Hey Guys!! Im writing a book about Vampires and Werewolfs...Tell me what you think! Thanks!!

Chapter 8
Night Vistor
My dreams once again interrupted,this time by the sound of rocks against my window.i got up and went to my window to see the younger vampire on the thin ledge of the roof of my house smileing he saw me and waved. i did the only thing i knew to do i opened the window and let him in."hi"he said "i am jermey"he reached his hand out i took it hesitantly he kissed it and let it drop "i'm brooke,how did you..."i stamered us vampires have special...abilites,tracking it comes natural to us."he answered."why?"i asked he smiled and wraped his arms around my waist and stroked my cheek with the back of his hand" i don't know if you noticed but you're very beautiful for a human." i would have said thank you but i was mesmerized. then he smelled the air i didn't know what he was doing then he smiled"your blood doesn't apeal to me,how unusual." then all of a sudden he turned his head and paused "i have to go."he said then he bowed and said"tommorow night my love" then in one swift movement he was out my window. i got back in bed and thought about what a strange night i had,then i just said aloud"i think i have a vampire boyfriend."then laughed.

a knock at my door woke me up...again.i got out of bed and opened the door,it was nick"morning nick you won't believe what happend to me-"he stopped me short "you stink"he said."do not,did you come over just to insult me?"i asked " no,no i ..uh.. there's a new italian resturant opening a few blocks away from here,and i was wondering if you wanted to go with me?"i was completly in shock"sure i'll go with you nick."i answered "ok, i'll pick you up at 9oclock tonight be ready." "kay, see you then nick"i said "bye then" he said then left. i never really thought of jake that way,but now i was.i ran down the stairs"mom,mom!"i called she was fixing breakfast"what did nick want?"she asked "thats what i was going to tell you about"I started"you know the new italian restarant opening a few blocks from here?"i asked "Casa de Blanca?" she asked "yes thats it,well jakes taking me there tonight" "good,nicks a good boy "she said "i don't have anything to wear!" then i ran upstairs and pulled out every piece of clothes i own,it was almost nine when mother walked in."come here brooke i have somthing for you"i followed her in her room."i knew this day was coming"then she pulled out a beautiful black dress,"this is yours."she handed it to me"really?"i asked "thanks mom your the best" then i hugged her.

Its still a work in Progress.. Please Comment and Tell me What you think?


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