Installment THREE TwiTour Phoenix, Jamming with Candace Charee and chatting with Gil Birmingham!

It's very VERY apparent that these conventions are very fast paced. Once we made it through the autograph line and watched the Hillywood Show finish up, Karen (2curvyamazon) showed up, we got her luggage to the room (Chantelle moved out Friday morning as her room was ready) and Karen camped out with us Friday night as her room wasnt ready til Saturday, I wanted her to join us for the concert and offered her to stay in our room if she would come up. LOL We went to the room and changed clothes getting ready for the concert!

Edi Gathegi started things off, followed by Michael Newton who wailed for a moment on the drums and proceeded to scare the hell out of me with his "Karaoke on Crack".. its "interesting" :)

Next up was Gil. He sauntered out onto the stage with his guitar, he was nervous about playing two originals. He normally only plays one original and a few covers. We cheered him on and encouraged him and he did NOT dissapoint! I needed to be closer, so I crawled up to near the front row to watch... Karen took a pic of that... LOL

Next up was MY GIRL, Candace Charee. I met Candace on Myspace after finding her name on the TwiTour page. I was so excited to meet her and I was not disappointed. They had some trouble with the sound system so to pass the time and keep the audience's attention she sang Happy Birthday to her BFF! (I used the moment to sing it to my daugher who was celebrating her 13th Bday as well LOL). I liked Candaces music on her page but to hear it live really was awesome! She can WORK a stage! Im thankful to have a lasting relationship with her!

Becca left during the concert, the time difference really affected her.. so after the concert Karen and I were heading back to the room (having only seen Odette like twice :(... ) it was after midnight, the pool should have been closed but we went that way just incase we could get through that way (short cut) well we get out there and see a bunch of folks sitting around the firepit... so we go out there and THERE SITS GIL with a large group of what turned out to be young woman marines, LOL They were ... UNSOBER, LOL but it was peaceful. Everybody sitting in varius groups chatting amongst themselves and some with Gil it was so nice we joined them! Gil noticed Karens excessively long legs too..LOL GRR BABY. No pix of that moment ladies, sorry! Everybody out there respected the rules of the convention and truthfully cameras would have only made it ackward! We put the fan girls away and sat and had drinks with Gil Birmingham! It was the most awesome day, went by like a blurr.. Saturday was... HECTIC but WORTH IT... and I'll be bloggin that tomorrow! :)

Coming up next blog: Meeting the wolf pack, more one on one time with Gil and roleplaying with Alex Meraz!

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Comment by Karen M on September 3, 2009 at 6:48pm
Love your vamp pic ;) sooo pretty!! The concert was great! Candace was great! Gil was awesome to hang out with and flirt with (hehehe) and I have to tell you that "Karaoke on Crack" is the best description EVER for Mike's performance. Thanks for writing this, looking forward to the next installment!!
Comment by J.E.B. (Jacob Edward Black) on September 3, 2009 at 7:11pm
oh I love your vamp pic so much fun....this twilight saga is so awesome so many neat people on both sides of the camara...........I think twifans is the best site on the net bar none..........:) and we have got the best group of actors we could possible have............!!!!
Comment by candace charee' on September 3, 2009 at 8:05pm
Ha Ha love your description of mike as well!!! Sooo true! He is actually a great singer when he sings for real! haha Thanks for your sweet comments about my music!
luvs ya!
Comment by Lodewijk on September 4, 2009 at 4:37am
OMG.. the first foto is freaking me out! It's really... scary xD


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