Interview with Rob in Dutch 'Glamour' magazine

Since his stormy success due to his role as a vampire, it is perhaps disingenuous to describe Robert Pattinson as inhumanly handsome. But there is no another word. The man isn’t standard Hollywood -he has a kind a weird, beaten flat forehead - but that works incredibly good on the big screen! And in real life, so it shows when he enters the suite at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills in his casual uniform of jeans, plaid shirt and a gray jacket.
He makes a cheerful first impression, a type that doesn’t take himself too seriously. His eyes are intense gray-blue (which is quite distracting when you’re trying to formulate an intelligent question) and his hair is messy, though it is a lot shorter than his 'signature style' from 'Twilight' But we were already prepared for that because CNN recently mentioned the fact that Robert had had a haircut. Yes, it was almost breaking news.
Another nice feature: his face has a bit more color than in the 'Twilight' movies, where he walks around with a white powdered face. In his latest film "Water for Elephants" in which he plays a circus vet from the 1930’s, for once, he has a healthy tan. That was one of the reasons for choosing this film, says Robert. "Because of all that make-up in Twilight you are very tied. Once you show too much expression, it is almost Kabuki-like." Water for Elephants "therefore seemed the perfect counterpart. It was a very physical role and I could just wipe the sweat from my forehead without five makeup artists rushing in to repair the damage." Apart from the fact that he got the chance to work with two Oscar winners, Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz, he had a peculiar opponent: Tai. A 42-year-old elephant known from 'Jungle Book '. "I think I might like working with animals more than working with humans," says Robert, "If the opposing player is not acting, it's easier for the myself not too act overdone.”
In addition, he found working with such an imposing animal strangely soothing. "There was a special aura around Tai. Usually after the takes I go to my trailer, but now I was kind a hanging around that elephant. Being in the vicinity of such a big animal that has no intention to harm , is very relaxing." 
Robert is known for his dislike of large groups of people and publicity. ("I don’t like it when people take pictures of me" says the actor) That’s difficult if you are currently Hollywood's hottest heartthrob. He seems not quite able to comprehend that status. "It's nice to be so popular, but somehow I hope it's something to do with me and my work and not just the idea that people have of me. But it's funny how different people look at me since" Twilight '. Before this I never got the role of the handsome boy."
Initially, the fans of the 'Twilight' books were absolutely not charmed by the idea of one Robert Pattinson playing their great hero Edward Cullen. During Author Readings Stephanie Meyer only had to say the name of this titillating character and all the girls and their mothers were already swooning. The expectations were quite high, so to speak. The relatively unknown Englishman, who had previously only been noticed by his role as Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire", was found unwashed, with tousled hair and long sideburns."Disgusting" was the comment on the internet when it was announced that Pattinson would play the role of Edward. Until Stephanie Meyer said the magic words: "This man is very attractive " and the criticism almost immediately silenced. "That was all I needed, "said Robert.
Sometimes he longs for the days when he could walk around and even take a fan out to dinner. "That was in Spain," he confirms, when asked about this curious action. "It was just after Harry Potter and I was working in Barcelona. This girl was waiting in front of the hotel every day to get an autographs. I was there on my own and usually had to eat alone. So one night I asked if she wanted to go eat with me. "Whether it made much impression on her, he doubts. Laughing: "After that night I never saw her at the hotel again. And she took me to her parents restaurant, but she let me pay the bill! It was rather bizarre." 
There are now thousands of girls for his hotel every day, Sometimes it’s so bad that he hardly comes out. If he does try, he must cope with the chaos he has described as a war zone. "Like you're running, trying to escape a crowd of people. Kind a scary." During our interview he has been filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the craze isn’t violent for the change. He has even been able to have an undisturbed lunch at the local deli. "It is much easier to go down the street there, I don’t know why." says Robert. "But something as simple as going grocery shopping, I haven’t done that for a while. All lies mainly to the fact that I work seven days a week." When asked how he feels, his answer is short and powerful: "Tired"
Relaxing currently only succeeded on the plane, he confesses. "I like playing a game on my iPhone, it's called 'Falling Down'. It really is the easiest game in the world, it requires minimal effort. But I can play it for hours. It gets me into a kind of standby mode until I have to get back into action. How his ideal day would look like, he can not even imagine. "I would just do nothing, I think. I'm incredibly boring. I would prefer to watch movies, but my attention span has become much too short. What makes me very happy is music. I recently jammed with a group of blues musicians at Preservation Hall in New Orleans and I immediately thought: why don’t I do this more often?  "I loved playing the piano again." Before his big break he has considered to forget about his acting career and become a pianist on the Riviera instead He pictured himself sitting behind a piano in a chic hotel with a glass of whiskey within reach. Fate decided otherwise. A second career in that field is impossible at the moment. "I would really like to have a career in music, but I would have to stop acting for a while and I don’t see that happening anytime soon"
The actor who began acting because, according to his father, there were a lot of nice girls in the local dramaclub, now has a relationship with his ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart. Although rumors about their relationship started immediately after the release of part 1 started, it’s still not officially confirmed. Robert prefers to keep his private life out of the limelight as much as possible. Whether it is true that they bought a house together in the British Isle of Wight, where they have been spotted a few times in the local pub - and whether they are still an item - we will not find out in this interview. "I don’t have the urge to tell all the world, " says the actor. "I remember when I was twelve I asked a girl out. A day later I was at school and I was attacked by my classmates. If it was true that I blah blah blah .... It was such a hassle I never talked to that girl again. It seems that the more people start getting involved, the greater the chance of failure is" He has no desire to feed the rumors." The "truth" is already in the tabloids. Whether I confirm or invalidatie, that doesn’t matter. It would feel as if I were involved in the gossip, even if it's my own life "
About his future plans at work, he is candid. "In next movies I would also like to be involved in pre-production. Not that I'm in a sort of vanity that I want my name behind the credits, but I want to be more a part of the creative process" Actually, that's the most important thing in his life: making things he can be proud of. "Oh and my new dog, of course. I adopted it two days ago from the shelter and I’m happy. When you practically live in hotels, it is a kind of anchor." Because yes, his life does feel a bit rootless, he confesses. "I was recently in London to work, but it might as well be somewhere else." His expression is passive, making you wonder how attractive the life of a movie star is.
A dog as an anchor, live in hotels and seven days a week .... not only Robert's looks are almost inhuman - his whole life seems to meet that description.

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