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It ain't easy dressing up as a movie character for Halloween. They're either too tough to sell without being painfully obvious or not obvious enough. However with the franchise's incredible following and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 right around the corner, not only are the Twilightcharacters rather simple to pull off, but going Twilight this Halloween could be an instant crowd-pleaser.



Bella Swan (pre-vampire)

Bella Swan (pre-vampire)

What You'll Need: A few weeks sans tanning or some very fair foundation and plain Jane outfit - a simple long sleeve shirt and jeans. 
To Make It Convincing: For the appropriate facial expression, pretend the world is coming to an end tomorrow. Otherwise, don't do very much at all. Bella Swan is the queen of inactive protagonists. 
What to Say: Edward, Edward, Edward, Jacob, Edward, Edward, Edward …

How To Dress Up as a Twilight Character

Edward Cullen

What You'll Need: Messy bronze hair, amber-tinted contacts and a smirk. 
To Make It Convincing:Clearly, you can't really read minds like Edward, but you can create the façade via a cheesy card trick or this simple numbers game
What to Say: Even with some memorable dialogue like "Hold on tight, spidermonkey," Edward's a man of few words. Might be best to keep it that way.

Jacob BlackSu

Jacob Black

What You'll Need: One of those costume shirts with fake muscles and jeans shorts. 
To Make It Convincing: Typical Jacob efforts consist of, well, the aforementioned muscles and jean shorts. If you're looking to go the extra mile, rock a (faux!) wolf skin headdress, too. 
What to Say: For tacky Jacob, "Age is just a number, baby." Or, "There are a lot of red eyes around here," and "Have you seen Nessie?" will work just fine.

How To Dress Up as a Twilight Character


What You'll Need: If you and your daughter or kid sister want to team up, what better way than as Bella and Renesmee? For Renesmee, think preppy with knee socks or tights, sweaters and lots of plaid. 
To Make It Convincing: Carry around a wolf plushie and call it Jacob. 
What to Say: Don't talk too much. Less is more. Instead, raise your hand and look intensely at the person your communicating with.

Amazon Coven

Amazon Coven

What You'll Need: If you don’t mind wearing next to nothing, you can flaunt it as a member of the Amazon coven. Grab yourself some faux leather and beading and you’re good to go. 
To Make It Convincing: Get some black face paint for the coven's battle look with the Volturi.
What to Say: Talk about yearning to return to your South American homeland, stating how "civilized life is too complicated."



Denali Sisters

Denali Sisters

What You'll Need: Go for wedding glam (think silver and gold lame that has some sparkle) or designer, ski lodge chic (trendy skinny jeans and a jacket with some faux fur). Either way, a platinum blonde wig is a must-have.
To Make It Convincing: Get a pair of amber contacts for that extra mileage.
What to Say: With a sly smile coo, "Edward and I go way back, like almost a hundred years back."



What You'll Need: A hooded black robe adorned with a big black ribbon in the front and blood-red eye contacts (for any of the Volturi).
To Make It Convincing: Appear wise beyond your years. One of the most fascinating things about Jane is that she was turned when she was barely in her teens. The result? A serious force to be reckoned with that you'd never see coming. 
What to Say: What else, but "This may hurt just a little"?

How To Dress Up as a Twilight Character



What You'll Need: Black wig with a wicked widow's peak and all-black suit. 
To Make It Convincing: As the Volturi bigwig, a band of followers could do the trick. If you're flying solo on Halloween night, find the most majestic looking chair in the room, plop yourself down and bark orders at everyone around you. 
What to Say: Anything duplicitous. Aro's tone of voice usually packs more power than his words.

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