How Twilight's Jasper, Rosalie, & The Volturi Were Named + Cullen Vampire Powers

A long, long time ago, June 2010 to be exact, had the great opportunity to interview Mrs. Stephanie Meyer for 4 hours.  We blogged and blogged right after it happened for weeks and weeks until our little twi-fingers fell off.  But after careful review of all the audio, we have just realized that there is more to blog.  So here we are with *air quotes* "The Lost Stephanie Meyer tapes."  We have a couple more blogs to do.  We hope you don't mind....



  How Jasper, Rosalie, & The Volturi Were Named by Stephanie Meye... by twifans


Question: We’re from Texas. Of all the places in the south…Was there a specific reason
you chose Jasper to be from Houston or Galveston, that area?

SM: Umm….southern accents are sexy. (laughter, chatter) And then I needed….there
were certain things I needed for his character. I wanted the military background. And
you only have so many wars to choose from. Umm…then, with the sunshine down there,
I was able to evolve into this whole other world that Bella sees. Also, I found his name
— this is really where it got started; this is gonna make you all very sad — his name
originally was “Ron.” When I picked the names originally I’m going through, the side
characters weren’t as important to me at the time. I looked at census records from the
years that they were born. So Rosalie’s name was “Carol.”

Group: (General disbelief and unable to wrap their heads around the name “Carol” for

SM: But the year that she was born, that was one of the top names. “Rosalie” was not on
that list, but later I was thinking, “This name doesn’t fit her.” As she became more of a
character, I was like, “I hate that name.” Ok, I’m sorry, my aunt Carol — I do not hate

that name.

Group: (laughing)

SM: The name for the character…(laughter)…and as I was doing Jasper’s name—

Girl: Is that off the record?

SM: Off the record, yes (laughing). I found his name on a roll call of soldiers in
Texas. “Jasper” was one name and “Whitlock” was somewhere else, so I put them
together. It’s a hot name…“Jasper.”

Group: (Agreeing)

SM: Once I heard “Jasper,” I said, “oh yeah, oh yeah….so much better.” You just have to
take time with some people’s names. Some people’s names come super easily. Alice was
always “Alice,” was always “Alice” — was so perfect for her. Edward took some time
to come up with a name. He was “he” for a very long time. Bella was a nightmare. I still
don’t know that her name…..NOW it has come to fit her. But from the beginning, I never
had a name that I really liked for her. And I made her name kind of a bad joke because
I could see her as a child with her name being “beautiful swan” being this awkward kid
who hated her name. And that never comes…..that fact, I cut out of the original…..she
hates her name, and…always wanted to change it, but then, ya know……her mother’s
maiden name — before she got married, the name was “Higginbotham.” And so there
was…..Renee wouldn’t go back to her name…..Yeah, there’s a whole story here. There’s
always a story. There were name issues. She does not like her name.


  Hardest Twilight Character to Name & Vampire by twifans




Guy: What was the hardest name for you?

SM: “Bella” was probably the longest, the longest name (meaning, the one she struggled
with the longest). “Rosalie” and “Jasper” were easy, once I kind of committed to the
characters. I do need to have…to pick something out. The names got easier with time.
I had to do some research for how I wanted the Volturi to sound, particularly the really
old ones. “Caius” and “Marcus” were names that were around. “Aro” was…I wanted
something strong and different. So I…took sounds rather than actual names that existed.
Names are fun. They really are. It’s fun to play with them.

Girl: Aro is probably my favorite. That was brilliant.

Girl 2: Did Jasper’s special power come from you researching the name “Jasper”?

SM: He had special powers when he was human. Because you have this group that have
to have….to be able to do what they do, they really kind of need something extra. Like,
they ARE special amongst the world of vampires because they do something that’s very
difficult, and so…that they would be talented kind of came naturally. Alice is….Alice
is so easy. From the minute Edward had a sister, her name was “Alice,” and she could
see the future. I mean, she just…she was one of those that you’re almost like “wow! It’s
like I knew this person,” but you don’t, because it’s so clear. And, that she would be with
someone special also was a given, I think. That he had to have some way to pull himself
out of his past. Something extra.


To see all the Stephanie Meyer interviews go here.  It's worth it, we talk Volvos and Angryward.  Pure Epicness!


Special thank you to Ms Monkey_Man for transcribing for us and Samuel for editing
audio. Proof reading and grammar for us country gals done by Bella Black+LHJake. She makes us just like the city girls!




Kim & Alison


WARNING: All photographs are owned by Stephenie Meyer and there may be no
copying or other exploitation of such photographs without the express
prior written permission of Stephenie Meyer, c/o Jodi Reamer ,


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