Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 3

So....what do ya get when you cross 2 girls from the city + a really nice rental car + a mountian...the video I want to warn you in advance...watching this next video, may cause a loss in brain cells. I promise I'm not really and idiot...or a blonde (no offense to blondes) due to my Native American background my hair is very dark almost black. On day 3 we wanted to take some time and explore some of the mountains, so we ventured in/near Minnekada Park. **Pluse they had filmed scenes there and we wondered if there'd be any sign of that filming that we might get on tape/pictures of** It was an adventure to say the least. We're from Indiana..we have Mountains. And we live in the the whole "Bear Warnings" thing was The video has little to do with anything New Moon related...but the pictures before the video, were taken after I stopped filming. On our way up the mountain we came across a spot that was maked of and there was security tape..just like what I got on video below...and all of these, what we thought at first, sandbags. On the way down the mountain we stopped and the bags weren't filled with sand...they were filled with fake moss??? Yeah it was fake...weird. We thought maybe this was a site where they had done some way to know for sure. I thought you'd all get kick out of my craziness, I'm pretty wild and adventurous, and show you some of what else Vancouver has to offer...other than New Moon

These signs were everywhere...when we seen them Amy made me promise I wouldn't get out of the car.......

Well it took all of 5 min. for me to break that promise.....

Who could pass up climbing a mountain.......

The Fake shoulda been there while I was explaning that one to the border patrol...I kept a

The "Rob" rock...this rock was a few yards down the road from where we found the moss and stuff

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Comment by Alison Genet on May 18, 2009 at 8:49pm
I got a little car sick watching this but i was dying laughing at "what the car rental company doesn't know won't hurt them" and the "we haven't smoked in this car and we are sticking to this story" haha.


Our plan was if I couldn't find sites I could find fake plants from the filming and bring that home instead of pics...I never found moss. But I did find actors


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