Hot Hobo Love: A phenom happening right now

I had never heard of 'hot hobo love' until last night. I was searching videos laughing and having a good time when I see this video:

I thought that was funny and yes Robert Pattinson could be the hottest hobo alive lol. It peeks my interest to keep searching on the subject that brings me this:

Hot Hobo Love Official definition Urban Dictionary

Hot Hobo Love is the beautiful bromance shared by Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge. More commonly known as TomStud and HotBert.
Growing up together as close friends, it was clear to their fans that it was more than just close friendship, that it was in fact, srs bsns. After noticing Tom Sturridge creeping in the background of Pattinson's photographs (See VMA awards), a TomStud fan by the name of Tech, or more commonly known as Touj0ursPur on YouTube discovered the world of Hot Hobo Love, and Plaids.
SrsBsnsFangirl: "Omg, who's that in the picture with Rpattz?!"

Plaid: "Gtfo. His name is Bert, and that's Tom."

SrsBsnsFangirl: "Who's Tom?"

Plaid: "Tom and Bert share the BEST type of Hot Hobo Love. Tom is his Bromance partner."

I have no idea who the people are in the quotes above.

So this has cracked me up to no end. There are clubs on facebook, there are websites dedicated, and photo manipulated:

So it took me all night to figure out the plaid tshirt reference. It's a "brokeback moutain" kind of movie that surrounds a green plaid tshirt:

This is pg-15.

I am going to keep researching this underground phenom called the "Hot Hobo Love Club". If you have more to add to this post please add. I think this is hysterical.

picture credit MystAngel

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Comment by Cali Twilighter on February 17, 2009 at 10:05am
Comment by TECH on March 12, 2009 at 3:34pm

Im sorry, this is kinda old but I dont care~

someone posted a link to this on Hot Hobo Love and I was like LOLOLOL

Hi! Im TECH. The reason it exists and I thought I'd come on up in here and say thanks for researching hahaha

you did a thorough job!

I just have one correction, the green plaid shirt has nothing to do with that movie LOL it was just a movie we found that fit around the shirt so well that we had to incorporate it xD

The green plaid shirt is actually a reference to the one you see Bert (or Rob as hes called in your world), wearing ALL THE TIME.

which is actually his bestie's, Tom's shirt, who also wears it all the time.

They share it alot... actually they share all of each others clothes alot...

anyway the GPS, It pops up everywhere and its old as hell from back before berts GoF days. Thats what the reference is. We only found out about that movie after and oh how amazed we were HAHA

p.s. those quotes arent anyone in particular, just an example for the definition ;D


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