Interview with Marisa Quinn, Huilen in “Breaking Dawn, Part 2″

 His Golden Eyes got a chance to chat with Marisa Quinn who plays Huilen in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”about her new sitcom and her Twilight experience so far..

HGE: Coming into the Twilight Saga, there are people that have been in it since the beginning and people just coming into it.  What was it like coming into the series so close to the very end?

Marisa: First of all it was a complete and utter shock. Twilight had become so huge that it was not even possible to get a role in that film as an actor. Then it just came out of nowhere. It fell into my lap and as a fan it was crazy. I could not believe I was going to be the face of a character that I had imaged so often in my head.

HGE: You are playing Huilen. What was it like playing a character that has such a pivotal role?

Marisa:  It was really important to speak to J.D. (Pardo who plays Nahuel). He was the first person I met when I got to the set and we just talked about the experience the must have had. Were they scared?  Were they proud and warriors? Were they ready to fight? What did it mean to them to make this journey so far for people they had never even met before?  It was incredible.

HGE: In a couple weeks we have Comic Con. Are we going to see you there?

Marisa: Rumors are swirling that something big is going to go down.  Who knows that it will be, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be lucky enough to be a part of it. My bet is if you have a ticket your mind will be blown. I mean it’s the final movie and they’d be crazy not to pull out all the stops.

HGE: What has the Twilight fan experience been like so far?

Marisa:  It’s been so exciting! From the very first announcement of my casting, they just welcomed me with open arms. I met people like you who are so willing to let me know what the fandom is like. I thought I was a fan, but I didn’t realize quite what that meant. You guys are true, true, insane, amazing, like, just makes my heart swell fans and your love of the books and the movies just makes our job so special. Honestly every day we were on set we were on set for the fans. Anytime we were tired we were just like ‘we are so luck to be here, and we need to make this the best movie ever for everyone who loves this book as much as we do.’


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