How I feel on the Rachelle/Summit deal.

Ok So I decided I would say my piece on this and have done with it so I can seriously put it behind me.

Rachelle is always going to feel like Victoria to me, simple because she is the ORIGINAL!

A lot of people have put up arguements from everything between no one is complaining about the director switches and blah blah blah. Guess what? Thats not abnormal for a film. My case and point is Harry Potter. Then it was also brought to my attention about Dumbledore. Guess what? He died you cant really change that. But you sure noticed when he was in the film the differences between the two actors playing the characters.

Its on thing to change the director's. This really doesnt seem so weird to be considering. But to change a character? Just change it? I mean its one thin if they die. I understand this completely. You cant keep making a movie with a dead person it would have to be recast. But Rachelle is alive and well. Im not saying I dislike Bryce, I am saying she will never be an original, and I am backing Rachelle up on this one. Im not boycotting, but I am not pleased either. I have signed the petitions, I have done everything that has been being sent around. I think it shows support. This is our character and our movie. Maybe we dont have a say in it. No one really knew what would happen before, but you see a character and its like hey thats them or you start to associate them with their character. Maybe not completely as realize they arent themselves, hopefully someone understands what I am saying.

Anyway, my thoughts are a bit disorganized. This has been very trying on my nerves, which I have little of to begin with. What I am saying is is this. Rachelle will ALWAYS be Victoria to me. No matter who they've recasted.

Those who feel that people are just being a bit whiney. Well guess what? I'm whiney because they took my character away. What would happen if they took Rob or Kristen away. Hell even Peter, Jackson, Kellan, Ashley, Nikki or any other the other cast? There would be a hell fire right now and you know it!

Im just saying. Its not cool. Whatever happened happened. It would of been easier for them to approach her and say hey we can't do this or something or anything. But it feels (maybe its not what really happened I am simply speculating) like they just up and recast her. No discussion on the matter at all. Because it would seem with the Hightened popularity and continuing to portray a character YOU have already established would have come before another film. I think someones playing dirty. And we already know how Summit is. This was established before even New Moon began filming. So people who want to go back and retract, well awesome.

Anyway that is my piece, I have no facts, just going with my gut. If you dont like it. Well guess what? There will always be a difference of opinion.

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Comment by fullmoonfading on July 30, 2009 at 1:26pm
((((APPLAUSE)))) Well said! Can't think of much to add to that that I haven't already voiced. THERE IS NO OTHER VICTORIA BUT RACHELLE
Wake up Summit! Bring back Rachelle! We'll accept no substitutes! These twilight fans you've enraged are your rabid pack of wolves!
Comment by Morgaine Chya on July 30, 2009 at 3:59pm
The part that bothers me is that they dumped her, using the excuse that she would be on a movie shoot, when other Twilight core actors have worked on other movies during the Twilight gig. Then, when she gave her side of the story, they blamed HER for them dumping her.

What also bothers me is that his is just so high-handed and inconsiderate of Summit. They act like they don't need the Twilight fans' support to make NM a hit, and I can tell you they are dead wrong about that.

THis comes on the heels of them allowing Weitz to make major sotryline changes in the NM movie, which will end up contaminating the storylines of Eclipse and BD, as well, because they will have to keep the movies consistent to have them make any sense at all.

Summit has treated the Twlight franchise like it is a Smoky 'n the Bandit franchise. They do not honor the elements of Twilight that stimulates such intense loyalty and interest by the fans.

They didn't just disrespect Rachelle, they all disrespected us--again--and I am one Twilight fan that has had it up to my tits with Summit's treatment of the Twilight franchise and, therefore, its fans.


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