How the feathers should fly in Breaking Dawn

One of my most anticipated scenes in “Breaking Dawn”, which begins filming this month in Baton Rouge, is the fight scene with the Vulturi…


OBVY my most anticipated scene in “Breaking Dawn” is anything that involves S-E-X with vampire Edward and human Bella. I mean, duh. Specifically, I really can’t wait for the feathers to fly. As is, on their honeymoon Edward is screwin’ the living daylights outa Bella and to avoid going right for her jugular in a heated moment of passion, he bites the s*** out of an innocent pillow and the feathers fly. As cheesy as that may sound, it has the potential of playing out really animalistic hot on camera. And so for fun, I picture the scene in the movie going something like this…

Night #2 on Island Esme

Bella opens her suitcase and her eyes widen as she sees the assortment of scantily clad lingerie that Alice has discreetly tucked beneath her things unbeknownst to her. She rolls her eyes and mutters; “Freaking Alice.” A wicked smile spreads across her face as she decides a sneak attack on Edward, who is already feeling bad about wanting to murder her during their first night of passion in which his vampire teeth gauged out the side of the headboard in place of her soft porcelain neck. (See above image for visual.) Bella hopes skimpy black lace will eliminate the chore of begging for Edward to touch her and make love to her again tonight.

She scurries into the bathroom and turns the lock. Hearing Edward enter the bedroom several minutes later she takes one last look in the mirror, assessing her very revealing – alright, downright slutty attire. Surprising herself, Bella is pleased with her reflection. And finally, after resolve has set in, she turns on her heel and swings the door open. The camera pans the length of her body starting from her ankles and ends on her shy expression, gazing at Edward, seeking approval.

The camera shoots to Edward who is staring at her with a pained and defeated look on his face as he knows his willpower has just been blown to smithereens. After a pause, he begins moving toward her, saying nothing but looking her up and down as a look of pride, love, and lust takes over his glorious face.

He reaches a hand towards Bella’s waist and she sucks in an anxious breathe. He rests the other hand behind her neck, under her hair and pulls her flesh to his body. The painfully slow descend into the kiss that sets the scene in motion only serves as a reminder of the long, excruciating wait that the audience has had to endure to get to this point – yet – the pain of watching their lips inch towards each other is mind blowlingly intoxicating.

Their lips brush against each other starting with a soft, tentative kiss. Pressing their foreheads together, they take one last brief moment of pause before their mouths fully envelop each other in a full on tongue kiss. We enjoy the view in real-time speed long enough to appreciate it and then the cinematography steps in and changes the pace. Suddenly, Edward’s movements morph into vampire speed as he speedily moves Bella toward the bed, rubbing and groping all the areas that allow the movie to remain PG-13. But here’s an interesting effect… like the baseball scene in “Twilight”, vampire speed is shown in slow motion, so you get that they’re moving fast but it’s delightfully slow and decipherable in terms of where hands, fingers, legs, and lips are.

Eventually they’re on the bed grinding into each other in slow motion vampire speed. And then suddenly – the pace shifting back to real time – Bella sits up on her knees and reaches for the hem of her sheer lingerie tank top thingy and pulls it over her head. The camera shoots from behind her and you see her naked back as Edward lie in front of her, taking her in with lust in his eyes, propped up on his elbows. Then, going back to slow motion vampire speed he rises up and grabs her face and kisses her passionately, flipping her so she’s now pinned beneath him and the look of penetration is implied by their motions.

Edward’s face goes rigid and his eyes dart around looking for something to release the tension of his blood lust. Finally, his eyes settle on a giant decorative pillow and the camera cuts away to his soft, fluffy victim. The sound of a moan escaping from Bella’s lips confirms his decision, and the next thing we see are feathers flying in genuine slow motion just after the sound of teeth puncturing silk taffeta.

~Fade to black~

As far as music, I totes think this Kings of Leon song "Closer" would be PERFECT for this scene. It's the right mix of slowness but sexy beats and guitar to go with the slow motion vampire speed. Plus, if you listen to the lyrics, they are tailer-made for a vampire movie, as so perfectly demonstrated by this AMAZING "True Blood" homage in the below vid. Enjoy - it's sexy!

Anything you’d add to this scene?

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Comment by Malin Eriksson on October 27, 2010 at 6:17am
OMFG can´t you please direct BD please =) I want to see exactly what you just described.
Comment by TwiORdiE on October 27, 2010 at 6:35am
I don't know whether to laugh or praise you for your Good show!
Comment by Lindy Rosa Bella on October 27, 2010 at 7:00am
Lol!!! That is seriously how the scene should play out, yet it's probably not going to be that detailed. REMEMBER PEOPLE: PG13. But I'm sure there's going to be just enough of *coughs* what you had up there in the movie to get the room catching fire. Lol. Seriously. I mean, we heard about the script. I'm not worried.
Comment by Aidinslevel on October 27, 2010 at 7:08am
I am sending this to Melissa R. ASAP... with the words *Official Rewrite of the Honeymoon Scene* on it... I might add a *Twifans Approved* stamp on it for effect.
Comment by Aidinslevel on October 27, 2010 at 7:35am
Chudy, I thought that to but quickly dismissed it as I wanted to keep all the visual she described in my head.. #IamAPervertLikeThat
Comment by Aniko Toronyi on October 27, 2010 at 8:34am
This is awesome, can't're a genius.....goose bumps all
Comment by Alison Genet on October 27, 2010 at 8:36am
Well like chudy I do see some flaws. So Courtney are you saying on night #1 we see nothing and the 2nd night we should get this? I kinda like that idea. He does shred her lingerie to pieces though. I like the vampire speed ideas.
Comment by andrea rodriguez on October 27, 2010 at 9:06am
that waz jus...AWSUM!!
Comment by sarah cullen on October 27, 2010 at 9:22am is awesome..
Comment by Maria in CT on October 27, 2010 at 9:49am
OMG, time for a cold shower! Can you write more??? Please???


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