How to respectfully say goodbye to the 'Breaking Dawn' cast in Squamish

'Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2' filming is coming to an end in a few short days.  It has been reported that some Twifans (not from this site) have been disrespectful and pushy to say hello to the 'Twilight' cast members.  We would like to let fans know their best chance of waving or meeting the stars in Squamish before it is all over *sad panda face*. This blog is to help you get more then just a glimpse and to help you to not disturb the filming.


WARNING:  This is not an easy task, has spent thousands of dollars and countless TwiHours compiling this information.  This could take hours, if not days of waiting and we are by no means guaranteeing you success.  We however, do believe it's your best, classiest, and non disruptive way to see the 'Twilight' stars before filming is concluded.  Remember if you see the "pink" ribbons you are close and also in some dangerous terrain so be respectful and most of all be careful.  No matter what you have read Edward will not magically appear to save you.  He won't even tell you if you had lost your keys in the brush and be lost forever.  Just Sayin!


Bundle up with a warm jacket, mittens, and a hat cause it's get really cold!!  Vancouver is like Seattle, wet and windy.  So better to be safe then cold.


What you will need to bring:

  • A comfy chair
  • A book to read
  • A sign (very important)
  • A autograph kit (something for the star to sign and at least two pens)
  • A camera/video recorder
  • Twidar


Where to wait:


Take Hwy 99 North past Squamish towards Whistler.  Just past town start looking for 'Paradise Valley Rd.' signs.  It's a pretty big sign.  Turn left on PV Rd.  The road will split.  Paradise Valley Road stays to the right.  You will come to a stop sign at a bridge overpass.  Just after getting off the bridge, park on the left.  This is the ONLY parking allowed on PV Rd. 


Park before the river signage.  Set up your base camp just in front of the sign.  Leaving plenty of room for cars to stop on the side of the road before you.  Cast vehicles will slow down as they turn the corner.  Make sure your sign is ready.  Cast and crew vehicles will come back and forth.


See our map:


The cast travels in fresh, clean vehicles.  If you have not been to Vancouver this might not make sense to you.  Once you arrive you will understand.  Because it is wet and still wintery, most locals do not was their cars until the weather improves.  This is even more the case in towns like Squamish.  So look for the "clean" or recently cleaned cars.  Summit uses the following types of vehicles.


Dodge Caravans

Jeep Cherokees

Toyota Sequioas

Cargo vans


Yes, I was thinking the same thing, where are the Volvo's?  I mean we sold out the story to Volvo why not allow the cast to be chauffeured in Volvos?


These vehicles will have very dark windows.  Some cast members will sit up front.  They will be surprised to see you, just as much as you will be to see them.  Nikki Reed hysterically started waving and gave us a huge grin.  This is an example of what you might get if they don't stop.  Have your video cameras ready for waves! 


The cast has been instructed by production not to stop.  But some will make an exception if you are being calm and smiling and waving.  STAY CALM.  We didn't even get up from our chairs.  We sat, we waved, we smiled.


Notice our's nice, it's not begging them to stop.  It's just saying thank you!

Why the sign???

Well this is a fishing area.  We met and talked to many fly fisherman.  Just sitting in a chair by the road, you could be considered a local hanging out by their hunky fisherman.  Make sure the cast knows that you are there for them.  Unless you are in the market for a new man, and if so this may be the real life version of


The 'Twilight' cast seems to be working on a 7 to 7 schedule Monday thru Friday but sometimes, if needed, they do work on the weekend.  The cast will not stop in the a.m.  The cast will come and go through out the day but your best bet is from between the hours of 3-7 p.m. or just a little bit later if you haven't frozen your butt off.  I would plan on spending time in this area to see if the times are different from what I am sharing.  You have to be Twidedicated to make this happen.


If you aren't sure if they are filming, you can continue down the road until you see trailers.  If you don't see action, they aren't filming.  If you see movement then turn around, do not go up to security or the production assistant.  They will alert everyone that fans are around.  Turn around and head straight for the waiting area.  AND just WAIT.


See the area we waited in Squamish:

Find more videos like this on TwiFans


We hope this helps you.  Please let us know if you have success or are going to try this.  We would love to hear from you!!!

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Twilight Cast trailers and the Cullen driveway entrance

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No laws were broken is taking of these photographs. No filming was interrupted or disturbed while taking these photos. does not condone fans being disrespectful or illegally trespassing in order to obtain set information or photos.

Worried about what directors think of visiting set locations? Listen to what 'New Moon' director Chris Weitz thinks. asked Chris via twitter-- How do directors feel about fans at set locations? Chris says, "I love it, it's cool and inspiring, so long as the audio stays clean."





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Comment by Kirsten on April 14, 2011 at 4:22pm
Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I'm glad you're making sure people are being respectful. I'm sure a lot of fans wouldn't be as nice.
Comment by Julia Diatlova on April 15, 2011 at 3:44am


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