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Have you noticed Twilight gets attacked a lot? It gets attacked by men & feminists all the time & also by other fandoms. The latest thing I've heard is how Twilight romanticizes "domestic violence" & supports "inequality." What a downer!


Just yesterday I was reading a well thought out & nice article on HYPABLE, by Andrew Sims, talking about not bashing each others fandoms. It was great! But then low & behold in the reader comments was a bashing "constructive criticism" of Twilight by someone who shall remain nameless:


The thing is...Twilight promotes a lot of the values that Harry Potter is strongly against: mainly inequality and unhealthy obsession.  Is it a good thing for these Middle and High School girls to be reading a story where the "heroine" does nothing worthwhile and just stands there worshiping her man?  She even jumps off a cliff just because he is gone...because apparently as a woman she has nothing of interest in her life besides her male companion.  Anyway, I really feel that Twilight's core values are harmful to these girls, and I really hope that someone can just take a closer look at what they are actually learning from this popular series.



To be honest, it wounds me when I read comments like that because it takes what is good about Twilight & twists it into something dangerous & ugly.  So what a breath of fresh air it was today to be reading an interview on WOMEN 24, with critically acclaimed, South African author, Sally Partridge, where this issue is addressed & Ms Partridge defends Twilight:


7. Over the last few weeks there have been severe attacks against the YA fiction genre because many are claiming that it's becoming too dark and violent -some even going as far as to claim that books like Twilight romanticize domestic violence.. What are your thoughts on this?


....Now as for Twilight… I enjoyed the series, and I don’t believe it romanticizes domestic violence. Bella Swan is a selfless character that puts the needs of others before her own. She even puts her own life in danger to save her mother. It’s this selflessness that attracts Edward to her and makes him want to protect her at all costs. It’s a love story and nothing more.

You can read the full answer & interview here on Women 24.


Thank you Ms Partridge!!! I couldn't agree with you more!



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Comment by Eclipse on September 1, 2011 at 4:11am
@Kim - thank you.  I feel very strongly when people criticise Twilight - >:( grrrrr...
Comment by proud krisbian on September 8, 2011 at 2:51am
@ Kim i dont understand why people who do not like Twilight continue to bash it.


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