It was back when Jasper should of been 22. I was walking and he bumped into me when i looked into his eyes I knew it was luv at first sight. We always hung out.Then oneday, he went to kiss me and he touched my hand. I pulled my hand back and said " Why is your body so cold?"

He replied"You will not understand?"

But I said "Please tell me , I don't care, I will love you know matter what,you are mine."

Jasper finaly said "I am vampire i drink blood nothing else. Go run away scream in horror but dont tell anyone. Please."

"Why should u be scared you didnt kill me yet i can trust you I love you" I replied.

Then we finally kissed, it started to rain then. We were in love. The one night he turned me into a vampire. I would be perfect like him, perfect hair, perfect eyes everything would be perfect. He trained me to be in his war party but somehow i didnt like human blood so i tried animal blood. It tasted like chocolate to me. Then one day he went off to war and I wasn't supposed to be in his section or what ever you call it so I had to try to survive by myself.It was hard for me I started being depressed and wanted to be killed my the volturi because he never came back with his section.I thought he was dead. He never came back, i never saw him again. If i could sleep i would have nightmares all the time I quit the war and I moved on with my life. But then i saw him. He was with a girl named Alice. We met, talked and i saw that he was happy so i was happy. Even though I was angry for him leaving me, I survived. I met his new family the are great;a family i never had. I am regular old friends right now his brothers, sisters, Edward's child, and his parents are great people. I love them like me own. Also, when I saw his bother Edward I fell in love but, he was married so I had to except that he was taken. His golden eyes looked so great with his hair. Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are all so handsom. I felt alittle jealous. Then Edward starting staring at me. I glanced at Jasper and I remembered that he said Edward can read minds."crap" I mumbled.

I started to clear my mind after that.They asked me to stay i said "no thankz, I need to find someone of my own and adopt kids and have a wounderful life like you."

Esme then Alice came up and kissed me on the cheak. Everyone else hugged me but Jasper hugged me the longest and whispered"I will always luv you like I luv Alice."

I told Alice and she said "you had is heart first and im ok with that."

His family and I keep intouch we are great friends. I am still searching for someone who will except who i am. I will probaly will be searching for centeries but one day, I will fall in love again.

Then, one day I got tired and tired of searching so, I went to the volturi then wouldn't kill me so I had to show everyone what I was. I went to take a brick and throw it at a wall but then a hand took the brick out of my hand. I turned around angry and hungry. It was Jasper, "what do you want you are married have a perfect life when I don't."

"Come live with us, I'm sure Carlisle will adopt you. You will just be my sister and you will have a perfect life."

said Jasper.

Then the rest of the family apeared, They all started begging and i was so in shock i didnt no what to say. It was Alice who really got to me. Finally I replied,"I guess I will live with you it is up to Carlisle and Esme, I see you all want me too."

They both replied "Yes, we would luv to have you in are family."

I finally relized that i was loved.

I went to the volturi and apoliged somehow they forgave me.

I was excepted by people; I was so jublent.

I was at school one day after we moved from Forks; we now lived back in Alaska. And I saw this perfect guy; Everything was right about him. He sat alone at the table so, us Cullens decided to sit with him. We talked about our life and then Alice had one of her visions. He was a vampire.

That night I spied on him he; he was a vampire! I went to school the next day and we talked and he found out i was a vampire and we fell in love. He said" I am vampire and so are you. I live alone, I am searching for someone and now I am in love."

I was in love "I am in love too."

He joked around"with who! Oh, me!"

We got married after we graduated; agian.

He finally decieded to move in with us and get adopted. He was a vegitartian vampire too.He had pale skin, gold eyes, blond, short hair like Emmetts. To tell the truth; he looked exactly like Emmett. He told us his past and told us he had a brother you got killed by a bear. He some how got to be a vampire after that he doesnt remember. We were all in shock! I was married to Emmett's brother, Austin, his twin! We all didn't care oh. So, I was know like really relaited to Emmett and Rosalie. We all still live together have a now perfect life. Nothing can go wrong now. I am an Aunt, have a wounderful husband/brother. Three other brothers. Three Sisters and a perfect mom and dad who except me for me. We all live together right now in Forks; agian. Bella's old friends have all past on it has bean centeries sense the Cullens lived there. Our old house still there which we still own. Sense, Bella, Edward, and their daughter moved out and live a couple yards from our house. Austin and I took his room. Even though they are always at our house. We play baseball all the time. Some football that can get bad. Best of all I can beat all the guys at armwressling. I use my power of strength, abilty to calm others, read minds, power to resist blood, and abilty to love others. Austin uses his mind sheild not that often but manly to block Rosalie's thoughts; she can get so anoying. I wish I had that power to. I have all those powers and I just reliezed that I could of used them all my life but just started using them. Carlisle says to be careful I am a very speacil vampire and the volturi may take me up on an offer for a postition. Everybody agreed that I am a speacil vampire. The only time I get out of control is when those shapeshifters come around I am like Alice. I can't stand to be near them. Same with Edwards daughter, Renesmee, I cant stand to ne near her. Few years later.

Edward and I have all theese mind battles it is so funny. He wants me to do all theese things to proove he is better than me. Renesmee is now 5 and looks 17. We decieded that today Carlisle is going to finish the transformation.

That night.

Renesmee is now a vampire we are all going hunting tonight. We have to get her to like animal blood before she hated it.She only drank human blood.

Next day.

She loved animal blood thank God. We have to move on tonight to some other place. We decieded we are going live with Kate's family for awhile. It will be nice to meet there family.

Next Decade.

We are now back in Forks; we just love that place. Jaspers family is visiting tonight.They are not like us. They are here; we all introduced are selfs. They loved my story how I am here today. Edward keeps reading my mind and asking did you read Bella's mind yet?

Yes I tired but I can't its like you said her mind is messed up.

Bella and everyone else started staring at us. We all started laughing. We still live on today moving different places but coming back to Forks. Most of are lifes great parts started here.

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Comment by sami cullen on November 20, 2010 at 11:45am
lol i really like this!
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Thankz i missed up tryping a couple times but what every
Comment by TeamCullen<3 on November 22, 2010 at 1:57pm
Comment by Carlisles Sarah Ann-Marie Cullen on December 9, 2010 at 2:05am
I like this! Really awesome. :D
Comment by TeamCullen<3 on December 30, 2010 at 9:32am
thank i made this before i read the books over agian so there are some things i messed up on know that i finished all the books again.


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