Hypothetical questions to speculate if you’re fixated and addicted with Twilight Saga:

1. Does Edward mind brushing his teeth or gurgle Listerine or something 5 times before kissing Bella after his hunting trip? I wonder that when Bella was still human.
2. If the Cullen’s where impossibly rich, I wonder why Jasper Hale doesn’t have car of his own.
3. I just thought of Esme has blue prints.. Is she an architect or something?
4. The Cullen’s are gifted right; Alice can see the future and Edward read minds. I believe they would’ve been the smartest at school. But I wonder why Yorkie has got the highest rank. Is that because the Cullen’s ditch when the sun’s up? Man, he’s accepted at Dartmouth and Harvard, right?
5. I really figured it out if the “imprinting” thing also’s possible to half immortal vampires; the way that Nahuel looks at Reneesme the first time he’s seen the child, as much as Reneesme has strong intuitive pull or whatever with Jacob when she was still in Bella’s womb, wasn’t it?
6. So the venom can possibly be infused thru injection? I think that’s not scary rather bitten, huh? And it doesn’t expire, does it? Stably excruciatingly intoxicating.
7. If Reneesme ends up with Jacob coz of the strong wolfy “imprinting” thing. What’s their offspring anyway? Vampire wolf? I just wonder how does that goes and what does it looks like. The child gonna have a fang this time, huh?
8. Will Charlie and Renee get a chance to know everything, and about Reneesme’s as their grandchild biologically?

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Comment by Katina Mae on November 25, 2009 at 10:22am
When I think about #7, it makes me think of what happened in Underworld and the no mixing of werewolves and vampires.
Comment by Danielle<3 on November 26, 2009 at 3:39am
Yeah i saw about #7 cause i wouldn't have thought reneesme could have children being half vampire..


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