Hey everyone,

This is just a random blog about how Stephenie´ s Books had influenced my life so far.

I remember, in a little corner far back in my memory, hearing about those books a few years ago. I think my opinion on them was something like: “Vampires? … ugh!” or “Those Covers look like a cheap erotic roman.” (Well, the Germans of course… I had no idea how the originals looked like.) So I forgot them. Never read them, and never heard of them again.

Until 2007.
I remember hearing about this American Author having a book signing tour here in Germany. Reading posts about some Fans on random Harry Potter Boards, watching News online and on TV.
But it just didn’t fit in my head that it was one and the same.

And then Robert Pattinson got cast for Edward Cullen.
Well I think I don’t have to mention much more… I loved him in the 4th Harry Potter Movie!
I only had seen him in Goblet of Fire and the Nibelungs. And I really was eager to know more about him and latest projects. So I did some research on this Twilight-Thing. And suddenly I was very interested. (Understatement!!!). But still, I was undecided to read the books. Because, remember? Still those Vampires… ugh!

So… 2008.
And then the first Pictures from the Set arrived. Man, I’m still so grateful to those girls who took these photos. He was Hot! He was gorgeous!! He was perfect!!! *sigh*
So, amazon.de had to give me what I needed most. …The first 3 Books of the series.
(Shame to buy them online, but the German versions were way too expensive, and it was hard to get your hands on an English version).
So it was early march when I finally sunk my teeth into Twilight!!

I was halfway through my Work-Prep-School, so I had a lot among of time on my hands. I still remember my girly crazy fan girl giggle when they finally kissed in the first book, the scared face of my father when he checked on me one night and I was on my bed, book in hands, crying my heart out because Edward just left, the confused looks I got because I was so angry of Bella for being so mean to Jacob.
After finishing them all for the first time, I continued to read them a second time.
I searched the Internet for a German Fan site and found a lovely little community.
Cheers Forum Eclipse (now known as Forks Bloodbank).
Well, I met my Sister there, Caitlin *hugs* and a lot more people just like me.
What was great was, meeting people I already knew from the HP Boards and share another Love with them.
Ah and I remember it like it was yesterday, Sis. I still have the message you send me, asking if I had “River Flows in you”… In April we’ll have our 1 year celebration *squee*

From there on, it was a crazy year.
Pictures over Pictures. Movie Reports, Videos, MTV Twilight Tuesdays…
Checking every Twilight Site for the latest news, sucking in every, oh, so little detail…
Staying up all night just to watch the MTV Movie Awards, and being disappointed by the short little piece we got of the cast at the VMA´s.

Shocking: Harry Potter 6 got cancelled and moved back to summer 2009.
Awesome: Twilight moved 3 weeks forward to November.
Unfair: German Movie Company, Concorde, changed the German Release Date forward for exactly… 1 Week!!!! January, 15th… How nice…

Well, there was The Host and Breaking Dawn to look forward to. And I have to say, I loved both!! I know that a lot of the Fans were disappointed but I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn.
Then there was my Visit in the Pfalz, to finally meet Caitlin in person. How anxious we both were to meet each other in Real Life for the very first time. We grow so close together in the past year… So weird to know a person that good and be so connected to someone you never met before.
October was finally there and after a long drive with the “Deutsche Bahn” (*rofl*) we shared a big big real life hug!! Awww, finally!! *squee*
The Weekend was way too short, but it was settled that she’ll come to my town to watch Twilight together in January.
Oh, how naïve of us xD
In November my icq blinked wildly… with a simple but really awesome message!
Well, how plans can change! A few months back I had no idea what Ramstein was, and now I was planning my 3, 5 h trip there, to watch Twilight with the original voices, over a month before its official German release… Jip… That’s how you make a Twilighter happy.
So, on December 13th I grabbed a friend of mine, swung into my car and drove all the way to Caitlin again.
I think I can spare you to mention how awesome the movie was, and how we enjoyed our time there.
Sure, it was way to short again.
But we already had planned our 3rd meet up. And that was on January, 16th.
The little group of 3 people quickly grew to 9. And we were a really funny crowd.
Best of all, besides watching the movie again, was meeting Alanna and Maya! Two really nice fellow Twilighter we met online on Biss-Xperts. The 4 of us had a little Biss-Xperts meet up in Burger King. Drawing attention with our TwiShirts, and having a really great Time.
After bringing Alanna to the station we stumbled through my town.
Highlight: Seeing Twilight Poster and Books, stop to take pictures, be so giddy about the fact that Harry Potter, The Host and Twilight stand next to each other and then shocked to realize that it was Cornelia Funke’s Book Store. (Oh, I’m sure you know her right? *hint* Inkheart? *hint*)

Anyway, we had an awesome weekend, and it was the start to an even better Year.

Planned so far:
February: - First Biss-Xperts.com Real Life Team Meeting and the Midnight Release Party for Biss zum Ende der Nacht (Breaking Dawn)
March: - Maybe the Leipziger Book Convention
April: - 1 Year Anniversary of Caitlin’s and My Friendship *cheers*
June: - Caitlin’s Birthday and German Twilight DVD Release
October: - Ring*Con in Bonn and Meet up with Twilight-Stars, German Twilighters, Biss-Xpertler and Forksbloodbankler and a lot more Fantasy related People… Press Conference, Discussion boards, Interviews… aaaaaah!!!
November: Ramstein of course!

How could I ever think that 2008 would’ve been the greatest year in my life…?
2009 definitely will rock so much more!

Sorry for this long random post…
I was bored and need to share something with you.

Well, now tell me Your Greatest Twilight Event last year…
Or what did you planned for this year??

Greets, Akii

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Comment by Caitlin on January 26, 2009 at 12:10pm
Aaaaaaaaaaw honey! Nice blog!
2008 was great and it was great to live through it with you!
October was great and I am sooo happy: We will see each other again so often this year!

Only 18 days left! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
Comment by Cali Twilighter on January 26, 2009 at 12:30pm
I hope 2009 is even better for you!
Comment by magicolour on January 26, 2009 at 1:04pm
I remember when I first read the books...wait, where was I before then...?
Anyways, I hope you have a great 2009 (and we all hope we won't be dissapointed by what Summit gives us for NM) ^-^ Happy 2009!
Comment by Alison Genet on January 26, 2009 at 9:58pm
You are amazing and glad to have met you through this site!!!
Comment by Jess aka Akii on January 27, 2009 at 7:03am
lol *blush* Thanks guys^^
And i´m so glad to met you too alison... this is a really great site, with so many really awesome persons on here!


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