes before a woman in her mid to late thirties came through the door.

“Oh, you awake.” the woman looked from Bella to Hermione, the question in her eyes was clear.

“Mom, this is Hermione Granger, Hermione this is my mom, Reneé Dwyer.” Hermione smiled weakly.

“It's nice to meet you, although I wish it were under better circumstances!” she giggled, but that giggle soon turned into a cough.

“Ooh, steady there. You’ll do yourself an injury.” She laughed. Hermione lay back on her pillow and sipped at the drink that Alice handed her.
Ron came back in a few seconds after Reneé had left and the Cullens left for a hunt leaving then alone. Not that they said much, Hermione had been given a anaesthetic to help her sleep.

Hermione was allowed to leave the hospital three days before Bella, so decided to stay with Ron at UNIT HQ where she knew she could take refuge if in any need.
But of course, not everyone was happy about it.

“I will not have her in my facility, Weasley!” the General Halkurk had shouted at him, Hermione took a stand to show him her authority.

“Well, I don't really want to be here, General, but you see I'm stuck here for at least the next three days, I am protecting a young woman here in the local hospital, once she's out, I'll leave.”

“You have no authority here, Granger....”

“Oh don't I? Well if you'll excuse me, I'll just call my Captain and get him to tell you that I do have the authority to stay here.” and with that she called Jack.
Once she had told him the story he told the General that she did indeed need to stay, reluctantly he agreed.

“You can stay, but you do not have authority over my men.”

“Well then its a good job Ron isn't one of your men then, isn't it?” she swung around and walked to where she was staying.

“That was”

“What?” Hermione had turned to face Ron after she'd entered the room. He had frozen to the spot.

“Well, when that Victoria woman had been stood at the door.... I'd thought they were contact lenses....”

“What are you babbling about, Ron?”

“Well, it's your eyes. They're bright red.” Hermione felt her blood go cold.

Hermione walked with Ron to the canteen, some three days later, her eyes now back to her normal hazel. She had phoned Carlisle after Ron had left her alone with her thoughts, he had reminded her that she had vampire venom in her blood stream. That meant that her temperament was going to be relevant to that of a new born vampire's, but unlike a new born vampire it will never subside. So she had to vent her frustration out in a better way.

“I'm really glad Bella's going to be out of there tonight, Edward's coming to pick us both up.”

“Oh thanks, so you didn't enjoy it here?” Ron joked, Hermione swatted him around the back of his head.

“Of course I did! I just wish everyone would stop staring at me!”

“It's because of the argument you had with the General, they'll get over it. Oh by the way, they filled me in with that Victoria woman.” he said as they walked out of the canteen and over to Hermione's bunker.

“Oh yeah. What happened?”

“They say she just took the guy's neck and sank her teeth into him, drained him dry and took off. I just said that it must have been a cannibal with a taste for blood rather than flesh.”

“And do they believe you?”

“Well you're stood here aren't you? You're all the proof I need to support my theory. The General won't say anything against you now, though. Shame, I would've liked to see you telling him off, you know, Torchwood style!” he made a martial arts swing with his arms, Hermione giggled. As she sat down outside the bunker at a park bench type of seat.

“Nah, that's not my way of doing things.” she replied sarcastically.

“Oh yeah, because you are a good girl, aren't you?” he teased moving in closer to her, she grinned.

“Oh yeah too right I am.” she said, before catching his lips with hers and kissing him full on long and hard.


“Shit!” Ron jumped off his seat and looked around, the General was stood by the door of the canteen barrack.
He stormed over to where Hermione and Ron were sat, Ron stood up and moved to stand beside Hermione so the General wouldn't be.

“Yes, sir? Is something wrong?”

“I am tolerating your girlfriend being here, but I will not allow such behaviour in front of my men!” Ron went red.

“I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again.”

“You're damn right it won't because as of now, your girlfriend is being escorted off of these premises. She is nothing more than a civilian here, and will not allow such disgusting behaviour!” He turned to face Hermione, Ron was behind him now by about a foot, but his eyes were daring the General to attack Hermione, Goddess she loved him!

“You are a distraction to my men and nothing more than a civilian. You are a strange person and, even though we are meant to deal with the strange critters that come here, I will not have a murderous bad tempered little girl in my base!”
Hermione's hackle's rose, she placed her tray onto the bench next to Ron's and stood up.

“How dare you talk to me like that! I have far more authority than you ever will, I will leave, tonight, not before, because believe me, General, I don't want to be here anymore that you want me here!”

“Do not raise your voice to me girl!”
He raised his hand and brought it down.

“Hermione!” She stood up, her eyes had a red haze around the edges, all she saw was the General, he had hit her and now he was going to pay
She curled her lip and snarled before lunging at him

“Whoa! Easy there, Porcelain!” someone had wrapped their arms around her waist someone else had the General up against the wall by his throat, the third person was the Doctor.

“Good job I was in Forks, otherwise no one would have got to you in time.” he walked over to the General and got so close that they were almost nose to nose.

