Interview: Angela Sarafyan ( Egyptian vampire Tia, Talks Breaking Dawn interviews Angela sarafyan who plays Egyptian Vampire tia in the twilight saga -Breaking Dawn part 2 .....


ShockYa: “Twilight” is enormously popular and “Breaking Dawn,” which you are in, is sure to be huge. You play Egyptian vampire Tia, which sounds kind of sexy and dangerous.

AS: She is, both sexy and dangerous. It’s not that much make-up, actually, but it will be extraordinary. I keep using that word! I’m sick of that word. It will be huge! The whole thing will be mind-blowing, I think. Tia comes from Egypt, and she grew up in poverty, so she’s learned to survive as a person from the streets. Her and Benjamin both lived, struggled, did things, and eventually they get this opportunity with what happens with Renesmee to fight authority. And I think that’s a really exciting thing for both of them, because if you look at it it’s incredible. The book and movie actually covers really big themes — the rich against the poor, power against the person that is oppressed. And I think in Egypt, especially with everything that is happening now, well, it’s funny that that is happening. …Most women from the Middle East are told to cover their faces, but I don’t think that (choice) exists for Tia. She’s a strong, beautiful, sexy woman. So I compare it to Cleopatra and Mark Antony in a way. She was a ruler, and so I think they’re a team, working together to maybe fight something that will save a lot of vampires ultimately.


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