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Have you noticed Twilight gets attacked a lot? It gets attacked by men & feminists all the time & also by other fandoms. The latest thing I've heard is how Twilight romanticizes "domestic violence" & supports "inequality." What a downer!


Just yesterday I was reading a well thought out & nice article on HYPABLE, by Andrew Sims, talking about not bashing each others fandoms. It was great! But then low & behold in the reader comments was a bashing "constructive criticism" of Twilight by someone who shall remain nameless:


The thing is...Twilight promotes a lot of the values that Harry Potter is strongly against: mainly inequality and unhealthy obsession.  Is it a good thing for these Middle and High School girls to be reading a story where the "heroine" does nothing worthwhile and just stands there worshiping her man?  She even jumps off a cliff just because he is gone...because apparently as a woman she has nothing of interest in her life besides her male companion.  Anyway, I really feel that Twilight's core values are harmful to these girls, and I really hope that someone can just take a closer look at what they are actually learning from this popular series.



To be honest, it wounds me when I read comments like that because it takes what is good about Twilight & twists it into something dangerous & ugly.  So what a breath of fresh air it was today to be reading an interview on WOMEN 24, with critically acclaimed, South African author, Sally Partridge, where this issue is addressed & Ms Partridge defends Twilight:


7. Over the last few weeks there have been severe attacks against the YA fiction genre because many are claiming that it's becoming too dark and violent -some even going as far as to claim that books like Twilight romanticize domestic violence.. What are your thoughts on this?


....Now as for Twilight… I enjoyed the series, and I don’t believe it romanticizes domestic violence. Bella Swan is a selfless character that puts the needs of others before her own. She even puts her own life in danger to save her mother. It’s this selflessness that attracts Edward to her and makes him want to protect her at all costs. It’s a love story and nothing more.

You can read the full answer & interview here on Women 24.


Thank you Ms Partridge!!! I couldn't agree with you more!



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Comment by Alexis Silva on August 30, 2011 at 3:54pm
God you guys are on a roll! I totally agree this person doesn't know a thing about this story! The people who 'bag' Twilight think were blind and we can't see what this fandom is doing to us. . . Well their wrong! They are blind, come on! they didn't even read the story or they just brezzed through, without actully reading it! I hate reading the comments those 'humans' thats what they call themselves, leave on the yahoo site and other social websites! It leaves me sick, they really disgiused me to the point the want to vomit, come on it's just a love story (well to us it's more). A pure love story, why can't they see that. . .
Comment by Elle on August 30, 2011 at 4:48pm
wtf? this is serious? domestic violence ??? what a b*******. This book is about true meaningful love, protecting persons who are important, and not being selfish; its about being kind, generous, is a story that teaches us to overcome the problems, and FIND THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE..  maybe those ppl doesn't know what love is.. so stupid ¬¬
Comment by Kim on August 30, 2011 at 4:58pm
Thank you guys! I appreciate your comments & it's good to hear from people who get what Twilight is all about! Love you all!
Comment by Gloria Evans on August 30, 2011 at 5:11pm
Lets make sure that BD break all box office records! We can show them better than we can tell them.
Comment by Lana on August 30, 2011 at 6:31pm
The Mockingjay brings up the most valid points. I completely agree with her response and couldn't have said it better myself.
Comment by vanny92 on August 30, 2011 at 10:32pm
i think old people are taking twilight waaay to seriously... we love it so much because is full of fantasy and romanticism that we only  can imagine in books... i'm not reading it because i'm gonna kill myself if my boyfriend leaves me... come on!!!! twilight it's waaay better than all this haters.. the're just giving us another reason to love twilight even more!!
Comment by Twihard65Cullen on August 30, 2011 at 11:55pm
Here,here Twighlighter76 so true.:))
Comment by Norah Lowell on August 31, 2011 at 3:15am

Oh my God!!What???

i think that Twilight is the must beautiful book. this book has a lot of values. I mean... in this story there is the true love. the most strong positive feeling that i 've never found in other books. i'm not english, so i can't explain perfectly what i want to say, but this criticism is absurd.

Comment by Eclipse on August 31, 2011 at 5:40am

My question is: has that critic even read Twilight at all? I am an older professional woman and I adore this story.  I do not believe for one second that the story promotes "inequality and unhealthy obsessions".  Firstly, inequalities exist in the real world and will always exist.  Twilight does not add or take away from this.  What specific 'inequalities' is the critic pointing at? Are they inferring that Bella's character appears to be the 'weaker' of the two partners in the relationship? And I use the word 'weak' very lightly because if you read the WHOLE story, Bella actually turns out to be the STRONGEST of all the characters.  Not only stronger in terms of her personality (and yes, being 'giving' and 'selfless' equates to strength of character rather than a weakness in my book), but also physically.


As far as the other criticism is concerned, the 'unhealthy obsession', I would go so far as saying that the love the two main characters have for each other is not an 'obsession' (Read 'Wuthering Heights for 'obsession').  It is a meeting of the souls. The finding of your soul-mate.  This is obviously beyond anything the critic has ever experienced.  Bella does not jump off a cliff contemplating suicide.  She jumps to hear the voice of her other-half, to feel close to him.  She simply misses him.  She does NOT purposefully try to commit suicide.  She even states that it was done for a "recreational" purpose.  Furthermore, Bella is not a heroine who just stands around 'worshiping her man'.  Although her reactions are rather depressive when Edward first leaves, they are quite true-to-life.  Many people would agree to having felt exactly the same way after a break-up. Of course, many would not.  Bully for them that they are such strong, unfeeling individuals!  However, Bella does come around; even to the point of falling in love with someone else!! (Although a lot of fans cringe about this - I know I do).


In branding Bella a 'woman [who has] nothing of interest in her life besides her male companion', did the critic even consider other characters' actions besides hers? What about Edward's actions upon believing Bella is dead? He is completely heart-broken! Does Edward therefore become a 'man who has no other interests besides his female companion'??  It seems to me that Bella is not the only one 'worshiping' another character.  Edward's action demonstrates such a level of deep love and sorrow for (his believed) loss, that he no longer wishes to be alive if Bella is not in the world.  I guess it is easy for the critic to pick holes when they only concentrate on one character and not the whole picture.


Twilight has many many levels and messages.  Too many to name here.  Ultimately, however, it is (as Sally Partridge puts it) above all else a love story.  It is a love story most of us can only dream about experiencing.  I can only opine that those who criticize do not believe in 'love'.

Comment by Kim on August 31, 2011 at 7:28am
Great comment @Eclipse!!


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