How much of A Twilight Freak I am! :)

Okayy, I'm gonna start with the books!
Twilight: I loved this book so much! It was absolutely wonderful! I read it over and over and over again! Edward was portrayed as the perfect guy and I wished SO bad that I was Bella. I thought the Vampires were so Awesome! They were all so funny and seemed so real! I remember always getting mad at Rosalie because he didn't like Bella. I remember laughing at Charlie because he didn't really know what he was doing! I remember wincing as I read the part about Bella being attacked by James in the Studio. It was like I was there! My favorite part in Twilight was where Bella walked into the Cafeteria and didn't see Edward in usual seat beside Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rose, and then she looked all around and finally spotted him and he motioned with his finger for her to come over and sit with him! I loved that because I could imagine it! Again.... Like I was there!
New Moon: I remember yelling and screaming at this book. I thought Bella was absolutely stupid! First of all, Why would you absolutely give up your life for one guy? Who left you? Second, Why use somebody to make you feel better? Third, Why leave the other person for the guy that left you? For no reason? I didn't like Jacob in this book.... at first. But, after like the third time I had read it.... I started to see his reasons. My favorite part in this book was when they went riding on the motorcycles. I thought that would be fun, if I was her. Of course, I ride motorcycles, anyway.
Eclipse: I also got very MAD at this book, too! I thought Edward was once again the perfect guy and I thought Bella was so stupid to be kissing or spending any time with Jacob. I am a firm believer in the NO CHEATING thing! So, I would've thought it was wrong anyway, and I absolutely loved the part where Jacob kissed her and then when he was done, she punched him! I think this book is where I fell in love with Emmett, too! Because, my favorite line of his is when he asks her if she tripped again, being his cute, funny self. I hated Edward, too, because he forgave her for kissing Jacob in the field. I would've been outraged! I was so glad that they finally killed Victoria.
Breaking Dawn: I think this was my favorite book! I was so devestated when Alice left. I laughed my head off when Bella found out that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee. I thought Bella was so smart when she went to get passports and stuff for Jacob and Renesmee to escape. I was scared when the Volturi first walked into the field. I was proud of Rosalie for helping Bella, but mad at her because she was doing it for the wrong reasons. I absolutely loved Bella because she was fighting for the "animal" inside her. I was screaming at Edward when he asked Jacob to have "puppies" with her.

Don't get me wrong..... I LOVE all the books! Without all the drama and the stuff that was so maddening and frustrating, the books would've been boring! But, they were GREAT! Stephanie Meyer did an excellent job and I hope one day I can be half the writer she is! :)

Now onto the People!
Edward: I loved Edward in the books! He was portrayed as the perfect guy! But, when I saw the movie I was very disappointed. I don't how I pictured him, but it definitely wasn't a guy with Sex hair everyday and is hair all over his body. Plus, I think he could smile every once in awhile on the movies!
Bella: I was so jealous of her at first. I mean.... Perfect boyfriend..... Guys drooling all over her everywhere she went. I thought she did excellent in the movies, but as I think Edward should, too, Smile a little bit.
Jacob: I thought he was absolutely stupid in the books but SO HOTTT in the movie.... so I fell for him and now I'm on Team Jacob! :)
As for the other people mentioned in the books and movies, I think they are all GREAT! The actors and actresses in the movie did excellent and they were awesome in the books! :)

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