Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 2

Visiting the set of Jacob's House:

On May 8th, day 2 of our adventure in Vancouver our first stop was the set of Jacob's house. There was no filming going on but security was still present. There was also no sign of set dressings or props, all signs that a movie had filmed there was gone. There was also another vehicle that had furniture in the back of it and the furniture was being moved into the house??? The fist part of the video is from May 8th, we went back a second time on May 9th, that video is the part after "Umm..." I thought all of you would get a kick out of it.

Visiting the set of Bella's House:

After visiting the set of Jacob's house, it was off to the set of Bella's house. Security was also present at this location...poor guy, I had to wonder how many times a day this poor fella had to deal with There wasn't any filming going on while we were there, BUT...the day after we got home from Vancouver they did wrap of some filming there with Rob and Kristen. You'll see in some of the pictures in the video the things that were set up for the set like fake leaves in the trees and some sort of a pully apparatus outside one of the windows. Across the street is where they did have Charlies police cruiser and Bella's truck along with some other vehicles for the movie, but the field was empty both days that we visited and there were no trace of them anywhere.

Possible New Moon Movie set location:

On our way back from the set of Bella's house to our Hotel, we got lost. We were at a stoplight waiting to get back on the right road, when several movie production trucks passed us going the opposite way. Out of curiosity we followed and stumbled upon movie filming of some sort. The neighborhood was filled with expensive European style homes. There were signs hanging on all of the trees noting that there was no stoping or lingering allowed, near the corner of a street where there was a trailer set up, easily 5-7 movie production trucks and crew moving what looked like large paintings or wall hangings in and out, and several security vehicles with the same logos as the ones at Jacob's and Bella's house. We drove by once and then managed to park 2 blocks down, we couldn't see anything unless we zoomed in with the super expensive camera that we had with us. We did get a decent picture of the back of David Slades head, I know it was him, due to the fact that he was staying in our hotel and we had seen him earlier that morning. Looking back now, due to the architecture in this neighborhood and the stuff we seen going in and out of the house. IF...this was New Moon related, they were probably shooting interior Volturi sceens of the home to add in during editing with actual scenes with the actors done on a Movie sound stage, there arel several sound stages in Vancouver one located near this neighborhood in Burnaby. I don't think any scenes with the actors was going on, they were cleaning up for the day is how it appeared. And I could be wrong, there are several other movies being filmed in Vancouver it could have been for one of them as well. I thought I'd share it any way

The Paparazzi Nightmare

We stayed at the same hotel as the some of the cast. It was so weird cause the paparazzi were outside the hotel almost 24/7. After visiting the locations above we headed back to our hotel...we had reservations at Glowbal. You couldn't smoke anywhere in the hotel, so we were standing outside smoking, the paps were everywhere and they had young girls helping them out ****Some of these girls, I've seen pictures of on another popular New Moon Movie site, claiming to having had an encounter with a cast member while on "vacation" or out for a "friends birthday", to put it simply...they lied. They're the type of fans that make it hard for fans like me and most of you who'll read this, to experience any kind of an encounter. *** So we're sitting their smoking and her comes Rachel Lefevre and Dakota Fanning walking down the street, the paps go nuts as do the girls helping them out...these girls run up and ask for autographs and pictures and it gives the paps longer to snap pictures. We went up to get dressed. We came down stairs later to smoke again before getting in the taxi and heading to Glowbal, and all hell broke loose....Rachel and Dakota walked out of the hotel right behind us and got in a taxi. Immediatly these girls and the paprazzi were on cell phones screaming the number of the taxi, the plate number, the direction it was heading. The taxi had to stop before pulling out into traffic and they were snapping pics and just freaking out. When the taxi finally did pull out these girls along with the paps took off running down the street after it, still yelling the location and direction it was headed over their cell phones...I know my jaw was on the ground. I'd never seen anything like that I mean if that sort of spectical happended over Rachel and explains why Kristen, and especialy Rob choose to stay in a lot

So that was pretty much Day 2...this was the evening of the cast party at the Bluewater Cafe, reports say the cast was there until the early a.m. When we got back to our Hotel from Glowbal we never seen any of them the rest of the night.

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Comment by Zhaan King on May 17, 2009 at 5:16pm
Interesting trip you are having, thanks for the stories!
Comment by Twilighter76 on May 17, 2009 at 8:22pm
YAY FOR ECLIPSE !!!! And thanks for sharing the videos are cool !!!


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