“I don't think that's the proper way to treat a lady, do you?”
Hermione came to the conclusion that it was either Emmett or Edward who had her by the waist, because Jasper was being spoken to by Carlisle.

“Porcelain needs your help, Jasper.” he turned to face her, she must have looked a mess because she suddenly felt calmer, but drained.

“There now, that's better. Red eyes so do not suit you Bright-Eyes.” the arms released her and she stumbled into the Doctor's arms where she then cried.

“Alright, come one now, it's okay. You have an excuse.” Hermione snorted through her tears.

“You do! Come on, Hermione, I'm sure anyone in your position would be the same.”

“No anyone in my position would be dead, Doctor.” she heard a sharp hiss.

“Emmett, Jasper, let him go.” Carlisle's voice was close to Hermione, she stiffened.

“Easy, Porcelain, we're not going to hurt you, look at me,” she turned to face him, “we're friends remember? You, me, Emmett, Jasper and Edward, Esme, Alice, Rosalie and Bella. We were just going to collect her when Alice phoned to tell us that you were going to attack someone. Jasper and the Doctor were already here. Now apart from Edward and I, we're going to take you and Ron home, Alice is waiting for you and Esme's promised to make you a steaming hot cup of tea.”

“That sounds great. Thank you.”

“Come on then, Ron, grab your stuff.”

“But the General...”

“Wouldn't dare, Ron, not with us around. Now go on.”

Hermione must have fallen asleep in the TARDIS because when she woke up, it was to see Alice sat by her side.

“Bella's at home, I'm going over in a few minutes, you can come with me. And you're eyes are fine, it only happens when you get angry or upset.” Hermione grinned as she sat up. Alice wrapped her arms around Hermione's shoulders and squeezed them gently.

“I'll give you a moment.”
As soon as Alice was out of the room, Hermione leapt out of bed and got dressed before racing through the maze of corridors to the nearest bathroom, where she stared at herself in the mirror.
Alice hadn't lied, her eyes were okay, now she had a better excuse than her magic to try and keep her temper in check.

“Knock, knock.” Hermione stared at the reflection of the figure stood in the doorway, she grinned.

“Hey. Am I alright to go with Alice to see Bella?” the Doctor smiled.

“Since when do I say no to you? Of course you can.” Hermione rushed over to him and hugged him tight.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything.” Hermione looked up in anticipation.

“Do you still want to travel with me?”

“Of course I do! What sort of a question is that?!”

“I was just wondering, because you seem pretty comfortable here and at Torchwood, I was just curious as to whether or not your enthusiasm for time and space travel was still in there somewhere.” Hermione back away from the Doctor, not quite seeing him.

“Do you mean you don't want me anymore?” the Doctor stepped back as she'd just slapped him.

“No! No I didn't mean that! Of course I still want you with me! You're the only reason I haven't left. I just thought you'd got comfortable with life on Earth and didn't want to travel anymore.”

“I'll get bored eventually.” she grinned at him and he grinned at her, holding out his hand for her to take, he led the way out of the TARDIS just as Alice was getting in the car.

“Wait up, Pixie! I'm coming too!”
Alice smiled as Hermione climbed into the car.
We were half way to Bella's when Alice asked her something that threw her off.

“Are you and Ron going to the Prom?”

“What? I didn't know we'd been invited.” Alice laughed.

“Well the two of you are part of society now. So are you?” Hermione thought for a minute.

“I'll see if the Doctor's got anything dazzling for us to wear.” Hermione grinned at Alice as she squealed with delight.

“Yay! That means Jasper will go!” she caught Hermione's questioning look.

“Oh, he didn't want to go because of all the humans and the temptation, so I made him a deal, he can control his thirst really well when you are around, so I said that if I could convince you to go then he would have to take me.” Hermione laughed.

“Oh Alice you are so cruel to him. I'm surprised he said no in the first place.”

“Oh well you know Jasper. He is really looking forward to going, but because of his thirst problem, he holds back on things he wants to do.”
The visit was eventful, Bella perked up when she saw Hermione and the three girls all talked about things that Bella had to catch up on, and that Alice and Hermione had yet to experience.
By the time Hermione and Alice got back, there was a plate of lasagne on the table with a cup of steaming hot tea.
The Doctor was already tucking into his when Alice swooped through with Hermione in her arms.

“Hello, ladies.”

“Hiya. Thanks Esme!” Hermione called.

“She says, your welcome.” Alice pecked them both on the cheeks and danced out into the main room. She heard a squeal as Jasper scooped up Alice in joy.
Hermione finished her dinner and drained her tea, before following the Doctor out to the rest of the family. Jasper swept her up into a hug.

“Thank you.”

“Hey, we all know you could do it on your own and that it was just an excuse to get me to go!” they all laughed.
Three hours later, Hermione had picked out hers and Ron's outfits for the Prom, said her goodnights and turned in early, the TARDIS playing the Music of the Spheres in her head.

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