Indy Twilighter Invades Vancouver...Day 4 The Grand Finale!!!!!!

Day 4...ahhhh good ole day So we spent the first part of day 4 was Mother's Day. After shopping we decided that it was our last night in town, and since everytime we had spotted the cast it was a paparazzi frenzy we couldn't have penetrated if we'd wanted to..we decided to do that evening, what girls do when they're on vacation...get all gussied up and P-A-R-T-Y!!!! (At least girls that are 21+) So we did just that, the hotel made us reservations at Gotham Steakhouse. Before for we left for Gotham we went down to the lounge in the hotel for a drink...that turned into drinks. David Slade was in the lounge and he was with another director..I couldn't think of his name and have been googling images of direcors since I got back trying to find out who it I didn't interupt as it looked as if they were having a pretty serious conversation. A few drinks later we headed to Gotham..I was feeling pretty spunky, I was having a good hair day (the first picture below was taken before we left the hotel for dinner) our waiter wasn't Rob but he was a The restuarant called us a taxi and we decided that when we got back we would hang out in the lounge and have...more When we got out of the taxi it was POURING down rain...there went my good hair day...we went into to the lounge and sat down at a table...and I was speechless. There's no way I could've missed it..Amy had her back to it...Rachel Lefevre's bright red hair. I leaned over and said "Oh My God Amy, Rachel Lefevre is sitting right behind you" before she could even turn around I grabbed her arm and said "Oh My God Amy she's sitting with Ashley Greene" Amy said " What are ya gonna do?" After witnessing first hand how these people are harassed, I felt bad about just barging in on their conversation. So I told Amy " Ya know, as bad as I wanna go up and say hi, I just can't after all the paprazzi stuff we've seen, so I'll just buy them a drink and leave them be." Our waitress came over and asked for our order and I told her that I would like to buy the 2 ladies sitting at the table over there, their drinks. She said " Oh, do you know who they are?" I wanted to say "DUH WOMAN" but I simply said "yes, I am the biggest fan, I just don't want to bother them." Ya know it only dawned on me..AFTER... I said I wanted to buy whatever they were drinking for them, that we were in the most expensive hotel in Vancouver, the drinks in the lounge weren't So she brought us our drinks and then she walked over to Rachel and Ashley's table and told them what they were drinking was on me. Out of the corner of my eye behind Amy I seen this porceline white arming waving and motioning I looked around Amy and Rachel was waving for me to come over to their table. She said "Thank you, that is the classiest thing somones done." I told her thank you and that I was a huge fan of theirs and that while we'd seen them through out the week we'd seen how the paparazzi hound them and didn't want to bother them. She said that the paparazzi is taking some getting used to but that their adjusting to it. She asked if we were staying in the hotel, I said yes, and told her we came all the way from Indiana. They were both so gracious, and nice they offered to take a picture. After the picture we said thank you and went back to our table and finished our drinks. After that we headed up to our room to pack. With the snap of the camera that took that picture, the last sip of my way-to-expensive Martini, and the thud of our hotel room door as it shut behind me, our time in Vancouver was coming to an end. We set out on this trip for an adventure and an adventure is what we had. It'll be odd in November when the movie comes out, during the scenes at Jacob's house and Bella's house...I'll be thinking "I was there" and when the camera pans to Rachel or Ashley I won't be thinking about my expensive tab at the loung that night, but about how just as their characters in the books touched me, so did the actresses that brought the characters to life on screen, with the kindness and humbleness they showed me that night at our hotel. Day 5 of our trip was spent entirely in a car and on a plane back home, but it was well worth all that I got to experience while in Vancouver. Well that's it...that's the story of how this Indy Twilighter Invaded Vancouver. Thanks for listening.

Me before the POURING

Ashley, Rachel, and me in the lounge of our hair went to pots...damn

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Comment by Princess Alie~♥~ on May 18, 2009 at 11:20pm
Wow, I will be invading the Eclipse set. Definitely.
Comment by HattieFang on May 19, 2009 at 11:55am
That is soo cool!


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