I can't believe how passionate I am about Taylor Lautner. Not in a creepy oh-my-god-we're-meant-to-be-together way. God, no. I just...really care about him in the way that a fan does. Our adoration for actors and singers and writers probably can't compare to the loved ones of the admired, but it's strong in its own way.

When I first saw that Taylor Lautner was cast as Jacob Black, I wanted to cry. I hated it. I wasn't familiar with his acting, but he just didn't LOOK Native American, and that offended me. I was thinking, the whole time, that we had progressed as a society, only to find out that they essentially gotten some over-tanned white kid to play a full-blooded Native American. True, I never pictured Laurent as black or Eric as asian, but their ethnicities were never too important to their characters. Jacob being Native American, however, was vital. That's the whole reason that his people shape shifted -- because of their lineage.

But I got over it. He said he had a tiny bit of NA ancestry, so I was a little more open. I started watching and reading interviews. Man, the kid has got an infectious personality. When Taylor talks, you know just how strong-willed, how dedicated, how passionate he is.

I think that's ultimately why I adore him. I understand if they have to recast Jacob. I won't LIKE it, but I'll accept it. I'll even accept it if they (GOD FORBID) cast Michael Copon. I just can't stand the guy... He's the exact opposite of how Taylor is. (And I say this as a person who has never met either of them.) Where Taylor is humble, Michael is arrogant and egotistical. He builds his self-made pedestal higher every time he tears his competition down. I can't stand that man.

I feel a very cliche Twilight movie moment coming on. "I feel...very protective of you..."

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Comment by Tanya on January 1, 2009 at 10:08pm
same here! When I first found out "shark-boy" was going to be our jacob, I laughed until I cried. But that was back before I read Breaking Dawn, and couldn't really care less about who was Jacob. But now I care, and I care A LOT. Taylor is the perfect person for the job, and Michael just seems like a mean guy. Has anyone read the J-14 article with him? Because after I read that, I definitly wanted to punch "Michael Coupon" in the face. (lol. I punched a werewolf in the face.) But come on! The guy compared "Scorpian King 2" to New Moon. Which, by the way, he keeps calling "Twilight 2" And he said that everyone from Virginia had a Native American background, which was pretty much just his round-about way of saying he has no Native American in him. But everyone in Virginia? Oh REALLY? So, since I'm from Colorado, I have MOUNTAIN MAN in me?

God, this guy really grinds my gears.

This is the longest reply ever. I should stop.
Comment by Amber Pederson on January 1, 2009 at 10:25pm
Exactly. The man has no concept about Jacon's character. He only has 'two colors' in Twilight? That's because IN Twilight, ALL his character is, essentially, is an overeager, lovable boy that has a crush on Bella. There's really no conflict to flesh him out. Taylor did a GREAT job of portraying that Jacob. It's in New Moon that we really get more of an understanding of the character.

Michael, in my opinion, just wants this part because it will, no doubt, jump start his career. That's ALL.
Comment by Amber Pederson on January 1, 2009 at 10:25pm
Jacon? Wow. Who is that? Jacob*


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